Sunday, May 20, 2007

Argus: In Dreams - Tina Bendoni

My critique partner and best friend got a great review for her Loose Id novel Argus In Dreams. It was so good I wanna share it:

Argus: In Dreams is an action packed thriller that I couldn't put down. The story flows smoothly and had my attention from the first page. Diana and Gabe are a great pair with the right mojo for love at first sight.

Visit her website to find out more!

Diana has been dreaming about Gabe's military unit for the last 8
years. She never expected the unit to be real, or to fall in love with
the man that led it.

She also never expected to be told it was her destiny to save the
world. Or that an independent woman like her would need a man to do
the job.

It's a lot for a girl to accept.

But once she does accept it all – demon-fighting commandos, evil
sorcerers, magical female lineage, and damned fine man in her bed –
will the price for the safety of the world be too high to pay?

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