Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Tidbit

Continuing my theme to get myself to post daily, I'm going to do a Tuesday Tidbit, but only when I have something interesting to say. LOL

In my research I discovered that Sassafras was once used to make rootbeer. Now, I already knew that. I used to live in the country where people made their own rootbeer. (We actually made our own ice cream too, but that's another story.) And I remember as children my brother and I would break twigs off of the sassafras tree to chew/suck on because we were told it had the flavor of rootbeer. (That no longer being true as it is no longer used to make rootbeer.) (And what do you expect from kids who thought walnuts came from the walls because whenever our neighbor was around they'd magically appear and bounce around.) It turnd out that Sassafras is used to make E. Kind of funny to me that Coca Cola used to contain cocaine. So this morning I was giggling my patootie off because we used to get free drugs with every drink. Of course it isn't the same as the processed material and the 'useable' drug, but it still strikes me funny.

So you'll no longer find Sassafras in rootbeer or in make up products. I guess it absorbs into the skin? I'm not sure. Why would they use sassafras for makeup anyway? rootbeer flavoring? hehehe.


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