Monday, March 24, 2008

Maniac Monday

I have to thank my son for inspiring today's Maniac post. He wanted to watch Mario, so I put on You Tube. Lo and behold they had Mario dancing to soldier boy. And he would find not only one but a zillion of them - gotta love you tube.

So I said, hey I wanna see the video. I go to You Tube and in my search I find this fun video!

They even have a version with changed lyrics sung by I don't know who to mario LOL

Wanna learn how to crank dat? Watch the instructional video!

Video from The Wire - BET

***EDIT - adding this link hehehe

I called my husband and said he needs to get this song for us ( I make him get the music cause I would um.... Prolly buy fifty million songs. He has better self restraint.) He goes. oh. that one. I said um yeah heheh. I explained that my son kept yelling at me when I tried to turn it down.

The worst part? I'm watching everyone dance to this and all I can think is, "That looks like GREAT exercise"



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