Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blog blog blooooooooooog

yada yada
sooo got my second youngest registered for kindergarten and she's also signed up for the screening to see if she can go straight to kindergarten or if she needs to take summer lessons. Of course kindergarten isn't mandatory in Pennsylvania so I'm not sure why they have to go to summer school if they don't test well enough when from what I hear they can't turn anyway away or make you go to the extra lessons.
Spring break starts Friday afternoon for two of my children and for another one is started today :) Gotta love religious preschools. Tony the tiger will be thrilled Care Bear isn't going to school for a week and a half :) Wait til he finds out Pumpkin and Pooh are going to be home too :)
so I haven't gotten any writing done since.... Saturday so I'm way far behind my 10k a week writing goal. Oh well, there's still a few days left to write :)
Anyone seen my muse? oh wait! there he is. Quick, someone grab him before he escapes.

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