Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Release - A Cruise to Remember

Author: Michelle Hasker
Artist: Jinger Heaston
ISBN: 978-1-60168-106-5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Publication Date: 05/23/2008
Sexual Content: Erotic
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Irene's last boyfriend broke up with her after she'd invested a lot of money into a vacation cruise. Now she's determined to convince her gay roommate, Gabe, that he should go on the trip so her money isn't wasted. What starts out as harmless teasing changes into something she doesn't expect.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Review for Witchy Woes: Candace!

To read the entire review, click here.

I recall with great enjoyment several memorable and hysterical situations where a number of secondary characters aid in advancing the plot, adding a little balance and levity to the story. Above all else, this is an erotic romance, and Brody is an expert chocolateur when it comes to using his desserts to exploit Candace's sweet tooth. The scenes between the two are beyond decadent in some instances. I definitely recommend Witchy Woes: Candace to everyone who read the first installment and certainly to anyone just interested in a great book.


Maniac Monday

And here it is!
The changeling coupon code - teehee

Hi everyone! This week's Changeling Press discount coupon code is now active! It's 08MAY25 -- just use it when you check out at Changeling Press for 5% off your entire order!!!

Each coupon is good once only, and expires at midnight on Sunday.
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Reviews - Witchy Woes

I had two great emails this week!
Reviews for Witchy Woes: Tamara and Witchy Woes: Candace.

Steph B at The Romance Studio reviewed both books. It's always nice to hear reviews from someone who's read the other books in a series and can tell you if you're slacking off or lost your formula ;)

5 hearts for each book!

Witchy Woes: Tamara is the first book of this cute, entertaining new series about a coven with serious magical problems.
Tamara tries so hard to fight destiny but Dante isn�t giving her any room to run and their falling into bed is inevitable. This is not a one night stand type of loving either. Dante is staking his claim and putting himself firmly into Tamara�s life. A determined man makes for a marvelously sensual romance that will heat up your night! If you want incredible romance, funny dialog, humorous circumstances and lots of magic, this is a series for you.

To see the entire review you can click here.

Witchy Woes: Candace:

This series is delightful. The stories are charming, witty, sensual, and make you feel good when you finish....I am thrilled with this series and can�t wait to read the third title! If you want to be utterly enchanted, charmed, and titillated, read this marvelous series.

To read the entire review please click here.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend too :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Some Gave All

Author: Jefferson Dane, Aline de Chevigny, Wayne Greenough, J.M. Snyder
Artist: Celia Kyle
ISBN: 978-1-60168-104-1
Genre: Historical
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Publication Date: May 2008
Sexual Content:

Price: $4.99
Product Code: 978-1-60168-104-1


Four stories in honor of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

When Genie's grandfather garners her promise to deliver a letter addressed to his lost love Eugenie, she agrees and makes her way to the veterans' reunion. Eugenie though, has passed away, and has sent her grandson to deliver a last letter to her Wiliam. Two strangers meet in Las Vegas to learn the truth about their grandparents and discover what it means to fall in love at first sight in Memorial Meeting by Aline de Chevigny.

In Flyover by Jefferson Dane, Sgt. Kyle Kleinmann hospitalized from his wounds in the Afghanistan mountains tells a story of the eerie events surrounding his mission on the front. Insurgents, strange lights in the sky and supernatural beings weave in and out of his frightening tale like nightmarish cobwebs. Nothing is quite what it seems.

Wayne Greenough's Thanet Blake's Memorial Day has Thanet reminiscing about those who've served in several conflicts and gone on. At one of the cemetaries he visits Thanet is hired by a ghost to prevent another war tragedy.

For the Boys by J.M. Snyder takes us to the Korean Conflict. Falling in love was the last thing Army pilot Carl Prosser expected to do while stationed in Korea. But he meets Tommy who's touring with the USO and does just that. An exchange of letters and a crushed hope of a return visit by the USO troupe motivates Prosser to devise an elaborate plan to see his lover one last time before the war separates them permanently.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Interviewed: Aline de Chevigny

Memorial Meeting by Aline de Chevigny is in the Some Gave All antho from Aspen Mountain press.

When her grandfather garners her promise to deliver a letter addressed to his lost love, Genie readily agrees. Upon his death, she makes her way to Las Vegas and the veterans reunion to finally meet her namesake...her very own superhero.

Sadness fills her upon learning that Eugenie Shirley Devereaux also passed away mere weeks before the reunion and has sent her grandson to deliver a letter to her Wiliam. Sparks fly and emotions get heated when these two souls meet.

Is their meeting fated as her Grandfather promised would one day happen, or is their meeting an elaborate matchmaking plan conceived by two old lovers wishing the best for their most precious loved ones?

I asked Aline a few questions about writing this story.

Michelle: Where did the inspiration for this story come from?
Aline: I was thinking about how cool it would be if a nurse and a soldier fell in love. Then I spiced it up by making the nurse Canadian and the soldier American to add conflict.

Michelle: What kept you motivated to finish the story?
Aline: I did a lot of research which helped. Looming deadlines and boredom/exhaustion kept me motivated.

Michelle: What is your favorite scene in this story?
Aline: The end.
Michelle: LOL. Care to elaborate without giving away too much?
Aline: There's a surprise ending.

Michelle: Care to share an excerpt with us then?
Aline: Chapter 1
“My Dearest Wiliam,
I hope this note finds you whole and hearty. I wish I had more time to write, but they have us moving out in less than an hour. My tour is finally over and I leave for home at the end of the week, therefore I must leave the hospital tonight.
They say the war is nearly over, and I pray what they say is the truth for that will mean you’ll be safe and able to return home to your family. Meeting you has been an experience I will never forget and cherish for the rest of my life.
Take care dearest Wiliam, return home safe.
All my love and deepest affection, Eugenie
November 2nd, 1918”
Genie re-read the faded page for the hundredth time. The letters were always the same, full of warmth, worry and concern but never graphic. You could tell the writer cared deeply for the recipient and yet this last one was the first time she’d signed the letter ‘All my Love’ and that caught Genie’s attention like nothing else.
Ever since she was a child she’d been curious about the woman she’d been named after and her grandfather willingly regaled her with tale after tale of the brave Canadian army nurse who saved his life. Eugenie Shirley wasn’t a mere woman in Genie’s eyes, she was a superhero. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and stop bullets with a single glance. And now finally, within hours she would get to meet this incredible woman who made it possible for her to be here today.

Michelle: Oooo. Nice tease. I can't wait to read this anthology. Thanks for sharing with me!
Aline: Thanks, and you don't have to wait long as it comes out tommorrow.

Michelle: Whoot!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Like free books?

Check out this thread for a chance to win the first 5 Vampire Oracle stories:


Flyover - Some Gave All


By Jefferson Dane

Sgt. Kyle Kleinmann hospitalized from his wounds in the Afghanistan mountains tells a story of the eerie events surrounding his mission on the front. Frightening memories of insurgents, strange lights in the sky and supernatural beings weave in and out of his nightmarish tale like maniacal cobwebs.

Nothing is quite as it seems.

Info on the authors:
Jefferson Dane is a father and son collaboration writing team living in Ann Arbor MI.
(How cool is that?)

Quote from one co-author:
"Flyover" was one of the most difficult stories I've ever written. Suggested to me by a friend as a one trick pony punchline, it took three different revampings and the extra stimulus of fitting it into a Memorial Day Anthology to finally make this plot work.

Review Quote:
"I liked your story, a lot. I think you do the whole horror/science fiction thing really well. Just the right amount of creep."
Sandra Hicks, Publisher of Aspen Mountain Press

Boy, I can't wait to read this story!


Interview with Thanet and Rumpott

I had the opportunity to interview the fun and mysterious detectives from Wayne Greenough's creative imagination.

Blurb: Wayne Greenough's Thanet Blake's Memorial Day has Thanet reminiscing about those who've served in several conflicts and gone on. At one of the cemetaries he visits Thanet is hired by a ghost to prevent another war tragedy.

As I prepare for Thanet and Rumpott to arrive, I glance around my den. Since their last visit I'd acquired a larger house. One more suited for my needs. Tonight I'd be interviewing my friends in front of a working fireplace -if I could get the fire started.

Tina enters with the Rye and Rum I am sure my guests will ask for, and makes a tsking sound. "I know you can make a fire Miss Michelle the former Girl Scout."

I turn and growl. Some days things didn't go my way. Usually she could get a giggle out of me, but it didn't work this time.

"You need a drink, Michelle."

I turn and smile as I see Thanet and Rumpott enter. "Hi gentlemen! Thank you for joining me here today. I hope you don't mind the smoke. It took me a while to get the stupid firestarter to light." Ignoring their patronizing smiles, I gesture to the drinks. "Please help yourselves. When you're ready we'll get started."

"By the white hot fires of Mongo, Thanet, what are we doing in this humble abode?"

"We're being interviewed again, Rumpott. Have a seat and look at that table to your left."

"Thanet, do my eyes deceive me or do I actually see rum and rye whiskey?"

"You see them."

By Tao, I do. I also see the same two lovelies we talked to before."

"You see them, too."

"Welcome. I'm so glad you guys made it. I'm dying to hear about your newest case. I know you can't give me too many details, but you can give me a little tease I bet. I hope?"

"You're right, the details will have to wait until my case is published. Aspen Mountain Press plans to release it in an anthology on May 16. It concerns what happened to me during my Memorial Day visit to three graveyards."

"What makes this case different from the others you've had in the past?"

"In this case I have an opportunity to help a military man. I'm to prevent his wife from doing something terrible."

"All of Thanet's cases are different in that he is what I would term as being an individual who sees the world as being tilted, so therefore he attracts tilted people who need his assistance."

"I'm tilted because I have alcohol in my veins."

I giggle and decide to move on. "Is there any case that has gone unsolved? And if so, was it by choice or because you ran out of clues?"

"Not yet. But it could certainly happen. By choice? Well now, that's something to think about. H-m-m-."

"What's your favorite thing about this case?"

"As I mentioned before, the opportunity to help the military."

"That is certainly noble. Do you have any advice for aspiring detectives?"

"Don't expect to become wealthy. Be honest in what you do. Be helpful to those who need you."

"Are you ever going to expand and hire assistants?"

"I doubt it. Half of my clients can't pay me. I still help them."

"By Tao. I've just done the impossible. I spilled my drink. When I can't eyeball the lovelies and drink at the same time without slopping ambrosia all over a rug it is time to end this interview and head for my favorite watering hole."

"Thanks so much for joining us here. I believe you two still owe me a night out on the town." I wink at them and smile.

"You two are welcome to join my harem whenever you desire to do so."

"Rumpott means it. He has the costumes waiting for you."

"That is so tempting. Perhaps after we conduct our next interview we can meet up with you gentlemen again. We're expecting the next two guests in half an hour. Thank you for letting me interview you both again. I had as much fun as the last time. Maybe even a little more. You'll have to come over for a barbeque next week."

"A Barbeque! I shall bring a whole steer to be roasted over an open fire, plus five gallons of rum."

"I'll bring a gallon of rye."

As I watch them leave, Tina shakes her head with a smile. "At least it will be fun!"


Playing catch up!

Dance recital went great! My kids danced so purty. Like the angels they aren't LOL.

Softball is in full swing and so we've got no less than 5 games per week, sometimes more.

Scouting is winding down for the year thankfully.

All these activities are crimping my writing time! LOL My editors are gonna hate me.

I'm gonna highlight the Some Gave All antho at Aspen this week. No I didn't contribute to it, but the authors that have are all fab and I love this whole concept.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

just helping to spread the word:

Copied from Original email.

Hi all - sorry if you see this more than once…trying to hit as many
people as I can…

I’ve got an auction up on ebay to help raise money for the cyclone
victims and I’m trying to get the word out.

Right now, it involves a couple of ARCs, several books, but more have
added, and a GC to Barnes and Noble.

It’s up on ebay thru missionfish-the charity I chose was SAVE THE
CHILDREN since they already have people in the country and have had some
success getting much needed supplies. And they have an excellent rep
for putting their money where their mouth is- 90% of all monies received
go to their programs, which is beyond excellent for a charity.

I know some people feel not doing anything might be best considering the
actions of the junta and hold off waiting until that situation changes,
but I don’t think letting people suffer is a viable option either if
there are ways of getting help in.

From Save the Children’s 5/9 update-

Westport, Conn. (May 9, 2008) — The death toll in Myanmar continues
to rise as a result of Cyclone Nargis and hardships for hundreds of
thousands of survivors left in its wake are increasing. With 500 staff
on the ground, Save the Children has reached 72,000 people, 24,000 of
whom are estimated to be children, through the distribution of food,
water purification tablets, plastic sheeting for shelter and other
needed supplies

And this is part of the reason why I chose them-they already have people
inside the country and they seem to be a trusted by those within the
country, making it easier to get help in.

So far, the auction includes signed books donated by several authors, as
well as a gift card to Barnes and Noble donated by the Brown Literary
Agency-(new items haven’t been added to the auction description yet, but
I’ll have them posted soon)

Anybody interested in bidding on the auction, it can be found here

Authors interested in donating can contact me shilohwalker at

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New Release - BBW!: Suffering Sassafras

Big, Blooming & Wild!: Suffering Sassafras
by Michelle Hasker
cover art by Bryan Keller
ISBN (13): 978-1-59596-972-9
Genre(s): Paranormal, Sci-Fi, BDSM
Theme(s): Interracial, Ménage, Bisexual and More, Shapeshifters, BBW
Series: Big, Blooming & Wild! Multi-Author
Length: Novella

Gayle gave up looking for love when she left the big city for the mountains in North Pennsylvania. She finds it ironic that once she settles into her new home she meets two of the sexiest men she’s ever seen. Men she could love. She'd been with more handsome men when she'd been a plus-sized model, but these two have a sex appeal she can’t resist -- until she stumbles upon them making love in their backyard. Deciding the only way to get over them is to hide from them, she does just that. She gets away with it too, until the men decide enough is enough and they come to visit.
Buy Link

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Release - The Bodyguard: Sorin

ISBN: 978-1-59632-692-7
Series: The Bodyguard; Previous Book: The Bodyguard: Nash
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Length: Novella

With not just her job on the line, but the love of her life, this will be Kayla's hardest mission yet. Unfortunately it's not her last mission. Once she's captured or killed Sorin's enemy she'll have to go on to another assignment, so why not have as much fun as she can? But when evil strikes, Kayla realizes there's more at stake than completing her mission. Without Sorin, she'll have nothing. Now she knows leaving Sorin will be the hardest thing she'll ever have to do.
Buy Link

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Maniac Monday

We were walking to the local playground. My son had on a red baseball cap. We ran into a friend who said, "Awww, T's so cute." He said "ME MARIO" and ran off. LOL

Too much Princess Peach? Maybe :)

So the kids are readdicted to Animal Crossing. I'm trying real hard to ignore it.

What are kids reading these days? Here's a look at my daughters latest mandatory reading: The Misfits

From Publishers Weekly
What do a 12-year-old student who moonlights as a tie salesman, a tall, outspoken girl, a gay middle schooler and a kid branded as a hooligan have in common? Best friends for years, they've all been the target of cruel name-calling and now that they're in seventh grade, they're not about to take it any more. In this hilarious and poignant novel, Howe (Bunnicula; The Watcher) focuses on the quietest of the bunch, overweight Bobby Goodspeed (the tie salesman), showing how he evolves from nerd to hero when he starts speaking his mind. Addie (the outspoken girl) decides that the four of them should run against more popular peers in the upcoming student council election. But her lofty ideals and rabble-rousing speeches make the wrong kind of waves, offending fellow classmates, teachers and the principal. It is not until softer-spoken Bobby says what's in his heart about nicknames and taunts that people begin to listen and take notice, granting their respect for the boy they used to call "Lardo" and "Fluff." The four "misfits" are slightly larger than life wiser than their years, worldlier than the smalltown setting would suggest, and remarkably well-adjusted but there remains much authenticity in the story's message about preadolescent stereotyping and the devastating effects of degrading labels. An upbeat, reassuring novel that encourages preteens and teens to celebrate their individuality. Ages 10-14.

This is a lot different from what I remember reading in her grade. Okay, maybe Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie aren't her style. *snickers*


Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday Flash

“Come here often?”

Rayna snorted and choked as her drink went down the wrong way.

“Was it something I said?”

Rayna turned, red-faced, to the moron on the barstool next to her. As she continued to choke, she wondered if she’d die a victim of an overused line.

When she could finally breathe again, Rayna turned to her unwanted companion and glanced up and down his body. From his greasy balding head to the old penny loafers on his feet, his appearance screamed used car salesman, and judging by the gaudy rings on his fingers and chains around his neck, he was a throw back to an era she’d just missed and didn’t want to experience.

A quick glance around showed an almost empty room. There were several tables with groups of men and women, but nothing that looked more promising. At least not until her eyes landed on the most delicious man she’d ever seen. And he was sitting at a nearby table. He grinned at her when he saw he had her attention. When she smiled back, he looked at the moron next to her and rolled his eyes. With a barely noticeable movement, he gestured to the seat next to him. Rayna sighed in relief and grabbed her drink and purse.

“Looks like my friend has arrived. Catch ya later.”

Before she could walk away, the moron grabbed her arm and said, “That guy’s been sitting there since I came in.”

“Oh really?” Rayna forced a smile. “But I hadn’t seen him until now. Sorry, but I can’t keep him waiting any longer.”

“Why didn’t he just come up to you and tell you he was here?”

“Maybe he didn’t see me. Goodbye.”

Rayna walked away from him as fast as she could in the short skirt and high heels, and gratefully sat down at the table. Her savior had thick black hair cut in a messy style. A lose strand fell down in front of his right eye. Her palm itched to touch it, to see if his hair felt as soft and silky as it looked.

“Come here often?” he asked with a quirk of his eyebrows.

Rayna felt the weight on her chest loosen as she gave into to the sensation of genuine laughter at his overused pick up line.

“You look surprised. Why is that?” He leaned close.

Rayna drew in a deep breath, inhaling the delicious scent of male and spice. Damn, he was heady. She considered what to say. He looked like an intelligent man, so there was no sense playing any games. “I haven’t had a laugh that good in a long time.”

“Your life has been filled with sadness?” As he talked he slid one hand across the table and took her hand in his. His thumb brushed back and forth over her knuckles as he nodded toward the bar. “A little show for your ardent admirer.”

“Oh, ok.” She smiled and tried not to let him see how the small touch affected her. He was a total stranger, yet his touch, his smile, and his scent – what was it?

Sandalwood? –made her feel things she’d thought were long buried.

He shifted in his seat and leaned forward. “We could take our drinks outside and give him the slip. What do you say?”

Rayna studied him. She couldn’t have asked for a more handsome man to hook up with this weekend. When her friends had suggested this get away, she’d jumped at the opportunity. She’d hoped to break free of her repressive nature, and where better than on a tropical island sex resort.

If this gorgeous specimen was a hint of things to come, she could finally get some relief for all the pent up desires she’d kept hidden. If her friends knew of her secret yearnings they’d think she was sick and twisted, something she often joked about with them. In reality she wanted a man willing to experiment and try new things. Every time she’d tried to broach the subject of bondage or pain play all of her men had run screaming, forcing her to keep her fantasies hidden. Now that she’d become successful and secured her position in the company, it was time to think about settling down. Before she did that, Rayna wanted some fun. This weekend was going to be more than relaxing. She was an adult. This was a sex resort. People came here for one reason, and one reason only. But it didn’t mean he was into the kinkier things that she wanted to try.

“I’d love to. Do you have anywhere special in mind?”


Thursday, May 01, 2008

I've been tagged!

*glares at Selena (LOL)

The rules:

Tell seven random and/or interesting things about myself. Get five blog buddies to play, too and link to their blogs. Don’t forget to post the rules!

1-I now have red hair with highlights. (My hairdresser went wild. Grandmom says I look like a hussy - hey that is better than a slut :)

2-I drink decaf tea. I can drink store brand or name brand tea from teabags, except for Lipton. For some reason I hate the way their decaf tastes.

3-my son and youngest daughter prefer my tea over hubby's caffeinated tea and I complain because I keep running out of tea LOL

4-I ran into a man shorter than me at the post office yesterday. He said to me, "You're pretty tall." I tried not to offend him, after all, that was flattering.

5-I like to read m/m stories along with m/f

6-I hate historicals.

7-I don't read f/f. I've tried, I don't like it. I need a real penis in the story.

People I'm tagging?

1- Tina Bendoni
I am a new erotic romance author getting her feet wet in the world of Ebooks and writing in general.

2- Jennie Andrus
Consisting of babble on various topics like writing, photography, genealogy.....whatever strikes my fancy.

3- Aline de Chevigny
Welcome to the home of Multi-Published Author Aline de Chevigny. I write Romance in every genre. Paranormal, Time Travel, Historicals, Contemporaries, Thrillers and even Fantasy. Aline de Chevigny Is Happily Ever After your thing? Travel the path of love with Aline de Chevigny!

4- Melinda Barron
I'm an author of erotic novels, currently published with Loose Id, Resplendence Publishing, Changeling Press and Aspen Mountain Press. In the past I've been a cook, waitress, camp counselor, editor, journalist and teacher. I love to travel, and some of my favorite places are New Orleans, London, Denver, San Antonio and Albuquerque. I'm fascinated by the study of the past, whether it be in Egypt, Greece, England, Scotland, or underwater shipwrecks.

5- Jambrea
Jambrea is a wonderful reviewer at Joyfully Reviewed :)