Thursday, December 14, 2006

Great News and Reviews!

I got an excellent review for Morgan's Magick, a short story in the Celtic Love Knots Volume 1 that comes out February 2007. I'm thrilled with the fabulous review and hope everyone likes the story. Jack is such a delicious male.

Here's the review:

Romance Reviews Today

CELTIC LOVE KNOTS, VOLUME 1 - Michelle Hasker and Tina Bendoni
ISBN: 978-1-59374-853-1
February 2007
Erotic Paranormal Romance Anthology
RRTE Rating: Multiple O's

Morgan's Magick - Michelle Hasker
An Unspecified City - Present Day

When Jack Quinn and Morgan Engles finally move from friendship to something more, well, intimate, things are going smashingly. But then Jack finds out that his sister bought a love potion from Morgan to use on him. Will their new found love end before it ever really begins?

Whoa baby, when Jack and Morgan give in to their feelings, the sparks fly. Not a word is wasted in this sizzling tale of magickal love.

Through The Veil - Tina Bendoni
An Unspecified City - Present Day

Alyson is in the best relationship she's ever had. She and Lucas talk, argue, make-up in oh-so-satisfying ways; he's her perfect match. Well, perfect but for one tiny detail; he only exists in her dreams. Then Brianna, Alyson's friend and a witch, decides to give Alyson what she wants most, her dream man. The only catch is the spell only works for twenty four hours. Suddenly Lucas appears in the flesh, and he's as irresistible as ever. Is Alyson willing to do whatever it takes to be with the love of her life for more than one night?

The heat generated by Alyson and Lucas is scorching. You'll wish for a friendly witch to cast a spell on your behalf after reading this sexy story, I certainly did.

A steamy anthology that hits all the right notes, CELTIC LOVE KNOTS, VOLUME 1 is a surefire winner.

Lori Ann


If you want a peek at the story, be sure to visit my website.

I've also sold more stories to WCP Torrid :)


Friday, December 08, 2006

Chat at Realms of Love on 12-18-06 at 9pm EST

On December 18th join authors Aline de Chevigny, Jennie Andrus, Kim Knox, and Michelle Hasker at Realms of Love for a chat and prize give away.

Aline will be talking about Psychotic, Toss of a Coin, Blood Red(yum), and One Night. She will be giving away a choice of one book and surprise.

Jennie will be talking about Moving Atlantis and Last Prophecy. She will be giving away a copy of Moving Atlantis(one I can't wait to read).

Kim will be talking about The Billionaire's Seduction, Buying Mackenzie's Baby(a great read), and Past Lies. She will be giving away a download of The Billionaire's Seduction and Buying Mackenzie's Baby.

Michelle will be talking about Midnight Rendezvous, Taking A Chance, and Morgan's Magick. She will be giving away a free download of either Midnight Rendezvous or The Christmas Candy Anthology.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sick and Miserable

Why is it that everytime you have a ton of stuff to do you get sick? I've actually been sick for a week now, but with the meds I was taking I was afraid to take anything and now it took all my energy and the knowledge I have two little ones at home to get out of bed.

Non Drowsy Theraflu is a godsend, but I'm still tired. Even taking a 2-3 hour nap this morning hasn't helped. Well, it helped but I'm so tired it's hard to write.

I should be at a chat at Love Romances, but I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep. I am going to cancel my meeting tonight. I need to just stay in and rest. They'll just have to deal with it until Monday. I have so much this weekend there is no way I can handle it if I don't get better.

Okay, end of my bitching, time to get back to writing nookie. This is for Temperance, and is perfect for this time of the year with the fruitcake balls. Hehehe :)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Fedex lady must think I'm whacked

I prefaced my call to Fedex with "I know this might sound crazy..."

What else can you say when you know you are about to ask something that would make people look at you in a different light? It's one thing to send flowers or candy, but when you want to send an ornate knife used in rituals? I mean, can you send a weapon through Fedex and not get caught? And if there are traces of blood on it... I suppose you can. However, I just wanted to know if I could send it from one end of the United States to the other in the same day. Apparently you need an account to do that, and the package must be under 15 pounds. Well WOOO HOOO. Now I have a way to send pressies when I'm really late :-D

Now how to prove this to an editor?
Me: Yeah, I called Fedex. As long as Mr. X has an account with them he can send the four pound knife from Y to Z in the same day.
Miss Editor: Really? You called them?
Me: Yeah, I identified myself as an author, and she didn't even question me. Nor did she stutter or cough when I mentioned murder weapon and mailing it--
Miss Editor: I don't know. The readers might not believe this...
Me: They do say truth is stranger than fiction.

Now... will Homeland Security come after me? Perhaps the police will barge in one day as I'm changing my son's diaper, guns drawn and shouting, "Hit the ground and don't move."

I dunno, I got my laugh for the day.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I posted on my myspace blog about starts. I certainly enjoy starting stories, but some of them never get finished. That is why I'm so excited to say that I have finished a few I started last year or earlier this year. My candy shop one is going to be finished this month, another one was finished in november, I plan to finish two more as soon as humanly possible.

It is soooo easy to start a story but then real life intrudes and another wonderful idea comes along and then it gets shelved until you pull it out and dust it off and see the potential. I hope to finish more of my stories in my idea folder even if I end up only using them as free reads.

Speaking of free reads, I'm dreadfully behind in putting up a new story, but writing commitments come first so I will be posting one February 14th at the latest.

Real life intrudes so I'll be back to more again soon.


Saturday, December 02, 2006


I am not a good title thinker upper. I sometimes call my stories by the heroines name until something strikes my fancy. So why shouldn't I do the same with my blog?

Well, the series I am working on with my critique partner is coming along nicely. I can't wait to send it in and see what the editor has to say. Hopefully we won't disappoint.

If I have any typos I'll apologize now. I tried using spell checker on here once and lost the whole post. Course between all the errors I encounter here on blogger - lol - it's amazing I've even got posts up.

Soooo... I'm steadily working on many different stories. I have a writing journal I use now to keep track of my writing. Sometimes it works and sometimes I pretend I can't find the notebook :)

I had a great time at the Joyfully reviewed chat yesterday and look forward to more chats there. The chatters and lurkers are so nice and the hostesses are superb :) I like coffeetime romance chats too and am headed over there as I think there is a WCP chat there tonight. Or so I was told.

Happy reading!