Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Great Review for The Bodyguard

Tara Renee from Two Lips Reviews reviewed The Bodyguard.

One of the reasons I'm so excited about this review is because I had a touchy subject in my book. Rape. Now myself, I personally won't read a book with rape in it. So when I was writing The Bodyguard and I discovered Elena was a victim of rape, I was very nervous about how well it would go over with readers. There is NO rape in the story, but there are references, and I was afraid many readers would turn away from the book afraid of those references. After reading this review, I am glad to see what I intended to convey came through loud and clear.

Tara Renee said:
A year ago vampire Elena was taken by Lucian and tortured and raped repeatedly. Since then she has been protected day and night from the evil vampire. During the day she is protected by Nicolas, a man who she thinks is human and therefore safe, but who has secrets of his own. Nicolas has fought his attraction for Elena but when she dresses up to leave the house and go hunting he cannot hold back anymore. He knows Elena thinks he is unaware she is a vampire but he has always known and if she is going to feed, it will be from him. When Lucian breaks the outer defenses guarding Elena, Nicolas takes her to a safe house where he and his twin brother will work hard to replace her bad memories with pleasure.

You are going to need to change your panties after reading The Bodyguard by Michelle Hasker. This is a sensual tale filled with tenderness and passion. I enjoyed every second of reading The Bodyguard. Nicolas treats Elena with such compassion and he desires her so much, it is a joy to read. Elena is battling her memories of the brutality she suffered and Michelle Hasker handles the subject of her rapes with sensitivity and a refreshing frankness. I felt that Elena is a strong woman who just needs time to get past the rapes and Nicolas is the perfect man to help. There is an incredibly hot menage scene that just floored me. The Bodyguard is a story not to be missed.

She also gave the book 5 Lips :)

Thanks Tara and Two Lips Reviews!


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