Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Flash

Taking a page from Maura's book of how to tease and torment a reader. LOL

She licked her lips and reached for the button on his jeans. His six pack abs glistened with sweat. As she tugged his jeans lower, she could see the fine dark hairs that led to where her questing hands wanted to go. Large strong hands reached down and he opened his jeans with a chuckle. "Is this what you want, baby?"
She growled and pushed his hands away as she tugged open his pants and wrapped her hand around him.

Learn about Friday Flash here!



Celia Kyle said...

I am all about the tease, but *whine* I want more. *pout*

Michelle Hasker said...


I'll give you more... next week.
If you guys are doing serials, I can do one too. It'll be fun!

Maura Anderson said...

And you say *I* am a tease!!!!

I love it!

(Wonder why I don't show up on your autolink)

Michelle Hasker said...

It didn't show up because I didn't do it right and was too lazy to fix. I'll do it right next time, I swear.


Melinda Barron said...

Good job, Michelle!
Happy dancing for you.

Melinda Barron said...
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Anonymous said...

Argggggghhh I want more!

Michelle Hasker said...

Thanks Melinda :)

Thanks Dawn hhehehe Nanner Nanner
if you are nice I might show you the pic that inspired that little bit