Thursday, May 15, 2008

Interviewed: Aline de Chevigny

Memorial Meeting by Aline de Chevigny is in the Some Gave All antho from Aspen Mountain press.

When her grandfather garners her promise to deliver a letter addressed to his lost love, Genie readily agrees. Upon his death, she makes her way to Las Vegas and the veterans reunion to finally meet her namesake...her very own superhero.

Sadness fills her upon learning that Eugenie Shirley Devereaux also passed away mere weeks before the reunion and has sent her grandson to deliver a letter to her Wiliam. Sparks fly and emotions get heated when these two souls meet.

Is their meeting fated as her Grandfather promised would one day happen, or is their meeting an elaborate matchmaking plan conceived by two old lovers wishing the best for their most precious loved ones?

I asked Aline a few questions about writing this story.

Michelle: Where did the inspiration for this story come from?
Aline: I was thinking about how cool it would be if a nurse and a soldier fell in love. Then I spiced it up by making the nurse Canadian and the soldier American to add conflict.

Michelle: What kept you motivated to finish the story?
Aline: I did a lot of research which helped. Looming deadlines and boredom/exhaustion kept me motivated.

Michelle: What is your favorite scene in this story?
Aline: The end.
Michelle: LOL. Care to elaborate without giving away too much?
Aline: There's a surprise ending.

Michelle: Care to share an excerpt with us then?
Aline: Chapter 1
“My Dearest Wiliam,
I hope this note finds you whole and hearty. I wish I had more time to write, but they have us moving out in less than an hour. My tour is finally over and I leave for home at the end of the week, therefore I must leave the hospital tonight.
They say the war is nearly over, and I pray what they say is the truth for that will mean you’ll be safe and able to return home to your family. Meeting you has been an experience I will never forget and cherish for the rest of my life.
Take care dearest Wiliam, return home safe.
All my love and deepest affection, Eugenie
November 2nd, 1918”
Genie re-read the faded page for the hundredth time. The letters were always the same, full of warmth, worry and concern but never graphic. You could tell the writer cared deeply for the recipient and yet this last one was the first time she’d signed the letter ‘All my Love’ and that caught Genie’s attention like nothing else.
Ever since she was a child she’d been curious about the woman she’d been named after and her grandfather willingly regaled her with tale after tale of the brave Canadian army nurse who saved his life. Eugenie Shirley wasn’t a mere woman in Genie’s eyes, she was a superhero. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and stop bullets with a single glance. And now finally, within hours she would get to meet this incredible woman who made it possible for her to be here today.

Michelle: Oooo. Nice tease. I can't wait to read this anthology. Thanks for sharing with me!
Aline: Thanks, and you don't have to wait long as it comes out tommorrow.

Michelle: Whoot!!

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