Friday, November 30, 2007


Part two of A Christmas Wish

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This had to stop. There was no way she was going to lose Jeremy because she couldn’t control her hormones. And there was no way Jeremy would share her with Jacob. She shivered at the thought of pleasure to be experienced with both men at the same time.

“Knock it off.” She grabbed a mug and walked over to the sink to add water. A nice soothing cup of tea might help.

“Grace?” Jacob’s voice came from behind her. Too close behind her.

She shrieked and jumped, dropping the mug into the sink. As luck would have it, the mug shattered. “God damn it! That was my favorite mug.” She dropped more curses as she picked up pieced of broken glass.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.” Jacob walked closer. “I’ll buy you a new mug.”

“Damn right you will,” she growled and reached for another piece of glass. Her fingers shook as he moved to stand next to her. The glass slipped and sliced her index finger. She cursed and glared at Jacob. “I swear you jinx me.”

“I’m sorry.” He frowned and reached for her hand. “Let me see how bad the cut is.”

“No!” She recoiled as he touched her wrist.

“I just want to see how bad the cut is.”

“It’s fine. It stings a little, but I’ll live. You won’t if you don’t get out of my kitchen.” She felt bad for her harsh words when a look of hurt crossed his face, but she hardened her spine. If she gave him any leeway she’d risk exposing her desire for him and ruining her marriage with Jeremy. She loved Jeremy. Why the hell did she have to have these feelings for Jacob, too?

“I startled you into dropping the mug. At least let me see how bad the cut is.” He moved in and pinned her against the sink.

“Stop!” She gasped as a thrill of pleasure raced through her. Jacob’s hard lean body pressed into her, effectively cutting off her escape route. With the wide stance of his legs blocking hers, she had no hope of fleeing. Not without resorting to physical violence.

Jacob grabbed her wrist in one hand and her finger with the other. He prodded the area. “I don’t see any tiny bits of glass in here.” Then he bent down and sucked the tip of her finger into his mouth.

“What? Stop!” She felt her body sigh at his touch. Moisture soaked her underwear as Jacob sucked on her finger. When his tongue flicked over the cut, a low moan escaped. His eyes flew up to her face and she froze, breath caught in her throat.



Pearl X Jones said...

I'd ask if it isn't cheating to link flashes this way, but I'm kind of too busy imagining what happens next. Damn you. (vbg)


Michelle Hasker said...

Thanks :)
Not sure what you meant about linking.
*off to read the flashes I missed yesterday

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