Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Review for Screaming Orgasm

Screaming Orgasm has received the most fabulous review from Sensual eCataromance!

Reading about Brandon and Tara in Del Fantasma: Screaming Orgasm by Michelle Hasker was intriguing as well as thoroughly enthralling. I couldn’t stop reading from the first page, it had me hooked right through and the sexy way these two finally cemented their bond, well I was totally blown away. I loved Brandon and his need to show Tara that he loved her, no matter what she was. I loved Tara too; it takes courage to withhold a part of yourself that could kill someone and also to know right from wrong. Together these two were dynamite, the eroticism between them was stellar, and it made me enjoy the story all that much more. Ms Hasker is a new author for me and if this story is anything to go by I’ll be reading more of her works very soon. Del Fantasma: Screaming Orgasm is definitely a book that will have readers screaming in more ways than one.

To see the ENTIRE review click here! Thank you Sheryl!!

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Aline de Chevigny said...

I'm sooo happy for you. You deserve this, Screaming Orgasms rock...uhm you know what I mean LOL