Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Maniac Monday

Well it was a Maniac day! My charger went and I had to use the back up. That one decided to stop working today. I am laptopless *bawls

fun stuff?
My 3 year old is running around yelling "Fire in the hole!" I think he's saying hole not hold not sure it's cute. He follows it up by throwing something. *sighs. too much poptropica my oldest daughter says. That is some place they play online at.

So Michelle's online time will be limited as we're down to one puter with online capabilities. ARGH.

I rearranged my husband's desktop, changed his background and screen saver and settings in folders. I reconfigured his task panel at the bottom of the screen and I plan on doing more damage. I hope he gets me a new charger soon (as I'd bought the last one and obviously did a poor job of it.)


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