Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You know you're an erotic romance writer when....

1-people ask you if you write about your own sexual adventures in the bedroom.

2-people ask your husband if you write about your own sexual adventures in the bedroom and he just grins at them and doesn't answer.

3-you are laying in bed at night and ask your husband if he likes what you are doing, and he hesitates and asks you if it's for a book before he answers.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year I participated in the Romance Divas Free Ebook Challenge. Authors, both published and non published have posted free stories on their blogs or websites. They are short to keep the reads more manageable and have varying degrees of spiciness :) To read mine, please visit my website!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Celtic Love Knots Volume One - Available Now

Morgan’s Magick and Through The Veil – Celtic Love Knots Volume One
Available February 1st

Morgan’s Magick by Michelle Hasker

Mix together a witch, a wandmaker, and a love potion, and get a tale full of lust and mistrust. Can Morgan and Jack figure out what is real and what is not before Samhain?

“Dinner?” Her head whipped around so fast, pain seared her neck. Morgan groaned and rubbed the sensitive area. She probably gave herself whip-lash.
Jack’s warm hands caressed the back of her neck before she could protest, and once he put his hands on her, she didn’t want to.
“Ohh, mmmm,” she moaned her pleasure as he worked magic with those skillful fingers.
“You like this?” His voice sounded huskier than usual.
She sighed and leaned back into the massage. “Yes. You have some very talented hands.”
“So what about dinner?” he asked as his hands moved to the tops of her shoulders.
“Dinner?” she echoed. Why was he asking her out to dinner?
“Dinner and a discussion of this partnership.”
Morgan heard the desire in his deep voice. Now to test that she wasn’t mistaken. She shifted her body so her backside brushed against him. As she rubbed against his hard shaft, Jack gasped. He pushed against her, then must have caught him-self, because he released her so fast, she stumbled.
“Jack,” Morgan said as she turned around to smile at him.
“Yes?” he asked as he took a step back.
Morgan let her gaze drift down his body and then focused on his obvious erection. “What kind of partnership did you have in mind?”
“With you? Any.” He groaned and slapped his forehead with his hand. “I mean, we can discuss that over dinner. I mean, unless you want strictly a working relationship—”
“Jack?” she interrupted.
“Shut up and kiss me,” Morgan growled.

Through The Veil by Tina Bendoni

Alyson has the perfect man, but only in her dreams. Her friendly neighborhood witch decides to change all that on Samhain. Fortunately, plans go awry and Alyson’s dream man becomes flesh and blood. He has 24 hours to convince her that she is his soul mate and destiny. Can she leave all she knows behind for a chance at perfect love?

Alyson looked up at the sound of footsteps approaching her. It was him. Lucas. Six foot six inches tall in his bare feet, and long brown hair that had the most gorgeous blond highlights. Every time she saw him, she wanted to run her fingers through it. It was soft as down and felt wonderful against her body. She knew she could never get enough of him.
Tonight, he was wearing jeans that hugged his body like a second skin. They left nothing to her imagination, but she knew exactly what was under that denim, and the material barely did it justice. Her body tingled at the thought of stripping those jeans off him before the night was through.
As always, he approached her with the sleekness and stealth of a jungle cat. As though she were a scared mouse that might run away.
“Good evening, Alyson.” That deep voice sent shivers running up and down her spine, centering on her suddenly wet pussy.
“Hello, Lucas.” Alyson heard her own voice, breathy and sultry, so unlike her normal tone. He did that to her every time.
He reached for her, nesting his hand in her own long red hair, running it through his fingers. “You look exquisite tonight.”
Alyson looked down at herself. She was wearing a low cut v-neck shirt that clung to her chest, showing her hardened nipples through the light material. A broomstick skirt swung nearly to her ankles, blowing in the light breeze.
“Thank you.” She felt herself blush.
“Anywhere you would like to go? Or maybe just stay here?” His husky voice left Alyson no doubt as to what he wanted to do if they stayed in tonight. The sparks running down her body from where his hand held hers reminded her she was perfectly willing.
“Staying in sounds like fun,” she whispered with a smile.

Tammy from Fallen Angels Reviews gave Celtic Love Knots Volume 1
5 Angels and a Recommended Read.
This is what she said:Morgan’s Magick by Michelle Hasker is a tantalizing story that will have you begging for more. The characters are well detailed and enjoyable; the plot is appealing and extremely sensual. I loved the passion and electricity that flowed between Morgan and Jack and thought the author did a fantastic job of grabbing the reader’s attention from the first page and holding it until the last. Through The Veil by Tina Bendoni is a tempting tale that will leave you wishing for a dream man of your own. I thought the premise of this plot was very exciting and the characters well developed for such a short story. The sex in this story was hot enough to burn and left me eager to read the second volume of the Celtic Love Knots series!

Lori Ann from Romance Reviews Today gave Celtic Love Knots Volume 1
a rating of: Multiple O's
and said:About Morgan's Magick by Michelle Hasker:Whoa baby, when Jack and Morgan give in to their feelings, the sparks fly. Not a word is wasted in this sizzling tale of magickal love.About Through The Veil by Tina Bendoni:The heat generated by Alyson and Lucas is scorching. You'll wish for a friendly witch to cast a spell on your behalf after reading this sexy story, I certainly did. And about the entire volume:A steamy anthology that hits all the right notes, CELTIC LOVE KNOTS, VOLUME 1 is a surefire winner.

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