Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And it just gets busier

Sorry I've not been in to post. I was guest blogger at Whiskey Creek Press myspace Blog on Monday, and I also blogged on Daughter of Circe. We had more children's activities Monday night and today one of my daughters stayed home from school sick. Needless to say, Mommy had a really bad day between picking up the fundraising stuff and dropping it off and coming home to a house that had literally been trashed. Toys and food all over my living room, my bedroom was packed with toys, my bed completely stripped and three of the four jumping on my bed. That's what happens when you let your brother babysit.

I'm getting really excited because my Loose release is coming up very soon. April 24th, weeeeeeeeeeee. I can't wait. I love the hero LOL. I also love the hero of a story I started working on this weekend. I wrote 12k in three days and it felt great. Til today when I wrote practically nothing.

There's always tomorrow right? After I go to the drugstore and sears for a new outfit for the dinner and make dinner for the monkeys and Aunt Kate. And a softball game if the fields dry up enough, course I'll miss that. But there is only so much I can squeeze in one day, LOL. Oh yeah, I need printer ink too.

Time for bed, they are all asleep and in bed and it's 10:30. A MIRACLE!! Or mommy screamed and yelled at the top of her lungs and one cried herself to sleep, two other got yelled at AGAIN, and the baby curled up next to miserable me and is asleep in my bed. AFTER he did the climb on mommy and kick her and pull her hair crap while watching Where's Gary fifty million times. Have I mentioned I can recite all the lines from all the characters from every episode on the disk? WIthout watching the disk.

Have a great week!

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