Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Flash

So I've decided to do a serial. And when I'm done I'll post it on my website as a free read. Hope you all enjoy my holiday story.

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*unedited and copyright Michelle Hasker

Grace sighed as she watched Jeremy’s perfect body. He could still make her heart beat faster with one glance, and the way he moved as he decorated the tree sent a rush of moisture to her core. If they were alone she'd ravish him here and now. But they weren't alone.

Jeremy's best friend, and inseperable mate Jacob was over to help them set up the Christmas tree. Even though she’d been married to Jeremy for two years, this was their first holiday in a house. Sharing a cramped two bedroom apartment with Jacob for two long years had been both heaven and hell. She lusted after both men something fierce, but only Jeremy held her heart. She cared for Jacob, but not like she loved Jeremy. Not with that all consuming desire that made her do stupid things. Like allow him to invite Jacob over.

It was wrong to lust after Jacob. Grace knew that. She wasn’t stupid. She even had morals, and they were what kept her from acting on her desires. Those long nights when Jeremy had worked late at the office, or the two week business trips he went on twice a year had left her home alone with Jacob too often.

As foolish as it seemed now, Grace had thought moving into the house and away from Jacob would curb her cravings, but they didn’t. The two weeks Jacob spent here when Jeremy had been out of town last month had been filled with tension of the sexual kind. At least on her part. The week from hell had ended when she’d snapped at Jacob and kicked him out of the house.

Now Jeremy was back, and so was Jacob.

“Lord, help me.”

“Did you say something, darling?” Jeremy turned toward her. Jacob did the same, sending nervous jitters up her spine. It was like they were extensions of the same body. Jacob knew Jeremy even better than she did. It wasn't that she was jealous. The men were so damn inseparable. Except at night when she and Jeremy retired to bed.

She’d looked forward to her first Christmas in the house alone with Jeremy. Instead Jacob was here. How much longer could she keep her desire for Jacob hidden? She really didn’t want Jacob to go, she wanted him to stay. Stay for the night in her bed. With Jeremy or without him, either way. This had to stop.



Anonymous said...

Ooooooh. Verra nice. Lovely tension. Tell me this is going to get HOT really really soon. *huge grin*

Michelle Hasker said...

but of course

Celia Kyle said...

No! It doesn't have to stop! It needs to boil over into a hot threesome with manlovin'. Okay, I can give some leeway on the manlovin', but threesome action better be happening...

Michelle Hasker said...

It might Celia


you might get your wish