Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Release Celtic Love Knots Volume Two

Sheila’s Surrender and Dark God of Beltane – Celtic Love Knots Volume Two
Available May 1 from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Two women: different lives, same experiences. Can each face her past to learn if there will ever be a future with the man that left her so long ago?

Sheila and Briana don’t know each other. But each of them met a man and fell in love after one night of unforgettable passion. Both of them were deserted cruelly the next day, never to hear from their loves again. This year they have both been invited to special Beltane celebration. One where a friend is to marry a man that was brought to her thanks to a love potion. Can the magic of that union rub off on these two women? Can Beltane bring about a pair of unions meant to be?

Sheila’s Surrender by Michelle Hasker

Sheila attends her first Beltane festival and meets a man too good to be true. She's been hurt in the past, will Bryant be able to heal her wary heart?

The hungry look in his eyes was her undoing. No man had ever looked at her with such desire, and she would do anything to keep it there.

“Use whatever you want.”

“Thank you.” He smiled at her and pushed her toward the air mattress. “Lay down and wait for me.”

Sheila obeyed him quickly, hoping that he hurried. She was so ready for him that it terrified her. He was a stranger, and here she was, about to let him tie her up and have his way with her. What if he wanted her in the ass?

She studied him as he dug through her things until he came up with the tie from her robe, and her thin cotton nightgown. What was he going to tie her to? He couldn’t mean to tie her to the tent. She’d bring it down on their heads if she moved.

Bryant studied her for a minute then he walked over and held out his hand. When she hesitated, his expression softened. “Trust me, Sheila. I won’t do anything you don’t want, and nothing that will hurt you.”

“I trust you,” she answered and offered her hands to him.

He took her belt and then used it to tie her wrists together. What was the nightgown for then? He twisted it and covered her eyes with it.

Sheila gasped and automatically lifted her hands to push it away.

“Shhh,” he whispered, pushing her hands down. “This will heighten your other senses and increase your pleasure.”

Increase her pleasure? She already felt as if she’d melt into a puddle and he wanted to increase it?

“Please,” she begged when he finished blindfolding her but still didn’t touch her.

“I love the way you beg.” He pushed her hands above her head.

Bryant kissed her softly on the lips while his hands cupped her face. He moved until she felt his legs on either side of her. Something brushed against her leg and she realized he wasn’t wearing anything under that kilt. Oh my.

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