Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Interview with Thanet and Rumpott

I had the opportunity to interview the fun and mysterious detectives from Wayne Greenough's creative imagination.

Blurb: Wayne Greenough's Thanet Blake's Memorial Day has Thanet reminiscing about those who've served in several conflicts and gone on. At one of the cemetaries he visits Thanet is hired by a ghost to prevent another war tragedy.

As I prepare for Thanet and Rumpott to arrive, I glance around my den. Since their last visit I'd acquired a larger house. One more suited for my needs. Tonight I'd be interviewing my friends in front of a working fireplace -if I could get the fire started.

Tina enters with the Rye and Rum I am sure my guests will ask for, and makes a tsking sound. "I know you can make a fire Miss Michelle the former Girl Scout."

I turn and growl. Some days things didn't go my way. Usually she could get a giggle out of me, but it didn't work this time.

"You need a drink, Michelle."

I turn and smile as I see Thanet and Rumpott enter. "Hi gentlemen! Thank you for joining me here today. I hope you don't mind the smoke. It took me a while to get the stupid firestarter to light." Ignoring their patronizing smiles, I gesture to the drinks. "Please help yourselves. When you're ready we'll get started."

"By the white hot fires of Mongo, Thanet, what are we doing in this humble abode?"

"We're being interviewed again, Rumpott. Have a seat and look at that table to your left."

"Thanet, do my eyes deceive me or do I actually see rum and rye whiskey?"

"You see them."

By Tao, I do. I also see the same two lovelies we talked to before."

"You see them, too."

"Welcome. I'm so glad you guys made it. I'm dying to hear about your newest case. I know you can't give me too many details, but you can give me a little tease I bet. I hope?"

"You're right, the details will have to wait until my case is published. Aspen Mountain Press plans to release it in an anthology on May 16. It concerns what happened to me during my Memorial Day visit to three graveyards."

"What makes this case different from the others you've had in the past?"

"In this case I have an opportunity to help a military man. I'm to prevent his wife from doing something terrible."

"All of Thanet's cases are different in that he is what I would term as being an individual who sees the world as being tilted, so therefore he attracts tilted people who need his assistance."

"I'm tilted because I have alcohol in my veins."

I giggle and decide to move on. "Is there any case that has gone unsolved? And if so, was it by choice or because you ran out of clues?"

"Not yet. But it could certainly happen. By choice? Well now, that's something to think about. H-m-m-."

"What's your favorite thing about this case?"

"As I mentioned before, the opportunity to help the military."

"That is certainly noble. Do you have any advice for aspiring detectives?"

"Don't expect to become wealthy. Be honest in what you do. Be helpful to those who need you."

"Are you ever going to expand and hire assistants?"

"I doubt it. Half of my clients can't pay me. I still help them."

"By Tao. I've just done the impossible. I spilled my drink. When I can't eyeball the lovelies and drink at the same time without slopping ambrosia all over a rug it is time to end this interview and head for my favorite watering hole."

"Thanks so much for joining us here. I believe you two still owe me a night out on the town." I wink at them and smile.

"You two are welcome to join my harem whenever you desire to do so."

"Rumpott means it. He has the costumes waiting for you."

"That is so tempting. Perhaps after we conduct our next interview we can meet up with you gentlemen again. We're expecting the next two guests in half an hour. Thank you for letting me interview you both again. I had as much fun as the last time. Maybe even a little more. You'll have to come over for a barbeque next week."

"A Barbeque! I shall bring a whole steer to be roasted over an open fire, plus five gallons of rum."

"I'll bring a gallon of rye."

As I watch them leave, Tina shakes her head with a smile. "At least it will be fun!"



DC Linford said...

That was a lot of fun! Nice job, you two!


Lucynda said...

I LOVE Thanet! His heart of gold would rival any hooker's. And what is not to adore about Rumpott seeing past the imperfections of my flesh to cast me into his harem of lovelies.


Michelle Hasker said...