Friday, November 02, 2007

Flash Fiction Friday

*Deleted scene from Kate's Muse

“It’s time for your punishment.” He held out his hand and a small black leather whip appeared in his hand. “Are you ready to accept it?”

Was she? Kate stared at the whip, then at Corban. This was what she’d fantasized about, Rather frequently, too. She swallowed and nodded, bracing her hands on the headboard.

“You will speak only when told to, and you will address me as Master. Anything less and I’ll add ten lashes to your punishment. Do you understand? Ten lashes each time you break a rule.”

Did he think she was stupid? She’d heard him the first time. He tapped the whip on her thigh. Shoot, she hadn’t answered him yet. “Yes, Master.” Was that breathy voice hers?

The first lash was a surprise, and she bucked against the restraints at the sting. A small cry escaped before she could contain it.

“Are you okay, Kate?”

The concern in his voice melted her last reserve. He didn’t want to hurt her. No, he wanted to master her. And if he was as good now as he was in her dreams, he was the only one who could ever master her.

“I think we need a safe word. How about Succotash?”


“Yeah. It’s not something you’ll be likely to cry out by accident.”

Kate grinned and looked back at Corban. The sting had already faded and she wondered when he was going to continue his lesson.

“Turn around and face the wall, slave. You forgot to address me as Master. That’s ten more lashes, Kate.”

With a sigh, she turned back to the wall and braced herself. Then next strike stung more than the first. Before the pain receded, he hit her again, but in another spot. Over and over he flicked the whip against her ass. At first it hurt, but after a few lashes, the pain turned into pleasure. Heat rushed through her body and moisture dripped down her thighs.

Kate focused on the sting of pain, then the rush of pleasure as he continued to rain lashes on her.

“That’s it.” Corban paused and slid his palm over her sensitive flesh. “Nice and red. So beautiful.”

Kate moaned and lifted into the caress.



Maura Anderson said...


Buying Kate's Muse when I get home tonight!

Michelle Hasker said...

Hope you like it, Maura. That was a deleted scene *snickers* so you won't see that in there ;)

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Michelle Hasker said...

Glad you liked it Dawn :)