Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wicked Pleasures

Tambra Kendall
Erotic Romance
Humorous historical
ISBN: 978-1-60435-035-7
Cover Artist: Rene Lyons
Editor: Nancy Gail
Word Count: 10,676

Publisher Blurb:
Honey Jordan is in trouble. Her Pa is giving her one week to find another place to live. Her fiancé has not finished their house. She discovered in telling her best friend about Granny Cordella’s sexual legacy, a box of wicked pleasure, she now might be a criminal.

Can she escape the clutches of the law and marry Brock?

Can she find the topaz treasure,’ The Jewel of the Nile?’

Brock Ryan is in trouble. He’s about to lose his house and land because the will his Pawpaw left him is missing. His fiancée, Honey Jordan is in possession of certain sexual illegal items. His brother-in-law congratulates him and the Sheriff is threatening to haul Honey in for breaking the law.

Can Brock keep his fiancée out of jail and save his land?

I had the pleasure of reading Wicked Pleasure by Tambra Kendall. Brock is a man with problems, and he knows exactly what they mean when they say "When it rains it pours."
Honey is feisty and willing to do what she has to. I love the interactions between Honey and Brock. This was a great read. Quick and fun, you'll enjoy this story :)


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