Saturday, November 24, 2007

NEW REVIEW: Mountain Rendezvous!

Pam from My Book Cravings reviewed Mountain Rendezvous.

Here is the link, and a snippet of that wonderful review:

When these two determined individuals meet the sparks fly. First in annoyance, then anger and finally culminating in a desire so intense that he’d let her feed from his throat instead of letting her turn to someone else. The descriptions of Meredith’s uncertainty and guilt over the crimes her husband had committed and that she had been fooled by the mask he showed to herself and others in their world, excellently done. Slade’s determination to not only find the killer but to keep Meredith for himself no matter what the risk to his life a real turn on. This is a vampire story that begs to be read and I look forward to the next story by this author.

Thank you PAM and My Book Cravings!!



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