Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I interviewed Lucian and he liked it ;)

From the blog of Selena Illyria:

Boy was he fun! I mean the interview! If Nevada asks, I swear I only interviewed and drooled I never touched him...anywhere she'd oppose to...

Hi everyone, I’m here with Lucian Sandros, hero of A Fling in Vampiropolis. Omph, Michelle what are you doing here? Selena is on the floor looking at Michelle who is taking her seat.

“I’ll be interviewing Lucian,” Michelle says grinning. She whips out a notebook from lord only knows where and does the shooing motion to Selena.

“Don’t worry I’ll take gooood care of him, promise,” Michelle purrs.

Selena looks over at Lucian who just shrugs his shoulders. He tosses his long blond hair over his
shoulder and smiles at Michelle, who giggles.

“Ask me anything you like,” he says grinning at Michelle.

Selena shakes her head, gets up off the floor and walks over to the bar for a drink, grumbling
about how her ass hurts.

1- Who made you? How? Why? When? Did you enjoy it? >:)

Lucian: Well I was born a vampire soooo my parents made me. Uh, I’m pretty sure my mother didn’t enjoy it. I believe after she had Lida, who has a big head by the way, she told my father that if he didn’t get himself fixed, she’d do it for him manually.

*Lucian chuckles*

Michelle *chuckles*: Your mom sounds like fun.

Lucian *grinning*: She is.

2- How has becoming a vampire improved your sex life, and can I take a test drive?

Lucian *laughing*: I’ve been around long enough to learn a few things and then some. *Lucian rubs the back of his neck* I’m flattered really but you see, I don’t think Nevada would let me. I mean If I let you test it out then she might dump my ass or worse demand that I participate in a threesome with her and another man and I don’t share . . . ever. Weellll there was that one time but I was so drunk off my ass, I can’t remember the details. *chuckles*

*Michelle pouts*

3- Do you get richer blood if you bite a man/woman while they are having an orgasm? Care to experiment on me?

Lucian: Hmmmm, I never thought about it. I mean the thirst is just there occasionally rearing its ugly head now and then. I’m not sure what I get really . . . oh yeah never mind, I know exactly what I get when I bite someone. *naughty grin* Let’s just say it increases the pleasure for both parties, how’s that?

Awww, you’re sweet, really you are and I would love to, if I were single. My brother on the other hand, maybe he’ll agree to um help you in that area. He’s single. *laughs*

*Michelle quickly scribbles her cell phone number, rips off the paper and hands it to Lucian, who takes the paper with a raised eyebrow.*

Michelle: Please have him call me.

Lucian*laughs*: I will.

3- Do you enjoy being a vampire and all that it entails?

Lucian: Oh honey, I love being a vampire. What’s not to love? Excellent sight, sense of smell, like that beautiful perfume you’re wearing right now. What is that?

Michelle: Vivid *giggles*

Lucian: I love it. *smiles* Let’s not forget increased taste, some things are just more delicious. Oh and superb hearing. There are just lots of things that are better when you’re a vampire. *chuckles*

Michelle: What’s your brother’s name again?

Lucian *laughs*: Renato. R-E-N-A-T-O. *laughs again*

4- Do you change into a bat or other creature? And do you lose your clothes when you do so or can you make them disappear and reappear as you need them? In addition, what other powers do you have?

Lucian*shakes his head*: Ack, that myth, sorry to burst your bubble but no. No, I don’t change into anything. Although, I’m sure I could ask on my shifter friends that question. Would you like me to?

Michelle: Just your brother on speed dial is fine. *laughs*

Lucian: Aww, my shifter friends will be crushed.

Michelle: I guess I can interview them too.

Lucian: They’d love that, talking to a beautiful woman like you, of course they’d love it.

5- Are you single and looking?

Lucian *laugh*: Sorry, I’m not single or looking. I’ve found a woman I love and adore and wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.

Michelle: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

Lucian: No, thank you for interviewing me. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Michelle *whispers*: Not as much as I did *Wicked grin*

Be sure to catch Lucian's story - A FLING IN VAMPIROPOLIS that releases Friday from CHANGELING PRESS (Same day my story Leandros releases!) I had to plug that LOL


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