Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

So today I'm gonna post about my kids. Why? Because they constantly amuse me. (Which is a good thing since some days they drive me insane.)

Last night my husband, son and I are snuggling in bed watching Scooby Doo. It's the one with Chill in the title I think. The one with the Yeti. My son was being a nudge as little boys tend to be (at least in my experience). He started with "Are you looking at me?" I started laughing because he was facing the tv and looking at me out of the corner of his eye. He repeats "Are you looking at me?" I respond with "Yeah, I'm looking at you." His response? "Can I help you?" I started to cry I was laughing so hard. My husband was laughing and we'd set each other off.

Even though they drive me insane, days like today make me remember it's worth staying up all night with a sick kid.

In other news, my oldest got a free day. We had a two hour delay, and since the other two were home with a stomach virus I left them with my sleeping son and walked her to the corner for the bus. Where we stood in rain just above freezing temperatures to wait 35 minutes for the bus. At which point she was soaked, her shoes, her pants, and she was crying. I sent her home and stood at the corner with the other boys because two of them said their parents had already left for work and they couldn't go home (Couldn't get in their house.) After 45 minutes the bus arrives, empty. I called the school and said that my daughter would not be there today because the bus didn't come. And she said, they are running beind, they should be there any minute. I said, no. 45 minutes in the rain with ice and now on the ground is unreasonable. Especially since the OTHER bus to the same school (that goes past our bus stop every morning) was only 10 minutes later than it should have been, not 45. The elementary school bus came at it's normal pick up time, and arrived before the middle school bus. Plus the bus hadn't even arrived to pick them up until AFTER school had started. So they said they would excuse her. Why should I lie and say she's sick when they had a group of kids stand in the rain and sleet and snow and ice for 45 minutes. Cranky? Nah. When I was a kid and the bus didn't come it was a free day. My oldest just got her first taste of a free day. Don't you wish you had a mom like me? *snickers*


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