Monday, February 11, 2008

Maniac Monday

I decided to make today Maniac Monday because my son is driving me insane. And why shouldn't he? The others are all in school and mommy is supposed to spend the day playing (let's forget she has deadlines-and you can't explain them to a 3 year old anyway!)

So what am I doing on this Maniac day? Spending the day playing Diner Dash Flo on the Go (the vacation one) and I would rather have more options for decorating the room than changing her clothes. Because of the way it is set up, you don't get to win all the decorations for each level. My cruise ship, train and submarine are sadly lacking. (I haven't won the game yet, but I have all experts LOL)

Yes - I am THAT ANAL. I missed expert on one level I became obsessed. I played it until I beat it. Fortunately, some levels I get expert on the first try, but if I don't, LOOK OUT FLO!!! LMAO

My husband has walked in to hear me saying "Just order already damn it!" or "What the hell are you waiting for?" "Come on come on idiots!"

Of course this cracks me up. I remember my mom came to visit once. We had the Playstation. I forget which one it was. She died in 2000 so it might have been PS or PS2. We opted not to get the PS3 since we went through TWO PS2's and have nothing to show for it but two dead PS2's. I sent one back to them to fix and they sent it back saying to keep dust off the unit. (LMAO) I have cans of dust off and electronic wipes. My husband works in computers and I spend all my free time on computers and used to work on them all day when I did. I really don't think it is dust that killed both my PS2 units. Honestly. Do I need to clean it every night? So we've given up on playstation BUT I lost my thread. LOL

Sooo my mom was a character she would move the controller the direction she wanted it to go and would yank it up to make it jump. (She was fun on the Nintendo playing Mario, let me tell you. Watching her was too much fun.)

Guess some silliness is hereditary ;)



Tina Bendoni said...

how about a mundane monday? a mellow munday? (is there a word that begins with M for Nap til you go to sleep tonight?)

Michelle Hasker said...


Kim Rees / Kim Knox said...

Starting off Monday's with a bang? Or with broken equipment, a crunch?

Kim ~ still no quite coherent... lol

Michelle Hasker said...