Friday, October 26, 2007

Flash Fiction Friday

Edition One

Dark clouds sped across the sky covering the full moon. Winds whipped through the forest disturbing the creatures and shaking the trees.

Dorothy gazed at her husband with fear in her eyes. This was not a natural storm. No, this was something magical. Something that no one she knew could create with such force. No one except…

“I curse you Dorothy DeLaney. I curse you Theodore DeLaney. I curse your descendants.”

Dorothy and Teddy turned and watched as a thick fog crept closer to them with each step the witch took.

“Since you took from me that which I held dearest, I curse you and your family to lose that which they would hold dearest. From this night forth you and your descendants will never know true happiness and love. Death shall strike those your family cherishes. They shall know nothing but sadness and loss. I curse you and your family to a lifetime of unhappiness. A lifetime without love.”

With a loud bang, and a flash of lightening, the witch disappeared. Dorothy and Teddy looked at each other in horror as the clouds burst and rain fell in cold, hard pellets.



Maura Anderson said...

Wooot!!! Love it!

Might have to register with the autolink thing to have it show the others.

Silly technology

Michelle Hasker said...

I am registered with mr linky. buggers

Celia Kyle said...

Grrr.... Don't like that witch much. Nope, not at all...