Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sleep, softball, scouts, blah

Burn out. It's coming, I can feel it sneaking up on me. I wrote over 3k yesterday but had to stop to take one daughter to dance class, and then husband had the laptop, which is where my stories needless to say watched ghost whisperer then chatted online hehehe. Had so much to do today my head hurts. We had to be at the fields at 9:15 for Opening Day Ceremony (even though we already had games LOL) and They didn't even start til 10, but it was over by 10:30, but my first kid was late to her softball practice because her game was scheduled at 11 and we had to drive to the neighboring town for the game but she was there by 10:45 and we ended up waiting for the hometeam to arrive. Our girls won :) Then while that game was still going on hubby (who coaches for BOTH teams) had to leave with another daughter to get to her game, which they also won. And meanwhile the first game the next team to show up was from our hometown and they were short so two players, my daughter and another, both stayed and played with these older, bigger girls. They won also :) I didn't get home til about 3:30. Migraine like you wouldn't believe, although if you know me well you would believe it :) And scouts is tomorrow...1-4 and the oldest is working on her bronze award...aye caramba! LOL I just got in edits so instead of that nap I think I'll be editing. *sighs* Monday we have scouts and a meeting with someone from the Game commsions (We're building and installing bird houses around the township and maintaining them with bird feed in addition to cleaning the memorial at the one pond and planting and maintaining that, too. Parent teacher conference on monday....Tuesday is a free day... LOL then wednesday softball game and another practice, someone is gonna have to miss dance class...the dinner award thingy that night too. I need a sitter :) Thursday is another dance class and another softball game...Friday is more dance and then games on saturday...this is going to be so fun (arghhhh)


Michael said...

I know life can be so busy...especially as a spouse and parent. Hang in there! I know it gets crazy at times. Enjoyed the read...thanks! Have a great weekend!!

Michelle Hasker said...

Thanks. Hope you had a fantastic Weekend :)