Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mountain Rendezvous

Mountain Rendezvous will release August 21st from Loose Id.
I don't have an approved blurb or excerpt yet. We're in final edits on the story.

Mountain Rendezvous is the second in a series I have at Loose Id.
In book one, Midnight Rendezvous, Caitlyn discovers a family she didn't know she had, and learns that a powerful killer is after her. Learning you are the reason so many other women have died - all because they looked similar to you - is devastating. Even more so when you don't know who the killer is, and he could be the very man you are married to.
In Midnight we met Meredith and her husband Jake. In Book Two, we will see the rest of Meredith's story. Trying to keep your family safe and make sure no one learns your secrets is hard. Even harder when the FBI comes knocking on your door asking questions they won't like the answers to.

Here is an unedited excerpt:

“Hello, beautiful.”

A shiver raced up Meredith’s spine as someone breathed the soft words in her ear. She fought the uneasy feeling that crept into the pit of her belly and hovered there. The scent of aroused male tickled her nose, and she sniffed the air trying to figure out who stood behind her.

Spice and pine hit her first, then the more earthy scent of male. It intrigued her despite her unwillingness to feel anything again. Even without seeing him, desire flared in her belly. The emotion was not only unwanted, but a shock . She hadn’t felt this way since before she’d married Jake.

As she struggled to tamp down the unwanted sensation, Meredith plastered a neutral smile on her face. No matter how her body reacted, she couldn’t allow those emotions and feelings to rule her. It’d been a long, hard road, but traveling down it had taught her she wasn’t a good judge of men. The reminder quenched the silly girlish fluttering in her stomach.

She turned around and met a broad chest covered in black cotton. Then she looked up. Up. Up. Her admirer stood at least six and a half feet tall, if not more. Thick black waves of hair brushed against broad shoulders. Shoulders that looked as if they could carry the weight of the world on them. She needed someone to do that for her.

Meredith lowered her gaze, trying to ignore the way his black T-shirt clung to his hard abs and the way his tight jeans revealed his predicament. Holy Monkey. He was huge and she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sight. Her knees grew weak until she finally tore her gaze away.

Who was this gorgeous male and why was he whispering in her ear? Meredith shifted her gaze to his face. Bright blue eyes darkened as they raked over her body.
Oh, man. She hadn’t dared examine him that thoroughly. Okay, maybe she had, but who was he and why did he make her feel this way? Dear God, she wanted to bite him. Her body hummed as she licked suddenly dry lips.


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