Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Edition #9

Thirteen Things about Michelle Hasker
Thirteen Things in my head right now

1. How is Nash gonna top himself the next time he makes love to Vicky.
2. Will Vicky LET him make love to her again.
3. Will I wake up in the morning to get the kids to the bus?
4. Is Pooh breathing okay? Because she needed a Neb treatment earlier and she says she is sick.
5. Is she faking? Again.
6. Why did I agree to bake AND send in flower for intergenerational day?
7. When are we getting car fixed so I can drive the van again?
8. Will my son ever get on a normal sleeping schedule?
9. Why is it more fun to fall asleep watching tv on the sofa than to come to bed?
10. I'm getting hot again. Should I open the windows?
11. Why did I have to get sick?
12. Is the fire in New Jersey out yet?
13. Is it Friday yet?

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Lesley said...

*kicks blogger* It lost my comment! Oh well. I'm sorry you're sick and I hope Pooh is okay!

I'd never heard of Intergenerational Day! That's a really neat idea!

dawnae said...

We have the sickness at our house too...I was thinking some of the very things you were! I hate it when the kids are much whining! Oh well, they have to get better sometime!

Anonymous said...

I hope she isn't sick and just faking it ;) And I hope you feel better soon, too... but you have to know that my favorite part is #1 and #2 ;)

Aline de Chevigny said...

Nash had better, or Vicky will never forgive him.

I'm sure the kids will be better soon.


Tink said...

That's a lot of questions! Sorry to hear you're sick, I hope you'll feel better soon!
Thanks for visiting my detective TT!

Michelle Hasker said...

Hey everyone, thanks for all the comments. We had a little accident at the softball fields...son fell through the bleachers hit his head yada yada so anyway I was just too busy keeping an eye on him to come back and read your kind comments.