Monday, March 31, 2008

Maniac Monday

I received my edits for Sorin today and I'm excited!

Can you believe it? Excited about edits?

LOL - Well I am excited. I really loved writing Sorin's story. To be honest, I loved writing Nic's and Nash's at the times I was writing them. It was hard to say goodbye to my Bodyguards and I asked TPTB at Loose Id if perhaps I can revisit that word with different characters. Their response was basically, show me what you got. That's not a no I can delve more into that world and come up with something good, I'm sure. My mind is a scary place to be and if I don't write my stories I would day dream the day away.

Another good reason to be excited is that my editor said they weren't too bad, and this puts me CLOSER to release day - YAY

May is when I should release, and that won't change unless something happens that I can't forsee, but with edits out of the way I can focus on Fondest Desire next and Spies and Lies- which I'm going to sub to them next :)

Have a great day!
PS Come to the Realms of Love chat tonight. Details are in the post from Sunday :)


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