Monday, March 10, 2008

Maniac Monday

Oh boy was today a doozy.

My daughter came home with two boxes of candy for us to sell to pay for her school trip. It's going to cost close to two hundred dollars, and the only fundraiser for it is this candy. And if I sell 54 candy bars I get a 27 dollar credit. Soooo Can we say Michelle is pushing candy bars on the street corner ;)

The highlight of my night was when my Brother won the booze basket at the Irish Parade in Philly. He gave me the huge bottle of Peach Schnapps because my husband went with him to pick it up. Good thing my husband did, everyone was asking my brother to give them bottles of booze. LOL AND TO top it all off!!! Mr. Michelle stopped for OJ so I am sipping fuzzy navels and trying to relax :)

Happy, happy Monday ;)


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