Monday, March 31, 2008

Maniac Monday

I received my edits for Sorin today and I'm excited!

Can you believe it? Excited about edits?

LOL - Well I am excited. I really loved writing Sorin's story. To be honest, I loved writing Nic's and Nash's at the times I was writing them. It was hard to say goodbye to my Bodyguards and I asked TPTB at Loose Id if perhaps I can revisit that word with different characters. Their response was basically, show me what you got. That's not a no I can delve more into that world and come up with something good, I'm sure. My mind is a scary place to be and if I don't write my stories I would day dream the day away.

Another good reason to be excited is that my editor said they weren't too bad, and this puts me CLOSER to release day - YAY

May is when I should release, and that won't change unless something happens that I can't forsee, but with edits out of the way I can focus on Fondest Desire next and Spies and Lies- which I'm going to sub to them next :)

Have a great day!
PS Come to the Realms of Love chat tonight. Details are in the post from Sunday :)


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chat on Monday

The Phenomena Authors (Dawn Montgomery, Michelle Hasker and Kim Knox) plus Maura Anderson chat with you Monday March 31 at Realms of Love.

The Phenomena Authors say this about themselves:


1. Things that are out of the ordinary and excite people’s interest and curiosity
2. Things that are considered to be, truly extraordinary and marvellous

Well enough about us *grin*

oh and 3. Facts or occurrences that can be observed especially when lol funny

Join us for laughs, friendly conversation about romantic fiction reading and writing and Give-Aways of downloadable eBooks. The chat starts at 9 PM EDT / 6 PM PDT. Don't be late. Be sure to sign up and/or log in before the chat. See you at Realms of Love!


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Release! Sairah's Salvation!

Leandros: Sairah’s Salvation
by Michelle Hasker
cover art by Zuri
ISBN (13): 978-1-59596-946-0
Genre(s): Paranormal, Sci-Fi
Theme(s): Shapeshifters
Series: Leandros
Length: Novella

Sairah Mellon hungers for an all-consuming love, just like the one in her dreams. When she comes face to face with him will she believe his fantastic tale of aliens and shape shifters and agree to travel to her dream lover’s home planet to become his mate?

Cade knows Sairah is his mate, but she's been raised on Earth. He doesn't know how he'll be able to convince her she's not only an alien, but a shape shifter as well. When another creature tries to kill her, he shifts to his lion form and risks everything to save her. It lands him in a heap of trouble that only she can save him from -- if she can stop being angry at him long enough to help him.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

wacky wednesday

I got confused and posted wacky wednesday on tuesday before the interview with delicious Lucian hehehehe


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I interviewed Lucian and he liked it ;)

From the blog of Selena Illyria:

Boy was he fun! I mean the interview! If Nevada asks, I swear I only interviewed and drooled I never touched him...anywhere she'd oppose to...

Hi everyone, I’m here with Lucian Sandros, hero of A Fling in Vampiropolis. Omph, Michelle what are you doing here? Selena is on the floor looking at Michelle who is taking her seat.

“I’ll be interviewing Lucian,” Michelle says grinning. She whips out a notebook from lord only knows where and does the shooing motion to Selena.

“Don’t worry I’ll take gooood care of him, promise,” Michelle purrs.

Selena looks over at Lucian who just shrugs his shoulders. He tosses his long blond hair over his
shoulder and smiles at Michelle, who giggles.

“Ask me anything you like,” he says grinning at Michelle.

Selena shakes her head, gets up off the floor and walks over to the bar for a drink, grumbling
about how her ass hurts.

1- Who made you? How? Why? When? Did you enjoy it? >:)

Lucian: Well I was born a vampire soooo my parents made me. Uh, I’m pretty sure my mother didn’t enjoy it. I believe after she had Lida, who has a big head by the way, she told my father that if he didn’t get himself fixed, she’d do it for him manually.

*Lucian chuckles*

Michelle *chuckles*: Your mom sounds like fun.

Lucian *grinning*: She is.

2- How has becoming a vampire improved your sex life, and can I take a test drive?

Lucian *laughing*: I’ve been around long enough to learn a few things and then some. *Lucian rubs the back of his neck* I’m flattered really but you see, I don’t think Nevada would let me. I mean If I let you test it out then she might dump my ass or worse demand that I participate in a threesome with her and another man and I don’t share . . . ever. Weellll there was that one time but I was so drunk off my ass, I can’t remember the details. *chuckles*

*Michelle pouts*

3- Do you get richer blood if you bite a man/woman while they are having an orgasm? Care to experiment on me?

Lucian: Hmmmm, I never thought about it. I mean the thirst is just there occasionally rearing its ugly head now and then. I’m not sure what I get really . . . oh yeah never mind, I know exactly what I get when I bite someone. *naughty grin* Let’s just say it increases the pleasure for both parties, how’s that?

Awww, you’re sweet, really you are and I would love to, if I were single. My brother on the other hand, maybe he’ll agree to um help you in that area. He’s single. *laughs*

*Michelle quickly scribbles her cell phone number, rips off the paper and hands it to Lucian, who takes the paper with a raised eyebrow.*

Michelle: Please have him call me.

Lucian*laughs*: I will.

3- Do you enjoy being a vampire and all that it entails?

Lucian: Oh honey, I love being a vampire. What’s not to love? Excellent sight, sense of smell, like that beautiful perfume you’re wearing right now. What is that?

Michelle: Vivid *giggles*

Lucian: I love it. *smiles* Let’s not forget increased taste, some things are just more delicious. Oh and superb hearing. There are just lots of things that are better when you’re a vampire. *chuckles*

Michelle: What’s your brother’s name again?

Lucian *laughs*: Renato. R-E-N-A-T-O. *laughs again*

4- Do you change into a bat or other creature? And do you lose your clothes when you do so or can you make them disappear and reappear as you need them? In addition, what other powers do you have?

Lucian*shakes his head*: Ack, that myth, sorry to burst your bubble but no. No, I don’t change into anything. Although, I’m sure I could ask on my shifter friends that question. Would you like me to?

Michelle: Just your brother on speed dial is fine. *laughs*

Lucian: Aww, my shifter friends will be crushed.

Michelle: I guess I can interview them too.

Lucian: They’d love that, talking to a beautiful woman like you, of course they’d love it.

5- Are you single and looking?

Lucian *laugh*: Sorry, I’m not single or looking. I’ve found a woman I love and adore and wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.

Michelle: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

Lucian: No, thank you for interviewing me. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Michelle *whispers*: Not as much as I did *Wicked grin*

Be sure to catch Lucian's story - A FLING IN VAMPIROPOLIS that releases Friday from CHANGELING PRESS (Same day my story Leandros releases!) I had to plug that LOL


Wacky Wednesday

Gee, I have tons of wacky things I could share with you all, but where to start?

I've decided to share my love of Pinky and Brain LOL or is that Brain and Pinky ;)

For convenience sake, I've copied and pasted from this link:
just a few of the ones I love so much!

"Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
I think so, Brain, but where are we going to find a duck and a hose at this hour?

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Pinky?"
Uh... yeah, Brain, but where are we going to find rubber pants our size?

"Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
Wuh, I think so, Brain, but burlap chafes me so.

"Are you pondering what I'm pondering, Pinky?"
Sure, Brain, but how are we going to find chaps our size?

"Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
Uh, I think so, Brain, but we'll never get a monkey to use dental floss.

"Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
Uh, I think so Brain, but this time, you wear the tutu.

"Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
I think so, Brain, but culottes have a tendency to ride up so.

"Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
I think so, Brain, but this time *you* put the trousers on the chimp.

"Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
Well, I think so, Brain, but I can't memorize a whole opera in Yiddish.

"Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
Well, I think so, Brain, but it's a miracle that this one grew back.

I think this is my favorite:
"Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
Umm, I think so, Brain, but what if the chicken won't wear the nylons?


Tuesday Tidbit

So I got this fun thing in the mail. I always get a ton of duplicate emails because everyone loves me and no one wants to take the chance I might have missed out on the FUN email before.


This time it wasn't so annoying:
I recommend the manic mode. It's more rewarding if you are like me :) No clicking and they bubbles pop way faster >:)

and for a more personal tidbit. My son was sick all weekend, shared it with me and now for the past two nights myself and my 5 year old have been up all night coughing. I'm off to bed to take a nap, and then have a few errands to run. YAY and then grocery shopping Wooo woooo (Always fun when you are SICK)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Maniac Monday

I have to thank my son for inspiring today's Maniac post. He wanted to watch Mario, so I put on You Tube. Lo and behold they had Mario dancing to soldier boy. And he would find not only one but a zillion of them - gotta love you tube.

So I said, hey I wanna see the video. I go to You Tube and in my search I find this fun video!

They even have a version with changed lyrics sung by I don't know who to mario LOL

Wanna learn how to crank dat? Watch the instructional video!

Video from The Wire - BET

***EDIT - adding this link hehehe

I called my husband and said he needs to get this song for us ( I make him get the music cause I would um.... Prolly buy fifty million songs. He has better self restraint.) He goes. oh. that one. I said um yeah heheh. I explained that my son kept yelling at me when I tried to turn it down.

The worst part? I'm watching everyone dance to this and all I can think is, "That looks like GREAT exercise"



Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Mayhem

Thank you KIM for showing me Eddie Izzard - LOL

So far I've gotten Jam Trousers stuck in my head and now I'm laughing insanely over:

Oh and the supermarket is hysterical with the trolleys.

And here is vampires:
"Officer there's a nutter in the park." "Oh, it's a low powered vampire they're no harm this time of year."


I'll stop there, but really, you should check this guy out :)


Friday Flash - Dragon!

This is a touch over 750 words :)

The sound of a twig snapping woke her. Jill froze and tried to get her bearings. She blinked and looked around. What am I doing outside? Even as she thought the words, she remembered the butterfly and hiding from Jacob.

Until she knew what made that sound, Jill knew she needed to remain quiet and still. Finally, her eyes adjusted to the gleaming sun. From the angle and intensity of the sun, it was late afternoon. It could even be after dinner. Since she’d landed in Honolulu she’d had trouble keeping track of the time. They were almost a full day ahead of where she lived.

Jill tried not to sigh when she realized here she could be in danger and yet again her mind was off wandering on a tangent.

A snort brought her attention to a spot on the other side of the rock. With slow, careful movements, she twisted her body and felt for her camera. She grabbed onto it and wriggled until she could peek around the rock.

Whatever was on the other side made a snorting sound. Jill gasped and cringed. What if it was a wild boar? Those pigs had huge tusks and were meaner than a rattlesnake. She’d seen a Six Days and Seven Nights and Aloha Scooby Doo often enough to know it was a wild boar that chased people in both movies.

Harmless or not, she wasn’t taking a chance. Jill glanced around quickly for a weapon. Her heart thundered in her ears making it harder to hear the rustling and snorting sounds from the other side of the boulder.

Before she could find a weapon, huge wings in a rainbow of pastel colors rose over the boulder.

Oh. My. God. She hoped that hadn’t been said out loud as she readied her camera. Jill snapped off several shots, and tried to move around to see the front of this giant butterfly. It was amazing and unreal. The rumors were true.

Now that she knew the source of the noise was harmless, Jill rose and crept closer, snapping picture after picture. Thoughts of the fame the images would earn her made her careless. When she stepped on a twig and heard it snap, she froze and took pictures frantically, knowing the butterfly would look her way. Probably as it flew off.

A green head with a long snout turned her way. As the rest of the body revealed when the butterfly turned, she realized she’d made a terrible mistake. Butterflies didn’t have razor sharp teeth or huge ridges running up and down their backs. They also weren’t the size of a human, and didn’t eat small creatures.

Jill swallowed and took slow steps backward, trying not to make the creature attack. If she didn’t know better, she’d swear the green eyes looking back at her belonged to a dragon. A baby dragon? In the middle of Hawaii? In the real world? She was nuts. She’d skipped nuts and sailed over the deep end into the psychotic pit of no return.

A half chewed fish landed at her feet, and she heaved a sigh of relief. At least it wasn’t a small cat or squirrel. Did they have squirrels here? Of course not, this was tropical paradise.

Laughter poured out of her as she tripped over something and went down on her ass. She was going to die, eaten by a monster butterfly.

The creature made a sound like a growl as it moved closer. It took a minute for her laughter to calm enough that she could see it was interested in her camera. The dragon snorted, and smoke eased out of two large nostrils on its snout. Jill erupted in more laughter as she crawled backward in an awkward crabwalk.

A dragon. A living, breathing dragon. In the middle of a tiny island on an ocean. How the hell had she remained undetected for so long? The rumors of giant butterflies would be more than that if anyone else had gotten this close to it.

If she was going to die, she’d take as many pictures of the dragon as she could. If her camera survived she’d still be the most famous butterfly photographer ever. More giggles escaped, but she ignored them as she worked the camera into a frenzy.

The dragon opened its mouth, revealing large pointy teeth.

“The better to eat you with, my dear,” popped to mind. Jill knew she had lost all hope of retaining her sanity at this point, and didn’t even care.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Review! Irish Dreams

Irish Dreams received a fabulous review from Beth at ParaNormal Romance reviews.

"Steamy, Sensual Irish Sexcapade"

Irish Dreams by Michelle Hasker is an erotic thrill ride filled with intriguing characters and an excellent plot. Simply put, it's HOT and I loved every minute of it.


Tuesday Tidbit

I know that often authors will say this, but it's so true for me. I dream up my creations.

Midnight Rendezvous started with one scene. In my dream the heroine was in the alley and scared. The next minute she was plastered against the brick wall having the life kissed out of her. Aidan was born LOL.

Odd as it seems, I dreamt up The Agency with my monkey shifter. I dreamt of a scene with Jess and Chase that will appear in book three.

Morgan's Magick was born from a dream.

When I get stuck on a story I will try to dream about it in the hopes I will unblock my writer's block.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Maniac Monday

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I found this last night :)

I-rish you a very nice place to live,
I-rish God's greatest gifts he'll give.
I-rish you health, and wealth, and more--
I-rish your smilin' face were at my door!

Check out Love Romances Cafe tonight. I'll be chatting there with Aline de Chevigny tonight. We both have Irish stories. Hers is a St. Patty's tale and mine just takes place in Ireland :)

The leprechauns ran amok in my house last night. They turned our milk green and left Irish potatoes in my potato drawer. They also left Irish poems and pictures everywhere instead of the usual candy they scatter. Oh well :)

Hope you have a green beer and think of me.

Oh and lookie what I got:

Plastic on the left and glass on the right. Woo hoo can't wait to start giving some out to my loyal readers :)


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

70 Days of Sweat

I hang my head in shame.
I had three edits that I did the past week and a half, plus my volunteer work so I'm really sad to say I have only added a paragraph....

Will Sven come spank me now?


My total so far is about 3k

*hides from her CP's


Wacky Wednesday

Well what in the world can I tell you that is more wacky than this!

Giving away an iPod Touch.

Wacky I tell you!
And by linking to this page, I am now eligible to win. Really! Just by linking to this blog and sharing the love with everyone.

So go to Cooking by the seat of my Pants or go straight to the contest page to see the rules and how you can have a chance to win!

Just wacky I tell ya!

wacky wacky wacky!!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Tidbit

My first tidbit is that my book Irish Dreams released from Loose Id today ;)

My second tidbit is that I have a contest on my website until 3/24:

My third tidbit I found here:

"The presence of a wide range of over-the-counter and prescription drugs, including antibiotics and hormones, was publicized by the Associated Press this week, after years of findings by government and independent scientists."

"To properly dispose of medication, keep it in its plastic container, fill it with water and kitty litter or sand, place the cap on the bottle, put it into a zip lock plastic bag, then dispose of it in the trash. The other option for discarding medications is to take them to your local hazardous waste facility or hazardous waste clean up day location."

The key thing here, people is that bottled water is NOT safer then Tap water. Tap water is tested and must pass certain tests. Bottled water doesn't and isn't as safe. Hard to believe, I know. Also, when you buy bottles water, you really aren't supposed to reuse those bottles. After several uses chemicals will get into the water in the bottle. It's also bad for the environment. Even if you recycle, imagine how much pollution is released into our atmosphere during production of the bottles.

Just drink for thought ;)


Since someone wanted proof of my bottled water not tested statement....
"Sales of bottled water in this country have exploded in recent years, largely as a result of a public perception of purity driven by advertisements and packaging labels featuring pristine glaciers and crystal-clear mountain springs. But bottled water sold in the United States is not necessarily cleaner or safer than most tap water, according to a four-year scientific study recently made public by NRDC.

NRDC's study included testing of more than 1,000 bottles of 103 brands of bottled water. While most of the tested waters were found to be of high quality, some brands were contaminated: about one-third of the waters tested contained levels of contamination -- including synthetic organic chemicals, bacteria, and arsenic -- in at least one sample that exceeded allowable limits under either state or bottled water industry standards or guidelines.

A key NRDC finding is that bottled water regulations are inadequate to assure consumers of either purity or safety, although both the federal government and the states have bottled water safety programs. At the national level, the Food and Drug Administration is responsible for bottled water safety, but the FDA's rules completely exempt waters that are packaged and sold within the same state, which account for between 60 and 70 percent of all bottled water sold in the United States (roughly one out of five states don't regulate these waters either). The FDA also exempts carbonated water and seltzer, and fewer than half of the states require carbonated waters to meet their own bottled water standards.

Even when bottled waters are covered by the FDA's rules, they are subject to less rigorous testing and purity standards than those which apply to city tap water."

They have a chart on their page :)

Another quote from here:
Yes I know it discusses polutants in drinking water, but notice that drinking water is at least tested and then can be treated ;)
"That Brita filter in your kitchen is not likely to do the trick, either. As for bottled water, it, too, may come from a tap, rather than some remote mountain spring. And the trade group representing bottled-water sellers told The A.P. that they aren’t testing for the presence of trace drugs anyway."

One last thing LOL
""20/20" took five bottles of national brands of bottled water and a sample of tap water from a drinking fountain in the middle of New York City and sent them to microbiologist Aaron Margolin of the University of New Hampshire to test for bacteria that can make you sick, like e. coli.

"There was actually no difference between the New York City tap water and the bottled waters that we evaluated," he said."
from :

Monday, March 10, 2008

Irish Dreams - New Release!

Title: Irish Dreams
ISBN: 978-1-59632-644-6
Author: Michelle Hasker
Cover Artist: April Martinez
Price: $3.99
Genre: Fantasy Paranormal
Length: Fling

Sex therapist by day, erotic lucid dreaming slut by night, Eryn can't understand the driving need to find her dream lover. Sure the dreams are hot, and the man is even hotter, but as a modern woman, she's not supposed to allow hormones to rule her.

When a trip to Ireland brings her face to face with the man of her dreams, though, she throws caution to the wind and submits. But what happens now that it's no longer a dream?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.


Maniac Monday

Oh boy was today a doozy.

My daughter came home with two boxes of candy for us to sell to pay for her school trip. It's going to cost close to two hundred dollars, and the only fundraiser for it is this candy. And if I sell 54 candy bars I get a 27 dollar credit. Soooo Can we say Michelle is pushing candy bars on the street corner ;)

The highlight of my night was when my Brother won the booze basket at the Irish Parade in Philly. He gave me the huge bottle of Peach Schnapps because my husband went with him to pick it up. Good thing my husband did, everyone was asking my brother to give them bottles of booze. LOL AND TO top it all off!!! Mr. Michelle stopped for OJ so I am sipping fuzzy navels and trying to relax :)

Happy, happy Monday ;)


Thursday, March 06, 2008

Author Shout Out- Spaceport: Bounty - Dawn Montgomery

Spaceport: Bounty
by Dawn Montgomery
cover art by ReneƩ George

ISBN (13): 978-1-59596-936-1

Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi

Theme(s): Interracial, BBW, Men and Women in Uniform, Spaceport

Series: Spaceport

Length: Novella

Author Blurb:
No one knows better than Alexis Donovan how the universe turns around IAS patrols. You play or you're spaced. When she's given an offer she can't refuse, she has no choice but to bring in the bounty, alive. A mark's a mark, right? But what's a girl to do when the man she has to bring in is the man who haunts her sleep at night?

A courier exchange gone wrong has sent Mack Hernandez into a whirlwind of chaos. Torn from the family he tried to save and thrust into Spaceport Adana, he does what he can to survive. An incredible encounter… or two… with a bounty hunter has him walking a fine line between life and death. What starts out as a struggle for freedom between the two sends them careening headfirst into a cover-up big enough to blow the Haze patrol sector apart.

When the heat turns on and the adrenaline rides high, can they keep their hearts strong and steady?


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sweat with Sven

I am at 2000 words and I wish I was at 5000 words. Hopefully I can pick up my momentum, but my son has decided that since his sisters are in school during the day, I have to spend the day playing with him. He even threw a temper tantrum when I made my lasangas today. Yes, I had to make two because I love reheated lasagna LOL


Wacky Wednesday

One of my fellow Loose Id Authors, Barbara Karmazin, showed me this:

How Stonehenge might have been built

It's fascinating. And just think, it might have been made by many less people than originally thought :)

Hope you have a great hump day.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tort and Retort - Maura Anderson

Tort & Retort

Author: Maura Anderson
Artist: Jinger Heaston

ISBN: 978-1-60168-087-7
Genre: Erotic romance
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Publication Date: 02/15/2008

Author Blurb:
Ambitious and driven patent law attorney, Gayle Osborne, has a secret. Her power suits and take-no-prisoners attitude hide a passionate nature whose only outlet is reading and reviewing erotic romance. If anyone finds out that she is “Miss Retort,” the snarky and opinionated blogger from the Hits & Misses review blog, she’ll lose everything—her reputation, her clients, her job and, worst of all, her gorgeous mentor and boss, Tyler Monroe.

Another great read by Maura! Even though this is a Plain Brown Wrapper, it's the longest of them I've read, and that is not a bad thing. This kept my interest the entire time. I love the interactions between Tyler and Gayle. Tyler is so YUMMY! The love scenes are well done, and the story moves along without any lags.

Tort and Retort is a fun, entertaining read that I recommend whether you're a fan of Maura's or not.


Tuesday Tidbit

I'm going to use today to share two new reviews with you!

Steph B from The Romance Studio gave Agency: No Monkey's Business and Agency: Serpent's Kiss both 4.5 Hearts. Here are snippets of her review:

No Monkey's Business:
This story is cute and funny as well as hot and sexy. I enjoyed the lively, outrageous character of Jessica.....I'm looking forward to the next installment!
Serpent's Kiss:
Serpent's Kiss is the second book in this delightfully sensual
undercover agent series.
I love the zaniness of having an undercover shape shifter become a
huge anaconda snake.
I can't wait to see what happens in the next installment of this


Maniac Monday

I'm late posting because I spent yesterday goofing off on the Changeling Press yahoo group.

My Sven count for yesterday was 836. Not bad since I had to play outside with the boy and then spent 2 hours at the girls scout meeting. They made first aid kits. Um two of my kids want to quit girl scouts. I'm torn. I think they could really benefit from it, but how can I put that before dance or softball? Exercise is good too!

AND the maniac part of the day was that I had bent over to pick up something and stood up to smack my head on the bottom of the freezer door. Apparently my 3 year old is tall enough to reach it and WING it open and well, when you bend over in the kitchen how many of us look up before we stand back up. I was joking that he tried to make himself motherless because it hurt that bad. In fact I started to cry then he started to cry and asked for an ice pack for his boo boo.

and so of course I keep bumping the top of my head. Who knew a pillow could hurt so much LOL


Sunday, March 02, 2008

e-book week at Aspen Mountain Press

Book Week Begins Today

March 2nd through March 8th has been designated E-Book week and at Aspen
Mountain Press we are celebrating e-Books with a 20% discount on any order.
Just enter coupon code EB2594-8 when you get ready to check out and the
coupon discount will be immediately applied.

This is a terrific time to introduce your friends to the world of e-Books
and their benefits.

Just a few of the perks to reading e-Books include:

1)the reduction of paper waste filling our dumping sites;
2)reduced cost in transportation and pollution associated with shipping
paper books;
3)e-Books take up space on a computer or reading device and not your home;
4)e-Books can be purchased any time day or night and are downloadable
5)e-Books can be the length the story demands so authors aren't filling a
story with padding to make the tale fit a specific length;
6)and e-Books aren't limited in their subject matter and aren't censored
allowing adults to read what they want.

Adventure, Mystery, Passion

Sweat with Sven

For March first I didn't reach my 1k goal, but I did write about 800 words AND edited a short story :)