Saturday, May 10, 2008

just helping to spread the word:

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Hi all - sorry if you see this more than once…trying to hit as many
people as I can…

I’ve got an auction up on ebay to help raise money for the cyclone
victims and I’m trying to get the word out.

Right now, it involves a couple of ARCs, several books, but more have
added, and a GC to Barnes and Noble.

It’s up on ebay thru missionfish-the charity I chose was SAVE THE
CHILDREN since they already have people in the country and have had some
success getting much needed supplies. And they have an excellent rep
for putting their money where their mouth is- 90% of all monies received
go to their programs, which is beyond excellent for a charity.

I know some people feel not doing anything might be best considering the
actions of the junta and hold off waiting until that situation changes,
but I don’t think letting people suffer is a viable option either if
there are ways of getting help in.

From Save the Children’s 5/9 update-

Westport, Conn. (May 9, 2008) — The death toll in Myanmar continues
to rise as a result of Cyclone Nargis and hardships for hundreds of
thousands of survivors left in its wake are increasing. With 500 staff
on the ground, Save the Children has reached 72,000 people, 24,000 of
whom are estimated to be children, through the distribution of food,
water purification tablets, plastic sheeting for shelter and other
needed supplies

And this is part of the reason why I chose them-they already have people
inside the country and they seem to be a trusted by those within the
country, making it easier to get help in.

So far, the auction includes signed books donated by several authors, as
well as a gift card to Barnes and Noble donated by the Brown Literary
Agency-(new items haven’t been added to the auction description yet, but
I’ll have them posted soon)

Anybody interested in bidding on the auction, it can be found here

Authors interested in donating can contact me shilohwalker at

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