Monday, October 29, 2007

Sweat with Sven Update 10-29

Well, even though I had edits and stuff with the kids that kept me from writing, plus a battery charger that is dying and won't charge most of the time. (and a little battle with self doubt...) I got it together, and wrote the past two days. My goal is 858 a day. I wrote 1,182 on Saturday, and 1,439 on Sunday. I have something due ASAP and I've been stuck on it for a while. I hope to finish it today. If I can write 3,502 words. And with a trip to the book fair this afternoon and a Girl Scout baking party tonight, I'm not sure if I'll have enough time. Of course if I don't take a nap today :)


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nuit Aux Trois

by Melinda Barron
Resplendence Publishing
CATEGORY: Erotic, Paranormal
LENGTH: Short Story
FORMAT: e-Book
Regular Price $2.50

Quinn’s two roommates, lovers Fletcher Covair and Devlin St. Giles, have the perfect idea: Quinn will accompany them on a Halloween ghost hunt at a haunted plantation. Quinn agrees, knowing there’s no such thing as ghosts and thinking the time away will give her time to assess her future job prospects, and if nothing else, a chance to relax.

But the plantation’s resident ghost, Alison, has other ideas. She wants help in righting a long-time wrong, and it seems that the ghost has chosen Quinn, Dev, and Fletch to assist her. While Quinn’s mind is reeling from the knowledge that there are really ghosts, she comes to another shocking realization: Dev and Fletch have more on their minds than ghost hunting, and Alison isn’t the only restless spirit who wants to make contact.

Nuit Aux Trois was a fabulous read. I read this in one sitting and want to go back and read it again. Between the hot sex, the hunky men, the heroine you can relate to and love, did I mention the hot sex and the great location, irritated ghosts, hot sex, fun characters, like Martin (Hope he gets his own book), a seance, hot sex, characters who's love is too real to doubt, hot sex, ghosts (I love ghosts and ghost hunters), ghost sex, (what?!)

I am off to bed, and tomorrow plan to lose myself in another one of this talented author's books!
Click here to find out more!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Flash Fiction Friday

Edition One

Dark clouds sped across the sky covering the full moon. Winds whipped through the forest disturbing the creatures and shaking the trees.

Dorothy gazed at her husband with fear in her eyes. This was not a natural storm. No, this was something magical. Something that no one she knew could create with such force. No one except…

“I curse you Dorothy DeLaney. I curse you Theodore DeLaney. I curse your descendants.”

Dorothy and Teddy turned and watched as a thick fog crept closer to them with each step the witch took.

“Since you took from me that which I held dearest, I curse you and your family to lose that which they would hold dearest. From this night forth you and your descendants will never know true happiness and love. Death shall strike those your family cherishes. They shall know nothing but sadness and loss. I curse you and your family to a lifetime of unhappiness. A lifetime without love.”

With a loud bang, and a flash of lightening, the witch disappeared. Dorothy and Teddy looked at each other in horror as the clouds burst and rain fell in cold, hard pellets.


A really cute blog

Hootin' Anni's has a great blog post about Halloween. Not only that, but she put up a slideshow of her witch collection. I love it!

If you want to get in the mood for Halloween, or just wanns goof off, head on over. Her posts are usually great fun to read.


Screaming Orgasm is available NOW

I'm so excited! My book is available now from Aspen Mountain Press!

Author: Michelle Hasker
Artist: Nikita Gordyn

ISBN: 978-1-60168-066-2
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Publication Date: October 2007
Sexual Content:

Price: $3.49

“Can I have a Screaming Orgasm, Cody?” Tara leaned against the mahogany counter and glanced around at the growing crowd.

“Sure thing, sweetheart. I get off about two, when do you want to get off?”

Tara choked on her own saliva. She’d set herself up for that one. Cody was a flirt, she knew that. She should be used to his flirtatious banter by now. She recovered quickly as he set the drink in front of her. “If I thought you’d take me up on the offer, handsome, I’d say every hour on the hour.”

“That’s what I love about you, Tara. Your comebacks. I’m going to miss you when you move on.”

“Yeah, well, you know. A rolling stone gathers no moss, or whatever.”

“Sweetheart, you’re no rolling stone.”

“Thanks.” Tara took a deep sip and enjoyed the way the vodka, Bailey’s and Kahlua hit the spot, numbing her, at least temporarily.

“I really do wish you’d let me set you up with someone. Trust me, Hon, a real screaming orgasm would do you wonders.”

“You know why I can’t.” Tara looked away and focused on the jukebox against the far wall. Those memories needed to stay buried. Remembering was too painful. There was nothing she could do about it now, but she could make sure she never hurt another person as she had hurt Chad.

Tara glanced back at Cody as he moved down the bar to serve his customers. He was a pleasure to watch. All hard, toned muscle, tanned skin and blue eyes that either saw right through her, or made her want to melt into an orgasmic puddle at his feet.

When she had first come here, Cody had intimidated her, but now that she had gotten to know him very well, the incorrigible flirt had etched a spot in her heart forever. Too bad she really did need to get laid.

Even though Cody had his pick of women, love seemed to elude him like it did her. While he had no problems matching employees and friends, he had yet to find someone special for himself. Or her. Thank Godbut it wasn’t for lack of trying on his part. As much as Tara wanted to stay here at Del Fantasma with Cody looking out for her, she couldn’t. Her job as a singer was temporary. Once she had enough funds she would move on. Again.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things About MICHELLE HASKER

There are so many haunted places in Philly that I ended up using the most popular ones :)

1. Eastern State Penitentiary, a grim 172-year-old former state prison, was once home to famous inmates Al Capone and Willie Sutton. Pained former prisoners are said to haunt Eastern State's dark Gothic halls. Halloween staff regularly reports seeing the "Soap Lady" dressed in white in the last cell on the second floor. "Terror Behind the Walls," a Halloween tour of the 12-acre site, is offered by candlelight, with visits to The Asylum, Cellblock of Lost Souls and a Tunnel Escape included in the "fun." Not for the faint of heart. 20th Street & Fairmount Avenue, (215) 236-5111 I'm planning on going here with my dad, sister and brother perhaps when the Halloween ruckus dies down, or else early next October before the rush starts. Is it ever not crowded? hehe

2. St. Peter's Church Cemetery has been home to ghosts for more than a century. Some spectators have seen a horse-drawn carriage charging through the center of the graveyard and through the church. Others say restless Native American chiefs roam the grounds and the spirit of a colonial African American man can sometimes be seen walking in the graveyard by moonlight. 4th & Pine Streets you can see this place while on a ghost tour.

3. At City Tavern, a historic restaurant in Old City Philadelphia, a former waiter is always on the job. Legend has it that he was the unintended victim of a bar room duel. To this day, proprietor/chef Walter Staib reports that table settings are moved and silverware clatters. A specter in a bloodied white shirt is sometimes seen falling to the floor before it disappears. 138 S. 2nd Street, (215) 413-1443

4. A few minutes from Philly: Strayer College - formerly Eastern State School and Hospital - Rumored to be haunted due to unfair treatment and killing of patients. If you go into patients rooms the doors will slam shut and trap you in. When you walk down the halls you can sometimes see a figure fallowing you of a man. Mysterious 4th floor said to be life threatening and extremely haunted. If you go into the morgue its very cold and feels like theres a fan on you with no windows in site. My husband knows someone who is a gaurd at Strayer but I'm wondering if the college has satellites - I need to look into it. The building is relatively new, so I think the one his friend works at isn't the original, but of course it didn't occur to me to ask until now. Figures

5. This one made it onto one of those scariest places in Philadelphia Show: General Wayne Inn - This inn is home to more than 17 ghosts including Hessians, a ghost wanting his wives picture, a old owner, and a ghost singing.

6. Just a freaky place to visit period- The Institute of Pennsylvania - Reports of the elevator opening with a loud noise and voices, and foot steps came from the elevator.

7. With a diff spelling this would be a hospital I’ve been in several times and yes was overnight several times. If this is Jeanes then I actually have friends who work there….NOT haunted. And it is now owned by Temple. Jeans Hospital - A few years ago Jeans Hospital was having financial difficulties and there were rumors that it would be bought out. It is said that Anna-May Jeans (founder of the hospital) began appearing to various members of the staff to show her disapproval of a buy-out. BUMMER can’t count this as one of my TT13 since it’s NOT haunted :) NOW…there is a mansion behind it that IS. Ryers Mansion. They do tours on Sundays!

8. Gotta go here now :) The Civil War Library and Museum - Was feature on unsolved mysteries--net work tv. On the second floor, in the Lincoln Room, the spirits of soldiers have been seen playing cards.

9. Okay there was a movie about this. Don't ask me for names. I can't remember your name until I've met you at least twice. I'm horrible with names. It was creepy… Philadelphia University (Textiles)- When the university was a small Catholic school for girls, a nun supposedly hung her self in the top room of the mansion, after finding out she was impregnated by the father...Today, the attic is locked but people still see lights on or the figure of the nun standing up there...the old classrooms are now an all girls dormitory that has had countless incidences from noises to white fuzzy glowing balls appearing in pictures taken...when nothing was there...supposedly you can still see the nun if you sit on the hill in front of the mansion...she is said to walk there at sunrise.

10. The Betsy Ross house is haunted! Saw this one on TV too :) a cool story of an investigation there.

11a. The Franklin Institute is as well, but since I was there as a Chaperone, I didn’t get to question the guide on all the stuff I REALLY wanted to know about.

11b. You may know that John Adams was the only U-S President sworn in at Philadelphia, but did you know some people believe they see him haunting Congress Hall?

Not a specific place to visit, but a tour of several haunted locations:
12. Ghost Tour of Philadelphia Hear the chilling tales of America's most historic...and most haunted city on this candlelight walking tour through Independence Park and Society Hill...
Is Ben Franklin still roaming the streets of his "City of Brotherly Love"?
Do the very souls of our forefathers still frequent Independence Hall?
Does Benedict Arnold have unfinished business at the Powel House?
Help us push aside the cobwebs and discover what lurks in the shadows of America's most Historic City!
LOCATION & TICKETS: Call 215-413-1997 to reserve space on the tour.

13. One Part History, Two Parts Haunt! Visit more than 15 scary sites to hear Philadelphia's haunted facts and folklore. Experience Philadelphia's monuments by moonlight. Travel the cobblestone streets of Old City to hear chilling stories about the Spirits of '76.
Library Hall - Merchants' Exchange - Old Pine Street Church & Cemetery
Physick House - Powel House - St. Mary's Church & Cemetery
St. Peter's Church & Cemetery - Second Bank of the United States
Washington Square Park - Witch of Pine Street - Benjamin Rush House
Bicentennial Moon Tree - Bishop White House - Carpenters' Hall
City Tavern - Congress Hall - Edgar Allen Poe - Holy Trinity Church
Independence Hall - Liberty Bell
For more details on the tour schedule, call 215.525.1776

Even with me tinkering with 11, I ran out of room. I might need to do more, but then there are so many haunted places in Philly it's crazy. I have a story:

This is about our last home, not our new one - My daughter was 3 at the time. She was sleeping in her room, woke up and saw a woman looking at her. She described a woman I'd never met, or seen before. I've always had an interest in ghosts, so I found a neighbor who'd known the woman who'd lived in my house for most of her life and said, did this woman have blue eyes, dark curly hair and smile a lot. The response was yeah she did, and she loved kids even though she'd never had one. So while you all may want to explain it away as my child could have imagined anything as she was dreaming....the woman had actually died the week before I asked this woman and that would have been around the time my daughter had seen her. There were other things, too. One of them we found out was our dog, but there were others we couldn't explain. BUT it turns out my dog lifts the toilet lid with her head, drinks, then lets it fall back down when she pulls her head away. When you are home all alone and there is no other sounds, that loud CRACK is very scary...til I caught her doing it ;)


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A bunch of goodness!

ok first - Thank you Aline for this link:
Answer questions to earn free rice. Hehehe My vocabulary is 41. Darn it and I'm a writer. Oh well, perhaps I'll do better tomorrow :)

And I blogged at AOER today!
Authors of Erotic Romance
Please comment - I love comments - I live for comments. Replying to comments means I can procastinate more :)

So I have edits done and procastinations I mean orders to place for some stuff, and then hopefully catch up on my missed writing!


Monday, October 22, 2007

Sweat with Sven update

Ok, I admit it. I slacked off Sunday. We went to the farm, then tonight I have some promo things to take care of. Perhaps I can write after my chat :) I hope. Or after I deliver the posters my kids colored for the parade notices (community service baby! We give back to the community)
Sooo I need a new motivation.


Chat with me tonight!

Aspen Mountain Press Author Chat October 22! What writers will be chatting? Pearl Jones, Celina Summers, Michelle Hasker and Dawn Montgomery will grace the Chat Castle! Be here at 6 PM PDT/9 PM EDT.

I'll be talking about my upcoming release Screaming Orgams which releases on the 26th! Did I mention there will be prizes? Come and join us for some fun!


Sunday, October 21, 2007

70 Days of Sweat

well, I finished Friday with a whopping 5,520 words.
Today I came in at 1765.
I'm so close to my next reward. When I hit 10k on either Sorin or Macy I will post the reward Tina Bendoni made for me.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Sweat with Sven

My Writer's block broke thanks to three people!
Dawn Montgomery, Tina Bendoni, and Kim Knox. But mostly because of Dawn. She's writing this really hot story where I'm the heroine, and right now I'm tied up in bed and the hero has just woken me. And no, we hadn't been doing the nasty. I was a bad girl and he caught me. And now.... I'm his prisoner YUM. I want her to write MORE. AND she clued me in to this new version of Wicked Games I'd not heard before. I loved the song, but this version works so well with my story! I wrote 2,483 today and a 5,147 total. I am feeling awesome and am gonna keep writing.
Kim and Tina both pushed me to write, helped me when I struggled, and cheered me when they read unedited excerpts of my rude hero :) I am so grateful for my friends. I should mention Aline de Chevigny also pushed me today, but she's busy working hard at the mines so we aren't as able to push each other as usual.

SO my reward for today:


Thursday, October 18, 2007

70 Days of Sweat

Sven? Who's that? I've discovered Cat bowling (Yes i love cats, but these are cartoons - no live cats harmed in the making - and my son loves to hear the witch cackle and the cats yeowl.

omg I am at 142 and closed it to take a break.

I got edits yesterday so today might be a break from Sven day so I can accomplish the edits...unless I can't stop opening the Cat Bowling...


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Edition 14

Random things....

videos that inspire me:

1- Ghost Whisperer Speedpainting

2- play piano with balls

My favorite Error messages:

3- from Mailer Daemon:
: does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 550 No
such user here
Giving up on

4- from You Tube:
Sorry, something went wrong.

A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation. Please report this incident to customer service.

And sites I visit on a Daily Basis right now: (IN NO ORDER :)
5- 70 Days of Sweat
sometimes we need motivation or a swift kick in the arse

6- Realm of the Raven
delightful lady, wonderful writer. Love her coyotes.

7- Alison Kent
Smart, talented lady.

8- Jessica D. Russell
Excellent writer, even if it's not erotic.

9- Aline de Chevigny
Talented in many genres of romance.

10- Kim Rees/Kim Knox
Amazing writer.

11- Portia Da Costa
Smart, witty, encouraging, and good with photoshop ;)

12- Michelle's Den of Iniquity (me)
my chat rooms :)

13- Breast Cancer and others
A click a day at each cause is so little to ask. I spend more time waiting for my pc to boot up than it takes to click each one.

70 days of Sweat

Well got one of those nasty migraines today. I did manage to write just over 900 words, AND get my newsletter written and sent out, in addition to the other hum drum real life crapola.

Hopefully I can squeeze in some Vday writing before bed, but head hurts. But I made my goal. Wee


70 Days of Sweat updated

So I wrote 868 words on my sven story yesterday, and about 500 words on my vday project. So I passed my goal of 858 by 10 words :)
Now I just remembered I forgot to post my newsletter. I need to get busy on that :)


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

70 days of Sweat

So yesterday I reached 881 of my 858 goal. I figure 858 words for 70 days and I'll have my 60,000 words for the three novellas :) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

So I reached 881 and then closed the story and added two pages to my vday story. I showed my sven story at the DoC so I'll show some of my vday story here. (No I'm not counting the writing toward Sven. It's just a story I wanna finish :)

“Do I look fat?” I turned, trying to see my reflection from every angle. When I bought this tiny bikini I’d been happy with my weight, but I’d put on a few pounds. I wasn’t sure if it was just me or if I was too fat to wear this in public.

“What?” Gabriel, my roommate and fashion savior called from the living room.

I took a deep breath for courage, and walked out into the living room. I struck my best sultry pose, put one hand on my hip and held the other out and pouted at Gabriel.

“What are you doing, Irene?”

“Do I look fat?” I dropped the runway model pose and straightened to my full six foot height. Gabriel was one of the few men I knew that was taller than me. I didn’t have to slouch when talking to him, and we looked great together when we went out with the gang.

“No. You have a luscious body.” He looked back down at his game of solitaire.

“Gabe.” I shook my head and sat on the arm of the sofa. I knew he was gay, but not that he’d be that desperate to look away from my body. “I do look fat, don’t I?”

“No. You have a nicely toned body. You’re a bit white though. You need to spend more time in the sun.”

I sighed and pushed his shoulder. “You know what I mean. You won’t even look at me now.”

“You’re practically naked.”

“So?” I nudged him again and laughed. “You’ve seen me parade around in my teddies, what’s more revealing about this?”

Gabriel moved away from me so I slipped between him and the arm of the sofa. “Spill it, loverboy.”

I loved watching his face flush when I called him that. Sometimes I’d do it just to watch his pretty face color. Gabriel was one fine specimen of man. He’d make some man really happy one day. What a shame for the rest of us ladies, though. If he weren’t gay, I’d have taken him for a test drive. Or two. Or three. Or a bazillion.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Michelle's Motivation for Sweat 70

I loved Mr. Blue from Portia Da Costa's blog

and Kim's from her blog

So here's mine >:)


New Review! Mountain Rendezvous :)

Today must be my lucky day! Mountain Rendezvous got another great review!!

And I did up an excel spreadsheet for Sven and Nano. Yes I live to procastinate!!

Title: Mountain Rendezvous
Author: Michelle Hasker
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher URL:
Reviewer: Sandi Potterton
Rating: 4 Stars
Heat level: H

Meredith Craine had no choice but to kill her husband. She didn't kill him because he was a vampire; after all, she's one too—but he was a serial killer and he killed her parents, as well as trying to kill her sister twice! She really had no choice! But the Slasher killings have started again and Slade Jackson of the FBI is positive that Jake is still alive and still killing. Sleeping with the sexy FBI agent is probably not the smartest thing Meredith has ever done but it may be the only way to find the new killer and discover if Jake is really still alive!

Mountain Rendezvous is a fun, sexy, action-packed adventure of a romance! Although this is a sequel to Ms. Hasker's Midnight Rendezvous it is certainly capable of standing alone. You gain enough general background information that the players and past plot are not a mystery. I didn't find myself lost, although it would have been nice to read the first story. Ms. Hacker has created a convincing alternate reality with some very likeable characters as well as some evil villains with a theme of good vs. evil. The sex and romance between Meredith and Slade is also very hot. Scenes contain oral, vanilla and vampire biting, and happen in some unusual places. The plot moves quickly and although this story is resolved there is also obvious opportunity for more books set in this reality. I enjoyed Mountain Rendezvous and found it a nice solid vampire tale.

Sandi Potterton
Just Erotic Romance Reviews
you need to join the group to reach the newsletter that has my review posted :)


Sweating with Sven!

Okay, this is day one and I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
Cause we have Nano next month, too. And I have a habit of not finishing Nano or Sweat.
Soooo what to work on :(
I have three novellas due in the spring for WCPT.
I have an Urban Fantasy I want to write. Another Rendezvous for my series ;)
Then there are all my started but not finished stories.
man oh man.
It's the's killing me.
Okay. I'm getting my Witchy notebook and will work on my three novellas for Sven.
Rendezvous is for Nano.
no change backs!!


New Review! Mountain Rendezvous

Maria from Romance Junkies has read Mountain Rendezvous and given it a fabulous review :)

MOUNTAIN RENDEZVOUS is a fun, edgy tale of a mysterious female vampire and a cop who seeks her out as part of a murder investigation and is drawn into her sensual, dangerous web. As a vampire, Meredith Foxxe doesn’t learn to trust easily. Add to this the fact that she found out her husband was a serial killer and had to kill him before he murdered her sister. Trust issues? Most definitely! So when FBI Special Agent Slade Jackson comes knocking on her door looking for her husband “The Slasher,” her instincts say run, but her body can’t help but stand up and take notice of Slade’s hot body and sexy demeanor. Her goal is to stay far away from this man and shut down the palpable sexual attraction she feels, but sometimes failure can feel so good…

This is a novella full of zest and sensuality, and a lot of excitement too. After reading the first love scene, which had my pulse racing, I knew there was going to be lot of hot and heavy love scenes between Meredith and Slade, and I was down with that. However, the author did not disappoint in her writing of the rest of story. There is plenty of tension and excitement in the pages of MOUNTAIN RENDEZVOUS to keep thrill—junkies entertained.

I noticed that the settings and scenes in this story were well written and detailed so as to feel familiar to any reader, and I liked this realistic touch. The author also keeps the reader so wrapped up in delicious ribbons of sexual excitement that when you are suddenly confronted with the antagonist of the story, you are almost startled by the turn of the plot, but in a good way. The plot’s twists and turns really test the skill of the author’s writing, and Ms. Hasker holds her own in this aspect. The characters develop well, the conflict is entertaining as it evolves and the thrilling love scenes are truly cold—shower inducing! I definitely recommend MOUNTAIN RENDEZVOUS to fans of the vampire genre and anyone looking for a spicy, sensual read.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

my pervy party at Aspen After Dark

last night, spur of the moment, (i.e. I was bored)
I put out a call and a few other Aspen Authors responded.
We held an excerpt party where we showed off our pervy heroes and talked sex...
It was on the erotic writers and readers chat loop for Aspen Mountain Press Community. Any of you who know me, know how much I love writing for Aspen...I think it shows in my yummy delicious heroes, hehe >:)

Even though we finished up chatting, go over and read the posts, I have a offer in one of my posts about a free goody, but the offer expires at midnight tonight.

I had SO much fun I'm thinking up another pervey/sex party that I would try to last all night for :) Having four kids makes a woman tired, don't you know ;)

that is the link to the group. Post an intro message or a hi :) And dig through the sexy excerpts for my little prize.

Hope to see you there!!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

70 Days of Sweat!

And this time I won't quit.
grumbles - I already wrote this post and lost it. Don't think I can be witty twice. grrrr.
93 days of writing with 23 days off to goof around, er um celebrate the holidays, yeah that's what I meant...


Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Vampire Oracle

Today I popped in on the Vampire Oracle Blog and left my mark. Again. First chocolate, now a name generator....hehehe I'm evil.

anyway please go on over there and leave me a comment. I love comments. It gives me something to do other than write ;)

Today is also my day to post at Daughters of Circe.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Edition 13
13 favorite U Tube vidoes in no particular order

1. Dancing Turtle I could literally watch this one for hours.

2. Crazy Frog/Knight Rider Hehehe

3. Crazy Frog in Da House Another fun one. Yes, I love crazy frog.

4. Last Christmas Crazy Frog style My favorite song and crazy frog. can it get any better?

5. Evolution of Dance No explanation needed here.

6. Dino Island Yes, I'm sick. I know.

7. Singing Hippo My son calls this the He He song.

8. Gummy Bear extended version in German I had this on my Myspace for a while.

9. Gummy Bear extended version in French Love the Gummi Bear :)

10. The Bellybutton Song Hehehehe

11. Moooove It Cow Muh Cow hehhee

12. Boogie Wonderland Great movie!

13. Gummy Bear/Crazy frog I need help ;)

New Review: The Bodyguard

Pam from My Book Cravings gave The Bodyguard 4 out of 5, and said:

This is my first book by Miss Hasker, and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. The sexual chemistry between Elena and Nicholas is intense, but at the same time filled with tenderness and compassion as he tries to help her work through her hurts of the past. The author has managed to pack a lot of emotion, characters and plot into this well written short literary gem. The manner that Miss Hasker dealt with the violence that Elena experienced at the hands of her captor, and how Nicholas’s used similar loving situations to make new memories, was a wonderful twist that I didn’t expect. The introduction of Nicholas’ identical twin leads me to hope for his story sometime in the future.

To see the entire review click here.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Mountain Rendevous reviewed!

Cherokee at Coffee Time Romance gave Mountain Rendezvous 4 cups, and said this:

Mountain Rendezvous is a spectacular read. I love the interaction with Meredith and Slade. The reader can almost understand what Meredith is going through, as she tries to push any feelings aside for Slade because of the way men have treated her. Once they connect, it is a powerhouse. Michelle Hasker has penned a great story that keeps the reader entertained while guessing about the turn of events with the Slasher. She makes her characters come alive and writes engaging stories that make this reader want more.

To see the entire review click here!