Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Reviews! lots of them

YAY I have some yummy reviews to post for you all :)

Irish Dreams:
Rosalynne from The Romance Studio gave Irish Dreams 5 hearts.

I absolutely loved this story! I have not read a tale this captivatingly charming in a very long time. It had a bit of all the elements that to this reader make a story perfect - a smart, sensibly sexy heroine; the dark, mysterious, gorgeous hero; a well balanced mix of love and lust; beautifully written passionate scenes...all mixed together with that little bit of magic that is Ireland. More than worth the time spent reading. I will definitely be recommending this tale to others.

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Tarot Cards! at FAR from Stephanie B.
Synchronicity One - 5 Angels
All of the stories are entertaining and unique; no two tales are alike. ....If you enjoy quirky tales, Tarot readings, hot sex scenes, and emotional romances, you will enjoy the set of tales in this anthology!
Entire review: FAR

Synchronicity Two - 4 Angels
All of the stories are erotic in nature and all are about the things that occur around the main character getting the tarot card reading from Abigail. There is a volume 3, and I intend to read it too. This is a fun and entertaining set of anthologies!
Entire review: FAR


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