Monday, May 05, 2008

Maniac Monday

We were walking to the local playground. My son had on a red baseball cap. We ran into a friend who said, "Awww, T's so cute." He said "ME MARIO" and ran off. LOL

Too much Princess Peach? Maybe :)

So the kids are readdicted to Animal Crossing. I'm trying real hard to ignore it.

What are kids reading these days? Here's a look at my daughters latest mandatory reading: The Misfits

From Publishers Weekly
What do a 12-year-old student who moonlights as a tie salesman, a tall, outspoken girl, a gay middle schooler and a kid branded as a hooligan have in common? Best friends for years, they've all been the target of cruel name-calling and now that they're in seventh grade, they're not about to take it any more. In this hilarious and poignant novel, Howe (Bunnicula; The Watcher) focuses on the quietest of the bunch, overweight Bobby Goodspeed (the tie salesman), showing how he evolves from nerd to hero when he starts speaking his mind. Addie (the outspoken girl) decides that the four of them should run against more popular peers in the upcoming student council election. But her lofty ideals and rabble-rousing speeches make the wrong kind of waves, offending fellow classmates, teachers and the principal. It is not until softer-spoken Bobby says what's in his heart about nicknames and taunts that people begin to listen and take notice, granting their respect for the boy they used to call "Lardo" and "Fluff." The four "misfits" are slightly larger than life wiser than their years, worldlier than the smalltown setting would suggest, and remarkably well-adjusted but there remains much authenticity in the story's message about preadolescent stereotyping and the devastating effects of degrading labels. An upbeat, reassuring novel that encourages preteens and teens to celebrate their individuality. Ages 10-14.

This is a lot different from what I remember reading in her grade. Okay, maybe Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie aren't her style. *snickers*


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