Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday Flash

This is an older start. Something I'd written about three years ago. I remember my inital plot, but I can't remember who the hero was. LOL

Rebecca tugged on the impossibly short skirt while trying to juggle a tray of drinks that table ten was waiting impatiently for.

Weaving her way through the crowded floor she cursed the circumstances and her friend Shar for making her take this job.

“Hey, honey!” A male called out as he tried to grab her arm.

“I’ll be with you as soon as I deliver these drinks. Thank you for being patient.”

He blinked and hesitated for a few seconds before reaching for her again.
Rebecca sighed and sidestepped around him as she hurried over to table ten. Apparently being nice wasn’t going to cut it with this job.

She served the drinks and spun around to return to the bar when the same man grabbed her arm.

“Let go of me,” she hissed trying to pull her arm free.

“My friend told me that the women here were more than accommodating.”

“I’m not one of those women. Go find someone else to harass.”

“You like to play hard to get, is that it?”

“I don’t play at all.”

Rebecca managed to get free and she hurried over to the bar. She set the tray down on the bar and tried to still her rioting nerves. If she didn’t need the money so desperately she’d never have agreed to work here.

“What’s the matter, honey?”

Rebecca gave her friend a weak smile.

“How do you put up with all these pawing men?”

“You just need to learn how to wiggle away faster,” Shar laughed. After a few days you’ll see who could cause a problem and how to avoid them before they start.”

“You better be right.” Rebecca frowned as she watched the man hit on another waitress.

“We have bouncers for a reason, Becca. Don’t hesitate to call one if you need to.”
Rebecca nodded and rose as the bartender handed her a full tray.

“Break time over.”

“It gets better honey. Trust me.”

Rebecca sighed as she rose and turned toward table eleven. How could this get any better?
“Quitting time, isn’t it?” One of the bouncers asked as he leaned against the bar.

“Is it?” Rebecca glanced at her watch. “Yes, thank heavens it is quitting time.” She slid her tray onto the bar. “How did you know anyway?”

“It’s my job to know.” He smiled and signaled the bartender. “Give her a drink before she leaves, put it on my tab.”

“Thanks.” Rebecca smiled her first genuine smile of the night. “I don’t even know your name.”


“Thanks, Hank.”

“Anytime.” He winked at her before turning his attention back to the girls on the stage. “Looks like duty calls again.”

Rebecca asked for a bottle of water. When the bartender brought it back he gestured to a small empty table near the door.

“Why not go have a seat and relax before you leave.”

“Thanks.” Rebecca glanced at her watch. “I have a few minutes to kill before my ride gets here anyway.”

“Have a good night!” He called as she grabbed the water and headed for the table.

Rebecca sank into the vinyl seat and sighed as she kicked off the mandatory high heels. Only a man could derive pleasure from a woman wearing three inch spikes as she served him a cold beer.


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