Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mountain Rendezvous

Mountain Rendezvous will release August 21st from Loose Id.
I don't have an approved blurb or excerpt yet. We're in final edits on the story.

Mountain Rendezvous is the second in a series I have at Loose Id.
In book one, Midnight Rendezvous, Caitlyn discovers a family she didn't know she had, and learns that a powerful killer is after her. Learning you are the reason so many other women have died - all because they looked similar to you - is devastating. Even more so when you don't know who the killer is, and he could be the very man you are married to.
In Midnight we met Meredith and her husband Jake. In Book Two, we will see the rest of Meredith's story. Trying to keep your family safe and make sure no one learns your secrets is hard. Even harder when the FBI comes knocking on your door asking questions they won't like the answers to.

Here is an unedited excerpt:

“Hello, beautiful.”

A shiver raced up Meredith’s spine as someone breathed the soft words in her ear. She fought the uneasy feeling that crept into the pit of her belly and hovered there. The scent of aroused male tickled her nose, and she sniffed the air trying to figure out who stood behind her.

Spice and pine hit her first, then the more earthy scent of male. It intrigued her despite her unwillingness to feel anything again. Even without seeing him, desire flared in her belly. The emotion was not only unwanted, but a shock . She hadn’t felt this way since before she’d married Jake.

As she struggled to tamp down the unwanted sensation, Meredith plastered a neutral smile on her face. No matter how her body reacted, she couldn’t allow those emotions and feelings to rule her. It’d been a long, hard road, but traveling down it had taught her she wasn’t a good judge of men. The reminder quenched the silly girlish fluttering in her stomach.

She turned around and met a broad chest covered in black cotton. Then she looked up. Up. Up. Her admirer stood at least six and a half feet tall, if not more. Thick black waves of hair brushed against broad shoulders. Shoulders that looked as if they could carry the weight of the world on them. She needed someone to do that for her.

Meredith lowered her gaze, trying to ignore the way his black T-shirt clung to his hard abs and the way his tight jeans revealed his predicament. Holy Monkey. He was huge and she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sight. Her knees grew weak until she finally tore her gaze away.

Who was this gorgeous male and why was he whispering in her ear? Meredith shifted her gaze to his face. Bright blue eyes darkened as they raked over her body.
Oh, man. She hadn’t dared examine him that thoroughly. Okay, maybe she had, but who was he and why did he make her feel this way? Dear God, she wanted to bite him. Her body hummed as she licked suddenly dry lips.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007


My writing has been nonexistant. The funeral was very beautiful and I got to see many family members I hadn't seen in a long time. And some of the kids were married and out of school and I remember when they were little *sighs

I feel so old. LOL

Tomorrow I have more family to visit, and today was spent with out of town family.
My oldest turns 11 tomorrow, although here it is already tomorrow. *sighs

olllllllllllllddddddddddd lol

I hope to get edits done so I can get back into the swing of Sven.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Been really busy

We went out of town Saturday to visit family, and then Sunday was my day to relax and recuperate - translation had a migraine sunday. Today I spent mostly on phone and doing edits for Mountain Rendezvous which releases in August, and I have a funeral to go to tomorrow and then more family to see out of town on Wednesday. Been a lot busier than I thought I'd be this summer. Where did my nice relaxing summer go? And now school will start and with it, scouts and dance and sports. *sighs*


Saturday, July 21, 2007

SWEAT Day 13

Well my Witch book is half done. Today's total word count for that story and another was 2,853 bringing my total words written during sweat to 22,419.
I think I can I think I can I think I can


Friday, July 20, 2007


I just have to say I have the bestest friends in the world.

I hit a few set backs, and have such a hard time this summer with the kids and working - and still unpacking- the new house, plus trying to meet my writing commitments...I even stopped promo-ing BAD ME

I have friends who keep at me, and push me and cheer me up and well...CARE.

So thank you. All of you, for each way you contribute to my mental health stability.

I wish I was a better friend to you gals.



SWEAT Day 12

my word count for day was 1,739
but that is better than the zero for yesterday.

My total words written so far are 19,556


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bet Me - Lucynda Storey

Bet Me

Author: Lucynda Storey
Artist: Jinger Heaston

ISBN: 978-1-60168-019-8
Genre: Erotic
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Publication Date: December 2006
Sexual Content: Erotic

When Sylvia is dared, she can't help but utter the words, "Bet me." But just what has she gotten herself and her friend Lea into when the bet includes sexy hunks, Travis and Brad?

Bet Me is a cute fun story that was a refreshing change from many others I've read lately. I liked all four of the characters, but was rooting for Sylvia, especially, to win the bet. This is one of those stories that I'll go back and reread when I need an entertaining but quick read.


Sweat Day 10 - yesterday

tired soooo tired....
I wrote 933 words yesterday and have a total of 17,827


Monday, July 16, 2007

Kate's Muse sold to AMP

I sold Kate's Muse to Aspen Mountain Press. It's the story about what happens to a writer when her much abused muse comes to life. Revenge can be sweet. Hehehe.

And not only was it so much fun to write, but I wrote it for a friend of mine...who never did say if she liked it or not. LOL

Stay tuned for more news.



Well, I finally got into my groove. I'm having so much fun with this story right now that I don't even want to go to sleep. But I need to, my eyes are blurring.

4,527 words total and 16,894 total word count.


Sunday, July 15, 2007


Nada, Zip, Zilch.

But then today/Friday was by husband's birthday, so that means I don't play on the computer ;)

I'll catch up, or die trying LOL


Saturday, July 14, 2007


I think I lost count in there somewhere, but today is Day 6 for me.

I wrote 1031 on my shapeshifter. I'm finding it increasingly harder and harder to write. I want to write. I sit down to write and then I get bored. Tv is boring me. Reading is boring me. I am bored........

Total word count for the 70 days of SWEAT is : 12,367


Friday, July 13, 2007


I wrote today but right now I want nothing more than find a quiet place to hide. My kids were beyond terrible and I'm so sick of never getting any time away from them. Imagine spending 24-7 with 4 kids. Sure he has to work, but he gets to go out. To the watch softball. I have gone out once this year without my kids. (not counting maybe three times I was lucky enough not to have a kid with at the grocery store) Mommy is about to have a nervous breakdown.

1974 for the day and 11,336 total.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

SWEAT Day Three

my new word count is 1232, making my total word count 9362.


I love bunnies. Yeah, I know, I wrote a story with a baby bunny in it.
Based on a true story. Once we found a baby died :(
So my husband got me a bunny. He resides in our backyard. Twix. Yes like the candy bar. He is a caramel color and a chocolate color and has black on him. Now I'm hungry.

So we moved to the new house in October, and ALL winter we were excited to see baby bunny tracks. Then this spring I finally saw him. He's a light brown with a huge white fluffy tail. If we could catch him I'd keep him. It's hard to keep the kids from feeding him...he is wild an all.

My neighbor has a garden with a wire fence and one of those small flowerbed white picket fence things. I was on the phone with my grandmother (who I've not heard from in years) and I saw the bunny hop from my yard over her drive way and go into her garden. Soooo I am now thinking I should leave some carrots for "Peter" under my porch before something happens to him.



Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sweat Day Three

Sven must have fallen asleep on me today. I didn't get more than a few hundred words written. I'm just going to add them to my word count for tomorrow. So that puts me at 0 for today and 8, whater total LOL


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Great Review for The Bodyguard

Tara Renee from Two Lips Reviews reviewed The Bodyguard.

One of the reasons I'm so excited about this review is because I had a touchy subject in my book. Rape. Now myself, I personally won't read a book with rape in it. So when I was writing The Bodyguard and I discovered Elena was a victim of rape, I was very nervous about how well it would go over with readers. There is NO rape in the story, but there are references, and I was afraid many readers would turn away from the book afraid of those references. After reading this review, I am glad to see what I intended to convey came through loud and clear.

Tara Renee said:
A year ago vampire Elena was taken by Lucian and tortured and raped repeatedly. Since then she has been protected day and night from the evil vampire. During the day she is protected by Nicolas, a man who she thinks is human and therefore safe, but who has secrets of his own. Nicolas has fought his attraction for Elena but when she dresses up to leave the house and go hunting he cannot hold back anymore. He knows Elena thinks he is unaware she is a vampire but he has always known and if she is going to feed, it will be from him. When Lucian breaks the outer defenses guarding Elena, Nicolas takes her to a safe house where he and his twin brother will work hard to replace her bad memories with pleasure.

You are going to need to change your panties after reading The Bodyguard by Michelle Hasker. This is a sensual tale filled with tenderness and passion. I enjoyed every second of reading The Bodyguard. Nicolas treats Elena with such compassion and he desires her so much, it is a joy to read. Elena is battling her memories of the brutality she suffered and Michelle Hasker handles the subject of her rapes with sensitivity and a refreshing frankness. I felt that Elena is a strong woman who just needs time to get past the rapes and Nicolas is the perfect man to help. There is an incredibly hot menage scene that just floored me. The Bodyguard is a story not to be missed.

She also gave the book 5 Lips :)

Thanks Tara and Two Lips Reviews!


Reader Review - Celtic Love Knots Volume One

There is a wonderful review of Celtic Love Knots Volume on at this blog.

Thanks Gin for your kind words!! Now we need to get you Celtic Love Knots Two to read. You get to peek at how the characters from book one are doing :)

We really LOVE writing Celtic Love Knots. And even more than that we love feedback.


Sweat Day Two

I missed posting this before midnight, but I wrote 2,560 today on a story.
That brings my total to: 8,130.

I'm happy I could do this two days in a row :)


Monday, July 09, 2007

Bunny Love is in the Spotlight

Bunny Love is in the Spotlight at Aspen Mountain Press.

I'm really excited. This is my first story with them. It's about two wiccans on a retreat who meet because of a baby bunny.

You can go here to see my book!


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sweat Day One

Well I kind of cheated. I wrote on one of my witch series and another story that is practically writing itself. While I love when that happens, it becomes a pain when you are under a deadline.

Since it is late, and I'm tired, I'm just going to post my totals.
I wrote 5570 today. 4003 on one story and 1567 on Allison for my witch series.


Seventy Days of Sweat

I am participating in the Seventy Days of Sweat

Writing 60-100k in 70 days.

Am I trying to kill myself?

Click the link for more details and check back as I post my progress. I'm setting up a little sidebar thingy for myself.