Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blast in the new!!!

Blast in the New Year with the Blast in the New Scavenger Hunt! 47 individual prizes and one GRAND PRIZE of ALL the E-Books to one lucky entrant!

Here's the dealio... Each author has hidden this image somewhere on their websites:

Find the image and email the link to blastinthenew @ with the address of the page where you found the image. It's that simple! 25 authors = 25 entries. Duplicate entries will not be accepted. (Don't send me the same link twice, folks) If you find all 25 images, you'll be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE of all 47 E-Books!!!! You must find all 25 to be eligible. Go to the blog at to find the author website addresses as well as a handy dandy submission form. Surfing the web? Found a link and don't want to open email? Send the entry in via the contact form on the blog!

Ann Cory Two Prizes - Breaking in Levi & Butterfly Kisses
Ann Lory Two Prizes - Eternal Embrace & Eternal Obsession
Ashleigh Raine One Prize - Lover's Talisman
Camille Anthony Two Prizes - Reflections & Christmas Bunny
Celia Kyle Five Prizes - Touch Me, Tri Me, Serve Me, Love Me & Wicked Shift
Dawn Montgomery Two Prizes - Bound in Lust & Babes in Toyland II
Emily Ryan-Davis One Prize - A Rose of Any Color: Maledom
Fiona Glass Two Prizes - Shifting Perspectives & Watery Grave
James Buchanan One Prize - Lord Carabas
JJ Massa Two Prizes - Sweet Treats & Metamorphosis
Jodi Payne One Prize - Founder
Kate Hill One Prize - Make Love, Not Money
Kit Zheng Two Prizes - Torn & Exposure
Laura Baumbach Two Prizes - Roughhousing & The Collector 9: The Lost Temple of Karttikeya
Lia Sebastian Two Prizes - Office Relations & Seventh Sense
Marteeka Karland Two Prizes - Executive Decisions: By the Numbers & Black Star: Diamond
Maura Anderson One Prize - Texas Tea
Michelle Hasker One Prize - Screaming Orgasm
Phyllis Marie Campbell Two Prizes - Always My Love & Ten Ways to Melt a Man's Heart
Rayne Forrest One Prize - Hero
Sedonia Guillone One Prize - Ace in the Hole
Shelley Munro One Prize - Romantic Interlude
Shonna Brannon Three Prizes - In the Nick of Time, Falcon Hunter & Spirit Within
Stella and Audra Price Two Prizes - Choice of Backlist Books
Tuesday Morrigan Five Prizes - Monstrous Kink, Violet Storm, Nutcracker, Frost Bite & Wicked Intentions

What are you waiting for? Blast in the New Year with some new books now! Contest is open as you read this email and ends at midnight EST on 12/31/07. Winners will be announced on the blog and contacted on 1/1/08.

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