Thursday, July 12, 2007


I love bunnies. Yeah, I know, I wrote a story with a baby bunny in it.
Based on a true story. Once we found a baby died :(
So my husband got me a bunny. He resides in our backyard. Twix. Yes like the candy bar. He is a caramel color and a chocolate color and has black on him. Now I'm hungry.

So we moved to the new house in October, and ALL winter we were excited to see baby bunny tracks. Then this spring I finally saw him. He's a light brown with a huge white fluffy tail. If we could catch him I'd keep him. It's hard to keep the kids from feeding him...he is wild an all.

My neighbor has a garden with a wire fence and one of those small flowerbed white picket fence things. I was on the phone with my grandmother (who I've not heard from in years) and I saw the bunny hop from my yard over her drive way and go into her garden. Soooo I am now thinking I should leave some carrots for "Peter" under my porch before something happens to him.




Tina Bendoni said...

You know I can never think of you and bunnies without thinking of Blade.
Okay, cute story. :) But don't tame him too much.
We have bunnies in our backyard all the time. Good thing I don't garden.

Michelle Hasker said...

We saw him eating our grass. Sara - the dog - chased him out of the yard. I know he'll be back :) 6 months and the critter is still alive. Wonder how long rabbits live in the wild :(