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Part two of A Christmas Wish

Link to part one


This had to stop. There was no way she was going to lose Jeremy because she couldn’t control her hormones. And there was no way Jeremy would share her with Jacob. She shivered at the thought of pleasure to be experienced with both men at the same time.

“Knock it off.” She grabbed a mug and walked over to the sink to add water. A nice soothing cup of tea might help.

“Grace?” Jacob’s voice came from behind her. Too close behind her.

She shrieked and jumped, dropping the mug into the sink. As luck would have it, the mug shattered. “God damn it! That was my favorite mug.” She dropped more curses as she picked up pieced of broken glass.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.” Jacob walked closer. “I’ll buy you a new mug.”

“Damn right you will,” she growled and reached for another piece of glass. Her fingers shook as he moved to stand next to her. The glass slipped and sliced her index finger. She cursed and glared at Jacob. “I swear you jinx me.”

“I’m sorry.” He frowned and reached for her hand. “Let me see how bad the cut is.”

“No!” She recoiled as he touched her wrist.

“I just want to see how bad the cut is.”

“It’s fine. It stings a little, but I’ll live. You won’t if you don’t get out of my kitchen.” She felt bad for her harsh words when a look of hurt crossed his face, but she hardened her spine. If she gave him any leeway she’d risk exposing her desire for him and ruining her marriage with Jeremy. She loved Jeremy. Why the hell did she have to have these feelings for Jacob, too?

“I startled you into dropping the mug. At least let me see how bad the cut is.” He moved in and pinned her against the sink.

“Stop!” She gasped as a thrill of pleasure raced through her. Jacob’s hard lean body pressed into her, effectively cutting off her escape route. With the wide stance of his legs blocking hers, she had no hope of fleeing. Not without resorting to physical violence.

Jacob grabbed her wrist in one hand and her finger with the other. He prodded the area. “I don’t see any tiny bits of glass in here.” Then he bent down and sucked the tip of her finger into his mouth.

“What? Stop!” She felt her body sigh at his touch. Moisture soaked her underwear as Jacob sucked on her finger. When his tongue flicked over the cut, a low moan escaped. His eyes flew up to her face and she froze, breath caught in her throat.


My Army

And while I was composing this, my turtle made a break for it:

And yes, I watched him/her/IT do it.


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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things about MICHELLE HASKER
Edition 17
Things I did and have to do today.....

1-made a batch of chocolate chip cookies for the Holiday Bazaar at my church. (actually I've made 12 dozen cookies in 3 days for them. LOL)
2-I need to edit The Bodyguard: Nash
3-held the little man until he fell back to sleep (Burning a tray of cookies in the process.)
4-glued pom pom creatures for an xmas craft. not sure why, but I want to make them LOL
5-I need to finish the book thong for my youngest daughter. She picked pink and hearts so it will look similar to this:
6-make one for my oldest daughter so she doesn't feel left out.
7-make more of these to give out for xmas:
8-work on newsletter for
9-trash duty
10-take one kid to dance and maybe...go to the bazaar after I pick her up...or wait and go tomorrow when hubby will be home to help me with the 4 kiddoes.
11-finish THE MOON for the vampire oracle series at cobblestone press.
12-finish creating pages for my books/reviews/excerps at my coffee time forum
13-go to bed early (Really I'm tired all ready!!!!



Babes In Toyland II Contest!!!

Enter to win a pdf copy of the Babes In Toyland II Anthology.

Read the questions below,
Find the answers in the interviews posted at:
Send all ten answers to either:
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(no spaces)

In the subject of your email put:
Babes Contest

1. What was the name of the character that has a harem of 6?
2. Two characters left presents for Michelle who were they?
3. Which character wears glasses?
4. Who is a high priestess?
5. Who broke Michelle’s tape recorder?
6. What is the name of one of Skylar’s characters in Christmas Ink?
7. Which character enjoys drinking blood?
8. Which sexy character invited Michelle to a cabin?
9. Who has a best friend named Raven?
10. How many stories are in the Anthology, and what is the total word count of the anthology?


1- Put BABES CONTEST as the subject of your contest entry email.
2- Answer all ten questions correctly.

You have until 9 AM EST Friday, November 30th. We will tally up the entries and let the computer generate a random winner from the correct answers.

***One answer is not in the interviews, but can be found on the community loop at

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My daughter

I try not to talk too much about my kids. What I write has nothing to do with them and they have nothing to do with my writing, but I had to share this:

It might not amaze you, but it does me. She drew it freehand. First in pencil, then went over it in pen. 11 years old. I just sit there and watch her draw... I have made requests but she has yet to give me my faerie.


new interview for babes in toyland II


I bite back a scream and turn. Roarke's appearance was startling. He popped out of nowhere, a mini man. About a foot tall.

I clasp a hand over my heart and try to catch my breath. Not only did he startle me, but he was a lot more handsome in person than Dawn had said.

"Oh, I'm sorry." His voice literally rumbled. Like sex and chocolate all rolled into one. Before I could blink, he popped into human size, if a bit tall --around 6'2". He smiles, takes my free hand in his and brushes his lips over my knuckles. Then he presses my hand against his forehead before releasing me and sitting down with a bit of a flourish.

I study him while I resume my seat. Dark black tights form to his muscled thighs. His shirt is a tunic style festive with holly embroidery along the cuffs and bottom –looks like silk…wonder if I can cop a feel. A chiseled chest with only a bit of hair peeks out from the loosely tied leather thong keeping the tunic closed.

I reach for my notepad to keep from staring at his yummy chest. I move my gaze lower and see his fingers are elegant and long, their movement almost hypnotic. I quickly look back up and see his kissable lips in a half smile. A feminine sigh escapes. I blush and meet his gaze. He has eyes that give nothing away, but I swear they were a different color a minute ago. They were an intriguing violet right now, though.

Looking back down at the notes I’d compiled, I push them toward him. “Did I get this spelling right?”

“How did you spell it?” He sounds nervous, which makes me smile even more. Roarke was so sweet. Instead of answering, I push the folder into his lap. He sighed and reached for something. It was a surprise to see him pull out glasses and put them on. Oh. Yum. I’m so screwed.

“Yes,” he says as he hands me the file back. Instead of taking the file I want to run my fingers through his black hair, but I refrain, like the good girl that I am.

“Thank you for joining me tonight.” I put down the file and pick up my notepad and pen.

"Of course. It is an honor to greet a woman so willing to grant Christmas wishes."

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I look up at Tina, but she just shrugs.

"You've given those who are waiting for Aspen's release a glimpse. It's a valiant effort. I should know. Granting wishes is what I do."

“Yeah, I’d like to find out more about you. For the interview!” I fumble with my pen. “I hope you don’t mind if I take notes this way.”

"Didn't you used to have a tape recorder?"

“Um yeah, but there was a problem with an interview and… Are you ready to get started? Can I offer you some refreshments? Food and beverage, name your desire and my super-efficient elf Tina will be delighted to bring it.” I ignore Tina’s glare and smile at my guest.

"I'm a huge fan of your eggnog, if you don't mind. Next to Elvin wine, it's the greatest treat."

“I’d be delighted.” Tina turns and hurries into the kitchen faster than she’s moved all night. I shake my head and turn back to my guest. “What are you?”

“A Christmas Faerie. We are at our most powerful during the holiday season.”

“What is it like to be a Christmas Faerie? What problems do you face in your world because of what you are?”

“As a Christmas Fae, we have a very important job…keep the world turning. We use the power of wishes to perform our magick. It's not difficult being ourselves since most people will accept anything as a bit of Christmas magic now and then. Of course, we cover all holidays during the season…”

“So what do you do for a living, and do you enjoy it?”

"I'm a keeper of Fae law. It's my job to ensure no one abuses magick during this volatile time.”

“Like a cop.” I grin and remind myself to stay on task. “What do you do for fun?”

“Goad some of my favorite fae into arguments. Occasionally I play games with them, tease a bit, and show them my true appreciation for their talents.”

I snicker and wonder if he’s planning on teasing Tina and me. “Do you have any hobbies or interesting information about yourself you’d like to share?”

“I'm one of the only fae in our world that takes one mate for life. It's a bit of a damper on the social scene.”

“Only one mate? No casual dating?” I hope my disappointment doesn’t show.

"No. No sex until mated. Of course, there's nothing against a little watching now and then."

I grin. “What are your plans for this holiday season? Which holidays do you celebrate, if any, and how do you celebrate them?”

“Ensure a smooth holiday season. This is a big year for our people. A new keeper of the Christmas Bell has come into season. This is her first year as its guardian. So I have to keep an eye on her.”

“Is there anyone special in your life?”

“I have a mate.”

I lean forward intrigued. “Do tell.”

“Well, she doesn't really know she's my mate.”

“Can you tell us about her?”

“She's passionate and beautiful. Like the sparkle of Christmas snow.” He laughs. “She's also a big pain in my ass.”

I giggle again.

“I don't get much choice in the mate department. They're chosen for our kind.”

“Interesting. What are your goals for the rest of the year?”

“Have wild and passionate sex as often as my mate will allow.”

“You said she doesn't know about you, yet.”

“She will." He winks. "Just have a little faith in the power of wishes.”

“I certainly will wish for her for you. Thank you so much for joining me tonight. I really enjoyed getting to know more about you and the Christmas faeries.”

He stands and takes my hand again. “It was my pleasure, Michelle.” He nods toward Tina. “Tina.” He grins at me again and kisses my knuckles.” Then he pops out of the room, leaving a bit of glitter where he'd been standing.

Two neatly wrapped present sit under my Christmas tree. I look at Tina and she follows my gesture to the tree.

“Where did they come from?”

“I dunno.” I walk over and bend down. There is a tag with my name on it and it says open immediately. “OOOO.”

Tina picks up hers, and we race to open them. When I open mine I see it’s a mini digital recorder. “Sweet!!” I jump up and squeal. “If there’s anyone here with us tonight, say something.”

Tina snorts at my impersonation of a ghost hunter and lifts up a beautiful painting of those draglings she loves.

A card falls from my package and I pick it up and read, “Your wish is my command: Immune to any mental manipulation.” I grin and pocket the card as I study the recorder. What to do first….

“I’ll go hang this up while you get ready for your next interview.”

Bummer, I’d forgotten there was another, but then I grin remembering it’s gonna be a good one.

Dawn Montgomery

Blast in the new!!!

Blast in the New Year with the Blast in the New Scavenger Hunt! 47 individual prizes and one GRAND PRIZE of ALL the E-Books to one lucky entrant!

Here's the dealio... Each author has hidden this image somewhere on their websites:

Find the image and email the link to blastinthenew @ with the address of the page where you found the image. It's that simple! 25 authors = 25 entries. Duplicate entries will not be accepted. (Don't send me the same link twice, folks) If you find all 25 images, you'll be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE of all 47 E-Books!!!! You must find all 25 to be eligible. Go to the blog at to find the author website addresses as well as a handy dandy submission form. Surfing the web? Found a link and don't want to open email? Send the entry in via the contact form on the blog!

Ann Cory Two Prizes - Breaking in Levi & Butterfly Kisses
Ann Lory Two Prizes - Eternal Embrace & Eternal Obsession
Ashleigh Raine One Prize - Lover's Talisman
Camille Anthony Two Prizes - Reflections & Christmas Bunny
Celia Kyle Five Prizes - Touch Me, Tri Me, Serve Me, Love Me & Wicked Shift
Dawn Montgomery Two Prizes - Bound in Lust & Babes in Toyland II
Emily Ryan-Davis One Prize - A Rose of Any Color: Maledom
Fiona Glass Two Prizes - Shifting Perspectives & Watery Grave
James Buchanan One Prize - Lord Carabas
JJ Massa Two Prizes - Sweet Treats & Metamorphosis
Jodi Payne One Prize - Founder
Kate Hill One Prize - Make Love, Not Money
Kit Zheng Two Prizes - Torn & Exposure
Laura Baumbach Two Prizes - Roughhousing & The Collector 9: The Lost Temple of Karttikeya
Lia Sebastian Two Prizes - Office Relations & Seventh Sense
Marteeka Karland Two Prizes - Executive Decisions: By the Numbers & Black Star: Diamond
Maura Anderson One Prize - Texas Tea
Michelle Hasker One Prize - Screaming Orgasm
Phyllis Marie Campbell Two Prizes - Always My Love & Ten Ways to Melt a Man's Heart
Rayne Forrest One Prize - Hero
Sedonia Guillone One Prize - Ace in the Hole
Shelley Munro One Prize - Romantic Interlude
Shonna Brannon Three Prizes - In the Nick of Time, Falcon Hunter & Spirit Within
Stella and Audra Price Two Prizes - Choice of Backlist Books
Tuesday Morrigan Five Prizes - Monstrous Kink, Violet Storm, Nutcracker, Frost Bite & Wicked Intentions

What are you waiting for? Blast in the New Year with some new books now! Contest is open as you read this email and ends at midnight EST on 12/31/07. Winners will be announced on the blog and contacted on 1/1/08.

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Another Interview for Babes in Toyland II

“Ready for this interview?”

I know why she’s asking. My last interview with a vampire detective hadn’t gone according to plan.


“Yes. It’s fine.” I smile and reach for the folder again.

I turn and look at my friend. She’s discarded the outfit for a more sedate yet festive outfit, like the dress I wore.

Adhamh quickly appeared behind Tina catching both of us off guard. His chocolate brown hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail behind his head. His eyes were a dark midnight blue, almost black, and he was tall. Adhamh towered over me as he walked into the room.

I rose and tried to remember I didn’t find men with long hair attractive. “Thank you for joining me tonight. Please, have a seat.” And be still my fluttering heart. If those jeans were any tighter….and that sweater didn’t conceal anything from me.

Adhamh smiled at me, fangs flashing in the flickering light from the fireplace. Tina had already dimmed the room lights to make our guest more comfortable.

“Are you ready to get started? Can I offer you some refreshments? Food and beverage, name your desire and my super-efficient elf Tina will be delighted to bring it.” I ignore Tina’s glare and smile at my guest. I wasn’t offering HER blood.

“No, thanks. I’ve already eaten.”

The way he said it, I was afraid to ask what he’d had. I knew vampires feasted on blood, and I didn’t need to know where he’d found his supply tonight.

After Adhamh settles into his chair, I raise my pen and smile. “I know you’re a vampire, but what’s it like to be one?”

“I hate it. I hate every single waking minute.”

I immediately by pass all my other questions that had to do with being a vampire in today’s world. Obviously, he’s not a happy vampire.

“So what do you do for a living, and do you enjoy it?”

“I’m a private investigator. I try to help the less fortunate, and those in real need of assistance. I’ve amassed enough wealth over the years that I don’t even need to work. I just work to keep busy.”

“That’s still very generous of you. What do you do for fun?”


“Do you have any hobbies or interesting information about yourself you’d like to share?”


“Okay.” I shift uneasily in my chair. Why did he agree to the interview if he didn’t want to talk?

“Something made me come here tonight. I had a feeling. It seemed important to meet you.”

I don’t know how to respond to that so I smile. “What are your plans for this holiday season? Which holidays do you celebrate, if any, and how do you celebrate them?”

“I do not celebrate the holidays. Christmas is when I lost my true love.”

Crap. Guess I need to read his story in the Anthology if I want to find out more. By the angry light in his eyes I know it’s time to change the subject.

“Is there anyone special in your life?”

“I told you no. She died centuries ago.”

Dayum. I discard my other questions so I don’t hurt him further. The poor man was really devastated over the loss of this woman. Would he ever get over it? I really want to know what happened.

“Read Heart’s Desire in the Babe’s in Toyland II Antho. It’s all in there. Every gory detail.”

I wince. Damn mind reader.

“Thank you so much for joining me tonight. I really enjoyed getting to know you.”

He smiles, his fangs lengthening. “I enjoyed getting to meet you, too. If it wasn’t for your past experience with a vampire I’d ask you to come out dancing with me.”

“I don’t judge all vampires by him. I can’t go with you anyway, I have two more interviews to conduct.”

“Damn shame. I’d hope you’d be able to make me forget about her for a few hours.”

“It doesn’t work, and you know it, Adhamh.”

He looks at me funny, then smiles and rises. “Oh well. Nice to meet you, Michelle.”

“Nice to meet you to.”

As I watched Adhamh leave, I turn to ask Tina for a drink. She hands me a Screaming Orgasm and holds up another. We toast the holidays, and then sit back to wait for the next guest.

Michelle Hasker

Monday, November 26, 2007

More interviews from Babes in Toyland II

There are two more interviews from Babes in Toyland II, but they are getting too long to post :)

ANd boy did I have a blast with this last interview!

Go to the amp group and click in files to read all the interviews.

They are so much fun :)


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NEW REVIEW: Mountain Rendezvous!

Pam from My Book Cravings reviewed Mountain Rendezvous.

Here is the link, and a snippet of that wonderful review:

When these two determined individuals meet the sparks fly. First in annoyance, then anger and finally culminating in a desire so intense that he’d let her feed from his throat instead of letting her turn to someone else. The descriptions of Meredith’s uncertainty and guilt over the crimes her husband had committed and that she had been fooled by the mask he showed to herself and others in their world, excellently done. Slade’s determination to not only find the killer but to keep Meredith for himself no matter what the risk to his life a real turn on. This is a vampire story that begs to be read and I look forward to the next story by this author.

Thank you PAM and My Book Cravings!!


Interview 3 from Babes in Toyland II Anthology

I take a deep breath and lean back in my chair. Tina seems to feel more comfortable in her skimpy Mrs. Claus outfit, so I think I’ll let her wear it for a little longer. Until she starts getting on my nerves again. The faces behind my back soooo need to stop.


I turn and look at my friend and hope we’ll still be friends after this. I reach for my hot cocoa and take a sip. The nights are getting fewer, bringing us even nearer to the release of Babes in Toyland II. I can barely wait.

Jenna Stevens appears behind Tina. Time to get started. Jenna is a petite thing with a slim build, reddish hair the firelight made it look like it was kissed by the sunshine and brown eyes that twinkled when she smiled at me.

“Thank you for joining me tonight.” I put down my file and pick up my notepad and pen.

“You’re very welcome. I look forward to speaking with you tonight,” Jenna said a little shyly. “It isn’t every day I get interviewed by someone and in a very comfortable setting, too.”

“Then I feel honored to have you here. I hope you don’t mind if I take notes this way. The last time I used a tape recorder there were…difficulties.” I was getting a little tired of saying this because of the looks that accompanied the responses. I don’t want to go into detail, so I just smile and hold my pen at the ready.

Jenna smiled with mirth. “I can just imagine what...err...difficulties you can have with electronics.”

“Are you ready to get started? Can I offer you some refreshments? Food and beverage, name your desire and my super-efficient helper will be delighted to bring it.” I ignore Tina’s glare and smile at my guest.

“Sure thing,” Jenna said as she smiles at Tina. “I would love some hot chocolate, if it won’t be any trouble.”

After Jenna settles into her chair, I raise my pen and smile. “What are you?”

“A human being who is looking for love. Or is that too vague?” Jenna says after thinking on it. “I am single, and not expecting it to fall in my lap. But Christmas is the season of miracles right?” A smile teases Jenna’s lips.

“Yes it is. So, what do you do for a living and do you enjoy it?”

“I own a candy shop in Devon Falls with my partner and friend, Raven DeMarco. We are gearing up for the holidays as Raven is in charge of the candy making and I am in charge of sales and actual running of the business. I really enjoy it. It is fun and you get to meet so many different people every time the door opens.”

“ Mmm. You said candy, one of my downfalls. Sounds like a fun business and a good way to meet some interesting men.” I smile and return to my notes. “What do you do for fun?”

Laughing softly, Jenna says, “Fun? You got to be kidding right? I work till we close and then I go home alone and basically listen to music or I go for a drink with Raven and watch her get all the good men and I get the loser guys who want to meet her through me.”

“Ugh. Been there, done that. I imagine it’s as hard for her to have her best friend used, as it is for you to be used. I think one day soon you might find a man who’ll sweep you off your feet.” I hope I’m not embarrassing Jenna, so I rush into my next question. “Do you have any hobbies or interesting information about yourself you’d like to share?”

“I love to read, listen to music. I have an eclectic range of tastes in the music department. I like everything from classical to rock to the Top 40. Plus I have a major Johnny Depp crush. Anything he does, I own and watch constantly. Though I think that may annoy some men I talk to when I mention I find JD very interesting. ”

“Oh, we’re alike in that regard. What are your plans for this holiday season? Which holidays do you celebrate, if any, and how do you celebrate them?”

Jenna settles more comfortably in her chair with her drink. “We are gearing up for the busy holiday and as it is one of our busiest time of the year, not excluding Valentine’s day and Easter, we basically will work 15 hours a day. I will celebrate the holidays with my family, since we close early Christmas Eve and are closed on Christmas itself. This year we are letting my sister, Alicia, make most of the desserts since she owns the local bakery, I am bringing one of our specialty boxes full of candies and my mom is making the dinner itself. It brings back lots of wonderful memories of my childhood.”

“Those are the kinds of things worth focusing on this time of year.” I hesitate, then ask anyway, “Soooo, is there anyone special in your life?”

“Not really.” Jenna tries to not look a little sad.

“Are you looking for someone?”

“I impulsively made a wish one night and, frankly, I am not expecting tall, dark and handsome to come for me at all.” Jenna sighs. “Those types of guys don’t go for me and all I want is one who loves me completely and accepts who I am without trying to change me in some physical way.”

“I have to agree with you there. They need to love us for who we are, not what they think we are. Moving on, then… What are your goals for the rest of the year?”

Jenna smiles. “My goals are to expand the candy shop next year, hire some more help and then maybe take a long-awaited vacation to some place where they serve drinks with an umbrella in them and soak up some rays.”

“Mmm. Sand, sun, and some hot guys. I can dig that.” I wink. “Thank you so much for joining me tonight. I really enjoyed getting to know you.”

“Thank you for having me,” Jenna said as she stood up and took a small box wrapped in bright red paper with a candy cane bow on top out of her pocket. “This is a small token of appreciation for this interview and I hope you can stop into Candy Kisses when you drop into Devon Falls.”

“Ooo.” I accept the package happily. “Thank you so much, Jenna. I’ll definite put your shop on the top lists of places to visit.”

As I watched Jenna leave, I was grateful for the reprieve. I had STILL been all hot and bothered from my interview with Dave, and the fun interview with Jenna was what I’d needed to cool down.

Raine Delight

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Writerly Wednesdays

Okay, so it's not Wednesday, and I'm not writing...

The lovely and talented Maura Anderson has started a fun and informative 'thing' she'll be doing on Wednesdays. Yeah thing, I'm a writer I shouldn't run out of words, yada yada whatever.

Writerly Wednesday is a neat idea. One of those paying it forward kind of things. I can't wait to see her next post :)

You'll have to scroll down to it - I know how dare I make you work :)


Friday Flash

So I've decided to do a serial. And when I'm done I'll post it on my website as a free read. Hope you all enjoy my holiday story.

Blogger won't let me upload an image so I'll try and add in the Friday Flash logo later :)

*unedited and copyright Michelle Hasker

Grace sighed as she watched Jeremy’s perfect body. He could still make her heart beat faster with one glance, and the way he moved as he decorated the tree sent a rush of moisture to her core. If they were alone she'd ravish him here and now. But they weren't alone.

Jeremy's best friend, and inseperable mate Jacob was over to help them set up the Christmas tree. Even though she’d been married to Jeremy for two years, this was their first holiday in a house. Sharing a cramped two bedroom apartment with Jacob for two long years had been both heaven and hell. She lusted after both men something fierce, but only Jeremy held her heart. She cared for Jacob, but not like she loved Jeremy. Not with that all consuming desire that made her do stupid things. Like allow him to invite Jacob over.

It was wrong to lust after Jacob. Grace knew that. She wasn’t stupid. She even had morals, and they were what kept her from acting on her desires. Those long nights when Jeremy had worked late at the office, or the two week business trips he went on twice a year had left her home alone with Jacob too often.

As foolish as it seemed now, Grace had thought moving into the house and away from Jacob would curb her cravings, but they didn’t. The two weeks Jacob spent here when Jeremy had been out of town last month had been filled with tension of the sexual kind. At least on her part. The week from hell had ended when she’d snapped at Jacob and kicked him out of the house.

Now Jeremy was back, and so was Jacob.

“Lord, help me.”

“Did you say something, darling?” Jeremy turned toward her. Jacob did the same, sending nervous jitters up her spine. It was like they were extensions of the same body. Jacob knew Jeremy even better than she did. It wasn't that she was jealous. The men were so damn inseparable. Except at night when she and Jeremy retired to bed.

She’d looked forward to her first Christmas in the house alone with Jeremy. Instead Jacob was here. How much longer could she keep her desire for Jacob hidden? She really didn’t want Jacob to go, she wanted him to stay. Stay for the night in her bed. With Jeremy or without him, either way. This had to stop.


Interview 2: Dave from The Game

coming 11-30 from Aspen Mountain Press

After Kayleigh left I told Tina she didn’t have to continue wearing the elf costume. I couldn’t resist adding that if she kept misbehaving she’d be back to wearing it before too long.

Tina brought me a cup of hot chocolate and winked before she spun around to answer the door. Her docile behavior worried me more than my next interview.


I almost choke on my hot chocolate. Dave Harris’s sudden appearance catches me off guard. I quickly set my cup down and greet my guest. Dave’s good looks throw me for a loop. Six foot two, curly, short brown hair and eyes Paul Newman blue. And wearing a gold detective’s shield on his jacket pocket. I start to drool.

“Thank you for joining me tonight.” I put down my file and pick up my notepad and pen.

“Hey, when the captain called to tell me you had a lead on the sex club murder I was investigating, I had to come.” He laughs, his voice rich and seductive.

I wriggle on my chair. “I hope you don’t mind if I take notes this way. The last time I used a tape recorder there were…difficulties.”

He laughs again. I’m in trouble. “Honey, I feel for you. Here’s what I use.” He pulls out a small notebook. “I can barely access my voice mail.”

“Thanks.” I smile and try to remind myself he’s off limits. “Are you ready to get started? Can I offer you some refreshments? Food and beverage, name your desire and my super-efficient helper Tina will be delighted to bring it.” I ignore Tina’s glare—it’s getting old—and smile at my guest.

“Wouldn’t mind a cup of coffee. Black, two sugars. Anything tastes better than the swill they serve down at the station.

After Dave settled into his chair, I raised my pen and smiled. “What are you?”

“New Yorker born and bred. Well, from Brooklyn to be accurate. Only son of Jake and Molly Harris. I played center in High School. Single,” He looks at me in a way that makes my wavering defenses crumble, “Still looking, well, looking but nothing more than that. I always appreciate a good-looking woman.” How can any woman resist that heated playful look?

“So what do you do for a living, and do you enjoy it?”

“I’m a cop. I work vice and I deal with murderers and pimps and the dregs of the city. I got my detective’s shield five years ago. Do I enjoy it?” He laughs again and shakes his head. The man is too potent. I move in my seat again. “I enjoy putting away scumbags. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction to know I’ve made the streets safer for my neighbors. Yeah, I guess I do enjoy it.”

“I love cops.” As soon as I blurt it out I blush and bury my face in my notebook. “I mean—ah—your work is much appreciated. What do you do for fun?”

Dave winks and I try not to swoon. “Baby, I really can’t tell you what I do for fun. But I do enjoy playing games.” He leans closer and takes my hand, playing with my fingers. “With anybody.”

“Well, shit.” I blush again and try to decide if I should tug my hand free or not. His smile is devastating, and I don’t want to embarrass myself. “Do you have any hobbies or interesting information about yourself you’d like to share?”

“Well, I’m into basketball. Friendly game every week with the guys in homicide. I have a room mate, best friend from High School.” His deep chuckle rumbles through me, and I try not to shiver. No doubt he felt it anyway as he was still playing with my fingers. The man was hot like fire! “We’re kinda like “The Odd Couple” -- he’s Felix, you know, neat freak, irons his underwear. Me, I’m Oscar, sort of a slob, love sports. Frankie takes care of me. We have season tickets to the Knicks. “

“It’s a good way to stay in shape too.” He smiles and I give up pretending I’m immune to him. I clear my throat, tug my hand free and fan myself. I’m supposed to be taking notes. “What are your plans for this holiday season? Which holidays do you celebrate, if any, and how do you celebrate them?”

“Well, I’m taking my girlfriend home to meet my folks. She’s never been to a Jewish household during Chanukah. My mother is going to be happy she has someone to fatten up. Latkes - potato pancakes - she makes so many of them she packs ‘em up for me to take back to my apartment. My cousins and their kids celebrate with us and the kids play Dreidle.” He chuckles again as I curse inwardly. Of course he’s taken. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! “The last time I played that game, it was sure different!”

“So about your girlfriend, what’s her name?”

“Shari Nelson.”

“Can you tell us about her?”

“Shari? She’s a redhead, sexy as hell. Adventurous, smart, talented. Did I say, sexy?” He gives a wicked laugh that should be considered a lethal weapon. “We’ve only been together a short time, but it’s been the most intense relationship in my life. There are hidden depths to her that intrigue me. We’ve just begun to know each other. We’re planning a weekend away before the holiday. She may just be the one.”

“Most would consider you lucky to have a catch like that. I hope you two have a good time. I’d like to ask you more about the way you play Dreidle, but Tina is making slashing gestures across her throat.” I blush as he laughs again. “What are your goals for the rest of the year?”

“Doing my job the best way I can. Putting away the POS - that’s “pieces of s***” that dirty up the streets. And maybe making my relationship with Shari permanent. But that last, I don’t know. There’s a lot about her I haven’t learned yet. And, crap, there’s a lot about myself I don’t know.”

“Perhaps this trip is just what you two need. To figure things out, that is. Thank you so much for joining me tonight. I really enjoyed getting to know you.” I hope he doesn’t realize HOW much I enjoyed this interview.

He laughs and takes my hand again and kisses it. “Wanna come up to the cabin with me and Shari? We could get to know each other even more. Somehow I don’t think Shari would mind.” He leers playfully. “I know I wouldn’t.”

I’m about to put down my notebook and agree when Tina comes over and puts her hand on my shoulder. “She’d love to, Dave, but she has several more interviews to conduct before the release. You know how it is, business before pleasure.”

"Well, you didn't have anything new on that murder case, but hell, I needed a break from interviewing hookers." He nods and winks before he saunters out of the room. I can’t muster the words to respond as I watch his fine ass.

“You better get ready for your next guest.” Tina pats my back and picks up the dirty dishes.

I sigh and reach for the next folder. She’s right. Unfortunately.

Jeanne Barrack


Interview 1: Kayleigh from Holly King

Coming 11-30 from Aspen Mountain Press

As I relax next to the roaring fire and sip my egg nog, I wonder what my first guest will have in store for me. I flip open my notebook and look at my questions. Fortunately my interviews have garnered me enough money that I have hired a helper. Tonight I made Tina dress in a silly elf costume to greet my guest. I know she doesn’t feel comfortable, but my goal is to catch my guest off guard and put her at ease.

I’ve heard about the books at Aspen Mountain Press, hell, one of my very own characters will be interviewed tonight, but I can’t help being just a touch nervous. I hope my first guest doesn’t mind being a guinea pig.


I turn and look at my reluctant elf. Judging by the look on my guest’s face, the outfit was appreciated. Though I wasn’t expecting Kayleigh so soon, I was eager to get started with the interview.

Kayleigh’s appearance caught me off guard. Not what I expected in a high priestess. So… ordinary. Kayleigh was short but curvy with pale skin, brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair that just brushed a casual cotton top. No sign of either tie-dye or gypsy flounces. Jeans and a pair of hiking boots completed her outfit.

“Thank you for joining me tonight.” I put down my file and picked up my notepad and pen.

“Hi, Michelle. Thanks for inviting me. Sorry if I’m moving a little slowly.”

“Not a problem, Kayleigh. Take your time. I hope you don’t mind if I take notes this way. The last time I used a tape recorder there were…difficulties.”

“Not a problem. I get along well with electronics but have no problem with notes, either.”

“Are you ready to get started? Can I offer you some refreshments? Food and beverage, name your desire and my super-efficient elf, Tina, will be delighted to bring it.” I ignore Tina’s glare and smile at my guest.

“Some water would be nice. I haven’t had much of an appetite since the accident, though.”

After Kayleigh settles into her chair, I raise my pen and smile. “What are you?”

“I’m just a regular human being. Well, maybe not regular but not anything particularly special.”

“I highly doubt that, Kayleigh. From what I’ve heard, your family and friends hold you in high regards. My research confirms you are being modest.” I get the feeling I’m making her uncomfortable, so I change the subject. “So what do you do for a living, and do you enjoy it?”

“I’m a technical writer, specializing in software manuals. I really do enjoy it. I like teaching people things that seem really difficult until they are clearly explained. Watching that light bulb go on is great. I also do some web design work for friends and family.”

“Hmm. That doesn’t sound like much fun. What do you do for fun?”

“I read and do some crafting. I love to make beaded jewelry and quilt.”

“Wonderful! I’ll have to get you to show me some of your work later. Do you have any hobbies or interesting information about yourself you’d like to share?”

“I guess the only interesting thing is that I’m a wiccan high priestess. Many people find that quite the conversation starter – or ender. I also was in a car accident a few weeks ago that almost killed me.”

“People often fear the unknown.” I shift on my seat not sure if I should mention the accident or not, but she did bring it up. “You look like you are healing well.”

“Actually I am. My doctors and my family have taken great care of me but it may be a while before I’m completely healed and feeling less exhausted. Thanks for asking. So many people are afraid to say anything.”

“What are your plans for this holiday season? Which holidays do you celebrate, if any, and how do you celebrate them?”

“Being a wiccan, I celebrate Yule. This is the time of the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year and the time when the Holly King and the Oak King do ritual battle so the Oak King can take over dominion of the world until the Summer Solstice. I usually set up a Yule tree but I think that may be a bit much for me this year. I will burn a nice Yule log and keep my fire going all night, to light the darkness.

It’s not a huge celebration but I do exchange gifts with my family and friends.”

“It sounds beautiful. Is there anyone special in your life?”

“Not right now. I’ve been working a lot or teaching my coven and just haven’t had time since the last guy I dated and I decided to go our separate ways. I’m not unhappy alone and I’m not willing to compromise my dream of a very special love.”

“Are you looking for someone?”

“I’m not actively looking for anyone. I have a great belief that the Goddess will someday present someone that will love me the way my parents love each other. I’m open to relationships in general, though.

At the moment, I really need to heal from my accident before I even consider a new relationship. I need to get my life back to normal.”

“That makes a lot of sense. You’re one smart lady.” I take a sip of my egg nog and wonder if I should switch to hot cocoa. Maybe Tina spiked my drink. “What are your goals for the rest of the year?”

“To heal and get back to normal. This accident has had a really extreme impact on me and I need to find my center again. I feel like I’m walking around with my skin off and I just have this overwhelming feeling that something even bigger is going to happen. I don’t know what and I hope it doesn’t kill me this time.”

“Well, I definitely hope nothing kills you. It’s been wonderful getting to know you, and I hope this isn’t the last time we meet. I’d love to see some of your work. And I don’t mean the technical writing.” I wink and put down my notepad and pen. “Thank you so much for joining me tonight. I really enjoyed getting to know you.”

“Thanks for having me over. This was my last appointment before I take a break from things for Yule. I rented the most fantastic arts & crafts bungalow with these amazing woods. I can’t wait to explore them.

Nice Elf by the way, though the sticking her tongue out behind your back sort of destroys the image.”

I snicker and turn to frown at Tina. I hiss at her to behave, then turn back to Kayleigh. “I hope you enjoy your rest and don’t overdo things.”

As I watched Kayleigh leave, I wondered that my next guest would have in store for me. Hopefully they will be as friendly as Kayleigh. I look at Tina. Maybe she needs a different outfit.

Maura Anderson


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Babes in Toyland II

Okay, so some of you have heard me talk about my story Heart's Desire and how it is in the Babes in Toyland II antho...

Starting today we're posting interviews of characters from the stories in the Antho.

Today is Kayleigh's story from Holly King.

that is the link to the group, you will need to join and then look in the files section for the interview :)



Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wicked Pleasures

Tambra Kendall
Erotic Romance
Humorous historical
ISBN: 978-1-60435-035-7
Cover Artist: Rene Lyons
Editor: Nancy Gail
Word Count: 10,676

Publisher Blurb:
Honey Jordan is in trouble. Her Pa is giving her one week to find another place to live. Her fiancé has not finished their house. She discovered in telling her best friend about Granny Cordella’s sexual legacy, a box of wicked pleasure, she now might be a criminal.

Can she escape the clutches of the law and marry Brock?

Can she find the topaz treasure,’ The Jewel of the Nile?’

Brock Ryan is in trouble. He’s about to lose his house and land because the will his Pawpaw left him is missing. His fiancée, Honey Jordan is in possession of certain sexual illegal items. His brother-in-law congratulates him and the Sheriff is threatening to haul Honey in for breaking the law.

Can Brock keep his fiancée out of jail and save his land?

I had the pleasure of reading Wicked Pleasure by Tambra Kendall. Brock is a man with problems, and he knows exactly what they mean when they say "When it rains it pours."
Honey is feisty and willing to do what she has to. I love the interactions between Honey and Brock. This was a great read. Quick and fun, you'll enjoy this story :)


Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Review for Screaming Orgasm

Screaming Orgasm has received the most fabulous review from Sensual eCataromance!

Reading about Brandon and Tara in Del Fantasma: Screaming Orgasm by Michelle Hasker was intriguing as well as thoroughly enthralling. I couldn’t stop reading from the first page, it had me hooked right through and the sexy way these two finally cemented their bond, well I was totally blown away. I loved Brandon and his need to show Tara that he loved her, no matter what she was. I loved Tara too; it takes courage to withhold a part of yourself that could kill someone and also to know right from wrong. Together these two were dynamite, the eroticism between them was stellar, and it made me enjoy the story all that much more. Ms Hasker is a new author for me and if this story is anything to go by I’ll be reading more of her works very soon. Del Fantasma: Screaming Orgasm is definitely a book that will have readers screaming in more ways than one.

To see the ENTIRE review click here! Thank you Sheryl!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

I broke 10k on The Moon

and now I get my reward!! Created for me by my buddy Tina Bendoni

Friday Flash!

Been sick so took me a while to make my post. Sorry gals :)

Alejandro watched from the shadows as the tall lithe brunette entered the room. He knew she couldn’t see him, but when her eyes scanned the room and hesitated on where he was hidden, he wondered if she could see him. See straight through him to his very soul.

Her blue eyes captured his attention first, but it was those luscious red lips that held him captivated. Lips that invited him to taste her. Desire rose thick and unbidden, making his dick hard in under five seconds.

She shivered and turned back to the window. He wondered what she saw in the dark clouds that hid the full moon. Whatever it was held her spellbound long enough for him to find a closer hiding spot.

Learn more about Friday Flash here!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things about MICHELLE HASKER
Edition #16 My Book

1.Midnight Rendezvous - July 2006 - Loose Id
Aidan Devlin owns a night club. He’s also the temporary leader of the North American Northeastern society of vampires. His wife is missing, and he can sense her but not find her.

Caitlyn Devlin is a part-time receptionist for a psychiatrist. Apparently, she’s also an amnesiac vampire with a husband who’s trying to save her from a serial killer determined to make her his next victim.

Really, what’s a girl to do?

2.Taking A Chance - part of Christmas Candy - December 2006 - WCPT

3.Morgan's Magick - Celtic Love Knots #1 - Feb 2007 - WCPT
Morgan’s deepest fantasy comes true one afternoon when Jack brings her a new batch of wands, and ends up making love to her. When they learn that Jack is the recipient of a love potion she created, can their love survive doubt and mistrust?

4.The Bodyguard - April 2007 - Loose Id
Elena Fortescu has been through hell and wants revenge. She doesn’t need or want to get close to anyone, but Nicolas has other plans. Her bodyguard has fallen in love with her and he’s not going to let the fact that she’s a vampire keep them apart.

5.Sheila's Surrender - Celtic Love Knots #2 - May 2007 - WCPT
Two women: different lives, same experiences. Can each face her past to learn if there will ever be a future with the man that left her so long ago?

6.Bunny Love - June 2007 - Aspen Mountain Press
As a veterinarian, Tambra works long hours and has little time to "search" for a man. When she unexpectedly meets a man covered with tattoos and wearing a kilt, holding a small bunny while attending a Wiccan retreat she discovers things aren't always what they seem.

7.Mountain Rendezvous - August 2007 - Loose Id
Meredith's ex-husband was a serial killer. Was, because she killed him. Or, at least, she thought she did. But now hunky Federal Agent Slade Jackson tells her he's back and killing women who look just like her.

What's a vampire to do?

Probably banging the human agent on the case isn't the best plan. But he's smoking hot, he wants her, she wants him and she just can't seem to stop. They both better hope it doesn't interfere with the case, or she'll be screwed.

And not in the good way.

8.Tarot Anthology: Synchronicity #1 - September 2007 - WCPT
Abigail Montgomery reads cards. And this time around she has twenty-two very special readings to do. From a woman who needs to learn the magic of love, to another who has to accept her inner beauty. A man who learns to look within himself, and a woman who has to face Death to move beyond. Will these people make the right choices for happiness? Or will they be forever lost?

9.Screaming Orgasm - October 2007 - Aspen Mountain Press
Tara’s not looking for love, and will go to great lengths to avoid becoming intimate with a guy. Brandon is tired of taking no for an answer. He loves Tara, and when a mysterious stranger takes a very active interest in her, it’s time to stake his claim.

10.Kate's Muse - November 2007 - Aspen Mountain Press
Kate's muse has left her and she's viciously cursed him to all sorts of tortures. But Corban isn't taking her abuse any longer or he'll become a laughing stock. No, he intends to show Kate a thing or two about how to take proper care of your muse.

11.Tarot Anthology: Synchronicity #2 - Coming Dec 2007 - WCPT

12.Hearts' Desire - Coming Dec 2007 - Aspen Mountain Press

13.The Bodyguard: Nash - Coming Jan 2008 - Loose Id


Seven Random and/or Weird Things About Me

I've been tagged by Lesley! Bad Lesley, bad bad bad!!

Here are the rules:

Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1-I've always wanted to be a teacher.

2-In person I'm shy. Online I have no sense of modesty.

3-I really do collect pictures of nekkid men to use in stories. Every man is different and if I didn't find new inspiration all my men would be tall, dark, blue eyed men with an extra large sausage log between their legs.

4-I hold a grudge forever. Ask my husband. Piss me off once, I NEVER EVER forget even if I say I forgive you.

5-I have zero tolerance or patience for cheaters. I hope your dick falls off and your boobs sag.

6-I have to restrain myself from responding to SPAM. I dont have a penis thank you. I write sex, I think I can please my mate. I can prolly give you a few tips. I don't need a fuck buddy, I'm married to the energizer bunny and get more than you dream of.

7-I'm not nearly so rude in person. (maybe)

I tagged: Maura Anderson, Tina Bendoni, Dawn Montgomery, Celia Kyle, Aline de Chevigny, Melinda Barron, and Piper but I doubt she'll see it. She's in hiding, darn woman. Me needs Dragon!!


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bad bad me

Okay so my daughter's fave author is coming to her school. What do I do? I go to his site and email him. While there, I - the habitual link clicker - I can't help myself, really. Better people than you have tried and I just can't stop clicking.

So I wanted to share the most entertaining little things he has posted at his site.
Trust me, it's worth the read. And even if you don't find it as humorous as me, admit it, you were looking for a reason to procastinate anyway.

Laptop Tips - LMAO


Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Flash

Taking a page from Maura's book of how to tease and torment a reader. LOL

She licked her lips and reached for the button on his jeans. His six pack abs glistened with sweat. As she tugged his jeans lower, she could see the fine dark hairs that led to where her questing hands wanted to go. Large strong hands reached down and he opened his jeans with a chuckle. "Is this what you want, baby?"
She growled and pushed his hands away as she tugged open his pants and wrapped her hand around him.

Learn about Friday Flash here!


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New Review - The Bodyguard

I am so thrilled to tell you about this review. Lacey from Romance Junkies has written what is probably my best review ever, tied with the one that Ali gave me for the same book :)

My review!

The whole review is so fantastic it's hard to pick a snippet to share.

I also applaud Elena’s strength and how she never gave up. THE BODYGUARD is a heartfelt story that will dwell in your memory long after you read the last word. A job well done, Ms. Hasker. I highly recommend this book.

I am sooo pleased to see that what I'd intended to do with the story suceeded :) I love Elena and can't wait for you all to see a little bit more of her in The Bodyguard: Nash.


Monday, November 05, 2007

Bound in Lust

Bound in Lust is availably now at Changeling Press.
by Dawn Montgomery
cover art by Reneé George
ISBN (13): 978-1-59596-871-5
Genre(s): Paranormal, Angels & Demons
Theme(s): Interracial, BBW, The Dark Side
Length: Novella

A bite by a demon leaves Elena cursed. When the dark mark of the succubae entwines with her soul, she becomes the enemy, one who drains the élan vital or life force of her victims. Now she is the hunted. And the only place she can find refuge is with a demon. Drake Oblivion, dark demon of lust. For a price, all things are possible, but will a cure be worth the cost of her soul… or heart?

For Drake, a millennium of lust is the icing on the cake of demonic life. When the sexy bartender asks for his help, he can't help but agree. But things aren't always what they seem. An enemy has created a double-edged sword in the luscious curvy body of the passionate woman. He'll have to successfully bind her soul to his or die. For once the succubae has you, you are bound in lust to her unto death.

The first in this series, Bound in Lust is a HOT SEXY Rollercoaster ride. Fast paced and action packed, with lots of yummy sex rolled in one, this story satisfied all my cravings. I love Drake. He's just so damn hot and delicious. Elena is the perfect match for him. I really can't wait for the rest of Dawn's series because one can't have enough of the Demon of Lust.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

I finished Irene

My First Person Vday Story is finally finished. I swear I thought it was going to best me. First person is not my favorite to write. I worry that people will think it's me and not the heroine, but I did it anyway. And I finished. Broke 10k today. Edits and then submission
woo woo

And my reward created for me by my generous CP Tina Bendoni:


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Flash Fiction Friday

*Deleted scene from Kate's Muse

“It’s time for your punishment.” He held out his hand and a small black leather whip appeared in his hand. “Are you ready to accept it?”

Was she? Kate stared at the whip, then at Corban. This was what she’d fantasized about, Rather frequently, too. She swallowed and nodded, bracing her hands on the headboard.

“You will speak only when told to, and you will address me as Master. Anything less and I’ll add ten lashes to your punishment. Do you understand? Ten lashes each time you break a rule.”

Did he think she was stupid? She’d heard him the first time. He tapped the whip on her thigh. Shoot, she hadn’t answered him yet. “Yes, Master.” Was that breathy voice hers?

The first lash was a surprise, and she bucked against the restraints at the sting. A small cry escaped before she could contain it.

“Are you okay, Kate?”

The concern in his voice melted her last reserve. He didn’t want to hurt her. No, he wanted to master her. And if he was as good now as he was in her dreams, he was the only one who could ever master her.

“I think we need a safe word. How about Succotash?”


“Yeah. It’s not something you’ll be likely to cry out by accident.”

Kate grinned and looked back at Corban. The sting had already faded and she wondered when he was going to continue his lesson.

“Turn around and face the wall, slave. You forgot to address me as Master. That’s ten more lashes, Kate.”

With a sigh, she turned back to the wall and braced herself. Then next strike stung more than the first. Before the pain receded, he hit her again, but in another spot. Over and over he flicked the whip against her ass. At first it hurt, but after a few lashes, the pain turned into pleasure. Heat rushed through her body and moisture dripped down her thighs.

Kate focused on the sting of pain, then the rush of pleasure as he continued to rain lashes on her.

“That’s it.” Corban paused and slid his palm over her sensitive flesh. “Nice and red. So beautiful.”

Kate moaned and lifted into the caress.


Kate's Muse

I am thrilled to announce that I have two releases up on the Aspen Mountain Press homepage

Kate's Muse

Author: Michelle Hasker
Artist: Jinger Heaston

ISBN: 978-1-60168-068-6
Genre: Contemporary erotica
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Publication Date: 11/02/2007
Sexual Content: Erotic

Price: $1.99

“You’re fired, damn it!” Kate shouted at the ceiling, slamming her fists on the desk for emphasis. “You’ve done this to me for the last time. I’ll find myself a new muse and to hell with you!”

Kate Sterling tossed her pen across the room and barely restrained herself from making the laptop take the same flying arc. She wanted to make something smash into the wall, needed to break something. Like her damn muse’s neck.

Pushing away from the desk, she spun around on her chair and glared at the potted palm in the corner. Shame it wasn’t a little taller. Though, she did have nine-foot ceilings… That would be high enough to make her muse dangle from a noose with his body jerking as the rope tightened until he couldn’t breathe any more. Or maybe his neck would snap when she pushed him off the stool.

“Damn, stupid muse. I hope you burn in the deepest pits of hell, your screams echoing in your ears as you burn for eternity, never finding peace from the agony of melting flesh and popping muscles and bones.”

“That’s a mite harsh, isn’t it, Kate?”

Kate shrieked and fell off the chair as she turned to look behind her. The man leaning against the wall looked exactly like her wayward muse. The one she’d just been cursing.

“What have I ever done to you, love?”

“Jesus Christ!” Kate scrambled backward as he leaned forward, his face highlighted in the glare of the light. He was her muse in living, breathing flesh. Impossible!

“No. If I remember correctly, you condemned me to burn in hell with Satan.”

“But you…you can’t be real.”

“I’m as real as you want me to be, love.”

Screaming Orgasm

Author: Michelle Hasker
Artist: Nikita Gordyn

ISBN: 978-1-60168-066-2
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Publication Date: October 2007
Sexual Content: Erotic w BDSM elements

Price: $3.49

“Can I have a Screaming Orgasm, Cody?” Tara leaned against the mahogany counter and glanced around at the growing crowd.

“Sure thing, sweetheart. I get off about two, when do you want to get off?”

Tara choked on her own saliva. She’d set herself up for that one. Cody was a flirt, she knew that. She should be used to his flirtatious banter by now. She recovered quickly as he set the drink in front of her. “If I thought you’d take me up on the offer, handsome, I’d say every hour on the hour.”

“That’s what I love about you, Tara. Your comebacks. I’m going to miss you when you move on.”

“Yeah, well, you know. A rolling stone gathers no moss, or whatever.”

“Sweetheart, you’re no rolling stone.”

“Thanks.” Tara took a deep sip and enjoyed the way the vodka, Bailey’s and Kahlua hit the spot, numbing her, at least temporarily.

“I really do wish you’d let me set you up with someone. Trust me, Hon, a real screaming orgasm would do you wonders.”

“You know why I can’t.” Tara looked away and focused on the jukebox against the far wall. Those memories needed to stay buried. Remembering was too painful. There was nothing she could do about it now, but she could make sure she never hurt another person as she had hurt Chad.

Tara glanced back at Cody as he moved down the bar to serve his customers. He was a pleasure to watch. All hard, toned muscle, tanned skin and blue eyes that either saw right through her, or made her want to melt into an orgasmic puddle at his feet.