Wednesday, November 28, 2007

new interview for babes in toyland II


I bite back a scream and turn. Roarke's appearance was startling. He popped out of nowhere, a mini man. About a foot tall.

I clasp a hand over my heart and try to catch my breath. Not only did he startle me, but he was a lot more handsome in person than Dawn had said.

"Oh, I'm sorry." His voice literally rumbled. Like sex and chocolate all rolled into one. Before I could blink, he popped into human size, if a bit tall --around 6'2". He smiles, takes my free hand in his and brushes his lips over my knuckles. Then he presses my hand against his forehead before releasing me and sitting down with a bit of a flourish.

I study him while I resume my seat. Dark black tights form to his muscled thighs. His shirt is a tunic style festive with holly embroidery along the cuffs and bottom –looks like silk…wonder if I can cop a feel. A chiseled chest with only a bit of hair peeks out from the loosely tied leather thong keeping the tunic closed.

I reach for my notepad to keep from staring at his yummy chest. I move my gaze lower and see his fingers are elegant and long, their movement almost hypnotic. I quickly look back up and see his kissable lips in a half smile. A feminine sigh escapes. I blush and meet his gaze. He has eyes that give nothing away, but I swear they were a different color a minute ago. They were an intriguing violet right now, though.

Looking back down at the notes I’d compiled, I push them toward him. “Did I get this spelling right?”

“How did you spell it?” He sounds nervous, which makes me smile even more. Roarke was so sweet. Instead of answering, I push the folder into his lap. He sighed and reached for something. It was a surprise to see him pull out glasses and put them on. Oh. Yum. I’m so screwed.

“Yes,” he says as he hands me the file back. Instead of taking the file I want to run my fingers through his black hair, but I refrain, like the good girl that I am.

“Thank you for joining me tonight.” I put down the file and pick up my notepad and pen.

"Of course. It is an honor to greet a woman so willing to grant Christmas wishes."

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I look up at Tina, but she just shrugs.

"You've given those who are waiting for Aspen's release a glimpse. It's a valiant effort. I should know. Granting wishes is what I do."

“Yeah, I’d like to find out more about you. For the interview!” I fumble with my pen. “I hope you don’t mind if I take notes this way.”

"Didn't you used to have a tape recorder?"

“Um yeah, but there was a problem with an interview and… Are you ready to get started? Can I offer you some refreshments? Food and beverage, name your desire and my super-efficient elf Tina will be delighted to bring it.” I ignore Tina’s glare and smile at my guest.

"I'm a huge fan of your eggnog, if you don't mind. Next to Elvin wine, it's the greatest treat."

“I’d be delighted.” Tina turns and hurries into the kitchen faster than she’s moved all night. I shake my head and turn back to my guest. “What are you?”

“A Christmas Faerie. We are at our most powerful during the holiday season.”

“What is it like to be a Christmas Faerie? What problems do you face in your world because of what you are?”

“As a Christmas Fae, we have a very important job…keep the world turning. We use the power of wishes to perform our magick. It's not difficult being ourselves since most people will accept anything as a bit of Christmas magic now and then. Of course, we cover all holidays during the season…”

“So what do you do for a living, and do you enjoy it?”

"I'm a keeper of Fae law. It's my job to ensure no one abuses magick during this volatile time.”

“Like a cop.” I grin and remind myself to stay on task. “What do you do for fun?”

“Goad some of my favorite fae into arguments. Occasionally I play games with them, tease a bit, and show them my true appreciation for their talents.”

I snicker and wonder if he’s planning on teasing Tina and me. “Do you have any hobbies or interesting information about yourself you’d like to share?”

“I'm one of the only fae in our world that takes one mate for life. It's a bit of a damper on the social scene.”

“Only one mate? No casual dating?” I hope my disappointment doesn’t show.

"No. No sex until mated. Of course, there's nothing against a little watching now and then."

I grin. “What are your plans for this holiday season? Which holidays do you celebrate, if any, and how do you celebrate them?”

“Ensure a smooth holiday season. This is a big year for our people. A new keeper of the Christmas Bell has come into season. This is her first year as its guardian. So I have to keep an eye on her.”

“Is there anyone special in your life?”

“I have a mate.”

I lean forward intrigued. “Do tell.”

“Well, she doesn't really know she's my mate.”

“Can you tell us about her?”

“She's passionate and beautiful. Like the sparkle of Christmas snow.” He laughs. “She's also a big pain in my ass.”

I giggle again.

“I don't get much choice in the mate department. They're chosen for our kind.”

“Interesting. What are your goals for the rest of the year?”

“Have wild and passionate sex as often as my mate will allow.”

“You said she doesn't know about you, yet.”

“She will." He winks. "Just have a little faith in the power of wishes.”

“I certainly will wish for her for you. Thank you so much for joining me tonight. I really enjoyed getting to know more about you and the Christmas faeries.”

He stands and takes my hand again. “It was my pleasure, Michelle.” He nods toward Tina. “Tina.” He grins at me again and kisses my knuckles.” Then he pops out of the room, leaving a bit of glitter where he'd been standing.

Two neatly wrapped present sit under my Christmas tree. I look at Tina and she follows my gesture to the tree.

“Where did they come from?”

“I dunno.” I walk over and bend down. There is a tag with my name on it and it says open immediately. “OOOO.”

Tina picks up hers, and we race to open them. When I open mine I see it’s a mini digital recorder. “Sweet!!” I jump up and squeal. “If there’s anyone here with us tonight, say something.”

Tina snorts at my impersonation of a ghost hunter and lifts up a beautiful painting of those draglings she loves.

A card falls from my package and I pick it up and read, “Your wish is my command: Immune to any mental manipulation.” I grin and pocket the card as I study the recorder. What to do first….

“I’ll go hang this up while you get ready for your next interview.”

Bummer, I’d forgotten there was another, but then I grin remembering it’s gonna be a good one.

Dawn Montgomery


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Ooooh, a gorgeous fairy AND a dragling picture. Damn, did I get lucky.

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