Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Flash

“Get in, get out.”

Ivana steeled her spine as she slipped her hand into a small pouch on her belt and pulled out one of her favorite devices. Too high tech for her to understand, it opened any lock in three seconds flat, and deactivated alarm systems. After it worked it’s magic, she slipped the gadget back in the pouch and patted it for a job well done. The only perks of this job were the lovely tools and gadgets provided for her.

A quick glance around assured she was alone. Ivana opened the door and slipped inside. She shut the door, and with the press of a button, the door was locked once more, and the alarm reactivated.

If her information was accurate, there wasn’t much time. Even worse, if she didn’t accomplish her mission before the moon reached its zenith, the deal would be off, and she’d be imprisoned once more. Damn the king and his ultimatums.

Determination fueled her as Ivana walked through the outer office. Even though her mark had left for dinner, he’d be back soon. Whatever he was working on he must be important for so many people to want it. She needed to procure it before anyone else did. And once she killed him and grabbed his research disks, she could get out of here and start celebrating her freedom.

Two shadows blocked the pale moonlight. Her breath caught in her throat. The mark should be alone. How and where did he pick up a friend in such a small amount of time? Friend or foe, she couldn’t take out both of them without knowing who and what the second man was.

Ivana looked for a hiding spot as she activated her belt. The power in the belt hummed to life. Not a hum one could hear, but a vibration she felt throughout her entire body. The special technology allowed anyone wearing the catsuit to become invisible until deactivated.

In one leap, she jumped and landed on top of a tall sturdy filing cabinet and perched there, holding her breath as she listened for her prey.

The alarm system deactivated as the door unlocked and opened. Several lights clicked on, bathing the room in industry yellow.

“See, no one in here, Derek. You’re a good bodyguard, but a little jumpy. If you weren’t so highly recommended…”

“And you know we have to find this Chameleon. You’re next on his hit list. We’ve lost too many lives and secret projects to this head hunter.”

Hit list? How did he get a hold of the information? Does Uriel know of the leak?

“Why don’t you go get me a cold beverage from that place down the street? Your nervousness is messing with my mojo.”

Pleasure rippled through her body as she recognized the smaller, rounder male. His blonde hair and blue eyes remained unchanged from the image she’d been shown on the video. He was sending away his only hope of survival. This was too easy. Thank the gods this was her last hit and then her sentence would be over. The Chameleon suit would be passed on to another poor soul, but that wouldn’t be her problem.

The second man, much taller and more devastating in his appearance, looked around the office as if he knew someone was there. Watching. Waiting. Finally, he looked back at his boss.

“I’m not nervous. I’m cautious. And I don’t think that’s a good idea. You hired me for security, not to leave you alone.”

“Right. I hired you. You’re hovering over me, Derek. I need a minute to breath.”
Speaking of breathing. The need to breathe overwhelmed her. Ivana slowly let out a breath and drew in some much needed air. Derek’s head swiveled her way and she froze again. His blue eyes seemed to pierce through her invisible armor. His mouth curved in a wicked grin, and he winked.

The vibration of her suit hiccupped, stopped, then started again. Shit. Not again. Ever since the power source had been stolen, there had been problems with the suit. Uriel warned her that it didn’t matter. She had to accomplish her missions, anyway. With or without the special abilities.

“I’ll get you a drink after you go in your office, lock your door, and turn on your personal office alarm.”



Dawn_Montgomery said...

Ooooooh, this is awesome! :)

Selena Illyria said...

I love thise, more please!

Michelle Hasker said...

Thanks Dawn and Selena :)

I had to cut a lot to make it under 750 words LOL