Thursday, October 18, 2007

70 Days of Sweat

Sven? Who's that? I've discovered Cat bowling (Yes i love cats, but these are cartoons - no live cats harmed in the making - and my son loves to hear the witch cackle and the cats yeowl.

omg I am at 142 and closed it to take a break.

I got edits yesterday so today might be a break from Sven day so I can accomplish the edits...unless I can't stop opening the Cat Bowling...



Jambrea said...

I haven't done anything today, yet. After my 3 year old goes to bed then I'll TRY to get another 1000 words in. :)

Michelle Hasker said...

I did edit three of the four short (8k each) stories one of my editors sent me. Sven will have to resume tomorrow for me. Remember we get 23 days to goof off, I mean slack off, um take a break. :)