Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen edition #3 Thirteen quick and easy crafts for kids

Thirteen Things about Michelle Hasker

Edition #3 Thirteen quick and easy crafts for kids

1.Beads + Pipe cleaners = bracelets

2.Self stick foam pieces + Colored paper = many fantastical designs and paper people

3.Yarn = Braided or hand crocheted bracelets

4.Balled up sock + music = hot potato

5.Piece of chalk + friends = assorted games of tag (octopus tag, hen and fox, yada yada LOL)

6.Chocolate melt + assorted snacks = gooey fun

7.The words to Boom Chicka Boom + creative kids = half hour of singing

8.popsicle sticks + glue = Father's day gifts

9.fake flowers + old hat or old purse + glue = Mother's day gift

10.paper =paper airplanes

11.brown lunch bag + crayons + string + popsicle stick = kite

12.toilet paper roll, cut to fit on child's wrist + yarn = bracelet

13.straw + scissors = musical instrument

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Bella said...

#1 was always my daughter's favorite craft. She is almost 14 and still loves to make bead bracelets. It's a timeless craft.

Great list!

Emma Wayne Porter said...

All three of our kids did marathon Boom Chicka Boom sessions in school. I swear I still hear it in my sleep.

Good memories, though. Thank you.

Jennie Andrus/Piper Evyns said...

good ideas Michelle. My kids like to take a bag of dyed feathers and string beads on them...don't know why, but then they stick them in florist foam.

Denise Patrick said...

What an interesting list. My kids have done some of these, but they are older now.

Michelle Hasker said...

Thanks everyone, Sorry, I got distracted with all the kids and the sun and whatnot. I"m trying to play catch up now. Thanks for visiting my TT.

Michelle Hasker said...

Jennie, add a barette and it would have been great hair decorations in the 80's hehehe.

Emma, now I know that my kids will never stop til they are out of school, huh :)

"I" still love to make beaded bracelets heheehe