Friday, October 19, 2007

Sweat with Sven

My Writer's block broke thanks to three people!
Dawn Montgomery, Tina Bendoni, and Kim Knox. But mostly because of Dawn. She's writing this really hot story where I'm the heroine, and right now I'm tied up in bed and the hero has just woken me. And no, we hadn't been doing the nasty. I was a bad girl and he caught me. And now.... I'm his prisoner YUM. I want her to write MORE. AND she clued me in to this new version of Wicked Games I'd not heard before. I loved the song, but this version works so well with my story! I wrote 2,483 today and a 5,147 total. I am feeling awesome and am gonna keep writing.
Kim and Tina both pushed me to write, helped me when I struggled, and cheered me when they read unedited excerpts of my rude hero :) I am so grateful for my friends. I should mention Aline de Chevigny also pushed me today, but she's busy working hard at the mines so we aren't as able to push each other as usual.

SO my reward for today:



Kim Rees / Kim Knox said...

The less I say about this ab-a-licious man the better... ;-)


Aline de Chevigny said...

He's delicious Michelle.


Michelle Hasker said...

thank you for restraining yourself Kim
I say you shouldn't even be looking higher than his abs.

thanks Aline!

Jambrea said...

Maybe having a reward like that would help me write more! :)

Maura Anderson said...

I like your reward!

Michelle Hasker said...

I'm incorrigable Jambrea!

Thought you'd like him Maura :D