Monday, October 15, 2007

New Review! Mountain Rendezvous :)

Today must be my lucky day! Mountain Rendezvous got another great review!!

And I did up an excel spreadsheet for Sven and Nano. Yes I live to procastinate!!

Title: Mountain Rendezvous
Author: Michelle Hasker
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher URL:
Reviewer: Sandi Potterton
Rating: 4 Stars
Heat level: H

Meredith Craine had no choice but to kill her husband. She didn't kill him because he was a vampire; after all, she's one too—but he was a serial killer and he killed her parents, as well as trying to kill her sister twice! She really had no choice! But the Slasher killings have started again and Slade Jackson of the FBI is positive that Jake is still alive and still killing. Sleeping with the sexy FBI agent is probably not the smartest thing Meredith has ever done but it may be the only way to find the new killer and discover if Jake is really still alive!

Mountain Rendezvous is a fun, sexy, action-packed adventure of a romance! Although this is a sequel to Ms. Hasker's Midnight Rendezvous it is certainly capable of standing alone. You gain enough general background information that the players and past plot are not a mystery. I didn't find myself lost, although it would have been nice to read the first story. Ms. Hacker has created a convincing alternate reality with some very likeable characters as well as some evil villains with a theme of good vs. evil. The sex and romance between Meredith and Slade is also very hot. Scenes contain oral, vanilla and vampire biting, and happen in some unusual places. The plot moves quickly and although this story is resolved there is also obvious opportunity for more books set in this reality. I enjoyed Mountain Rendezvous and found it a nice solid vampire tale.

Sandi Potterton
Just Erotic Romance Reviews
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