Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about MICHELLE HASKER
edition 6 - 13 Things my kids do that make me melt:

Last time I blogged about 13 things my kids do to drive me crazy, so I thought I'd do the reverse this week.

1. Crawl up in my lap and put their head on me and cuddle for no reason at all.

2. When my two year old grabs my hand and says "Come on, Mommy." He didn't talk until two months ago so for now at least, when he talks he gets the attention :)

3. When one of them just hands me a piece of artwork just because.

4. When they share their candy with me :)

5. When I say, let's all watch scooby doo together, and they all come in the living room and sit and watch with me.

6. My oldest wants to write books just like Mommy. We bought them a program that we put on the non internet computer and they can not only create pictures, but they can write stories too. Even the 4 year old does it.

7. When my 2 and 4 year old were playing Nintendo DS last night, or rather 4 year old was playing Princess Peach and 2 year old was laying next to her watching and laughing and making noises, and she just leaned over and kissed the top of his head and went back to playing. I am melting again....*sniffles*

8. When my 2 year old plays house and he has "mommy" and "butter" cause he loves peanut butter so my sister nicknamed him butter. Since he answers to it, we let him keep it :)

9. My husband unpacked his transformers and he has an original Grimlock Gremlock whatever. needless to say the 2 year wont give it up and even takes it in the tub. Carries it every where, even feeds it. And it kisses mommy :)

10. He just handed me a gummy worm.

11. When I pull out the gardening stuff and they all go for their gloves cause they wanna help me.

12. 7 year old and I had a screaming match last night and I won, but we were both crying and the 4 year old came up to me and hugged me and said I love you mommy. (7 year old likes to tell me I'm fat, calls me fat butt, told people I'm get the idea.)

13. When my husband is at work and it's bedtime and all 4 climb in my bed, get right into their spots, and we watch tv without fighting.

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Sheelagh said...

Hope you're getting lots of pictures of them in the gardening clothes. Sounds precious.


Aline de Chevigny said...

LOL and I'llbet that 5 minutes after melting you're ready to strangle one or the other again hehe. Gotta love kids.


Dragonheart said...

So sweet. :) Your children sound wonderful. My humans still don't want any, however. ;)

Ingrid said...

that's so sweet! they're your bundle of joy forever!

samulli said...

Well, this list does sound less scary than the one last week, that's for sure.
I still think, better you than me, though. LOL
But it's nice to see that there actually are perks to being a mom. Just be sure to remember these precious moments when they start to drive you crazy again. ;o)

Tink said...

I don't have children of my own, but I can imagine why you melt for them!
My TT is about collections I have.

Michelle Hasker said...

She - I've not taken many pics of them in the gardening clothes, they are such a handful to keep out of the road LOL.

Argh Aline - LOL they love to push me to my limits.

Hehehhe Dragonheart. Your humans done need children, they have you to give all their love to :)

Michelle Hasker said...

Thanks Ingrid, I certainly am stuck with them! :)

Samulli - I do try to remember the perks of being a mom, some days it's harder than other :)

Thanks Tink :) I'll have to stop by.

Lori said...

Awwwwwwwww, love the list.

Jennie Andrus/Piper Evyns said...

LOL I love it when the kids get excited about one of my Bridie loves Stargate Atlantis (she loves Rodney hehe) and Sully likes Voyager (especially the one where Tom Paris turns into a lizard thing)

Michelle Hasker said...

Thanks Jennie and Lori.
They also watch Dancing with the Stars with me and Ghost Whisperer and Ghost Hunter when it wasn't reruns.

thecabinet said...

yep--next week it should 13 pics of them doing the annoying stuff..

Lesley said...

Awwww they sound just adorable!!! I need to make a list of the cute things my little guy does to put up and read when he is being a crazy boy!

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

What a sweet, endearing list, Michelle! They sound adorable.

Michelle Hasker said...

The Cabinet - Great idea! I could do one on just the messes my son gets into LOL

Thanks Lesley - Great idea for next week

Thanks Daisy :)

Elena Croft said...

Oh so sweet.


Donica Covey said...

Kids are great aren't they? I even like mine...most of the time. I miss the days when they were little and squshy like that. My son is now 19 and daughter 15. They don't cuddle so much anymore.


Tilly Greene said...

Beautiful moments that will stay with you forever, even through the screaming matches :-)

thecabinet said...

can u post a pic of your sponge bob pez dispensor ?

Denise Patrick said...

Awww. What a wonderful tribute to your kids - even the 7 y/o.

FRIGGA said...

That is a wonderful list! Hug them tight!

Michelle Hasker said...

THanks everyone, i do hug a lot :)
they need it in the early years so they don't grow up like me.