Monday, November 10, 2008

Maniac Monday

Well it certainly has been a maniac weekend. I wrote about 9k this weekend and am feeling really happy that I finished Leandros 3. Now I just need to edit it, and start working on my Jewelry series :) YAY.

Many people participate in NANO. I do as well. Every year I sign up, and every year I fail. I think it is just the knowledge that I have to write 50k or everyone will know I can't, that makes it so I can't. LOL Did I make sense? Well, I'm signed up again even though I know I won't write 50k this month. I can. I could. But because it is Nano I won't even come close.

Rules. For some reason they hinder my ability to write. If you are sitting there thinking that you aren't going to sign up for Nano because you can't possibly write 50k in a month, you should sign up. There is bonding, and speedwriting sessions, there are others you can talk to about writing and your short comings or successes.
Even if I don't win, I'll still be signing up for Nano next year. Winner or not, I enjoy the time I spend speedwriting and chatting with my writer friends.


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