Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I posted on my myspace blog about starts. I certainly enjoy starting stories, but some of them never get finished. That is why I'm so excited to say that I have finished a few I started last year or earlier this year. My candy shop one is going to be finished this month, another one was finished in november, I plan to finish two more as soon as humanly possible.

It is soooo easy to start a story but then real life intrudes and another wonderful idea comes along and then it gets shelved until you pull it out and dust it off and see the potential. I hope to finish more of my stories in my idea folder even if I end up only using them as free reads.

Speaking of free reads, I'm dreadfully behind in putting up a new story, but writing commitments come first so I will be posting one February 14th at the latest.

Real life intrudes so I'll be back to more again soon.


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