Sunday, March 02, 2008

e-book week at Aspen Mountain Press

Book Week Begins Today

March 2nd through March 8th has been designated E-Book week and at Aspen
Mountain Press we are celebrating e-Books with a 20% discount on any order.
Just enter coupon code EB2594-8 when you get ready to check out and the
coupon discount will be immediately applied.

This is a terrific time to introduce your friends to the world of e-Books
and their benefits.

Just a few of the perks to reading e-Books include:

1)the reduction of paper waste filling our dumping sites;
2)reduced cost in transportation and pollution associated with shipping
paper books;
3)e-Books take up space on a computer or reading device and not your home;
4)e-Books can be purchased any time day or night and are downloadable
5)e-Books can be the length the story demands so authors aren't filling a
story with padding to make the tale fit a specific length;
6)and e-Books aren't limited in their subject matter and aren't censored
allowing adults to read what they want.

Adventure, Mystery, Passion

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