Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Maniac Monday

I'm late posting because I spent yesterday goofing off on the Changeling Press yahoo group.

My Sven count for yesterday was 836. Not bad since I had to play outside with the boy and then spent 2 hours at the girls scout meeting. They made first aid kits. Um two of my kids want to quit girl scouts. I'm torn. I think they could really benefit from it, but how can I put that before dance or softball? Exercise is good too!

AND the maniac part of the day was that I had bent over to pick up something and stood up to smack my head on the bottom of the freezer door. Apparently my 3 year old is tall enough to reach it and WING it open and well, when you bend over in the kitchen how many of us look up before we stand back up. I was joking that he tried to make himself motherless because it hurt that bad. In fact I started to cry then he started to cry and asked for an ice pack for his boo boo.

and so of course I keep bumping the top of my head. Who knew a pillow could hurt so much LOL


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